Asian babes are still the hottest!


More then a year ago we did a comparison between popular searches on Google. The Asian babes were most popular then. And guess what? They still are! Check out the latest Google Trends comparison.

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  1. Yeah. As I said last time, this sort of thing very much depends on which word combination you use, which makes it largely pointless IMHO. Still, I guess it does somehow reflect the fact that Asian girls are becoming increasingly popular these days.

    Christine: given your area of expertise, perhaps you can do a more meaningful analysis of these sorts of statistics?

  2. I was playing around with these trends yesterday because when you change the word babe to something else, you get different results. And you got to substitute babe with a more common word that someone would use if they were looking for pics. What someone can do is get an average from several terms to get a better result as to who is on top.

    Out of the terms that I was playing around with, Australia ranks at the top in Asian searches.

  3. candyman, your theory’s probably right but then there are some people who don’t look for “asian” but instead look just for “chinese” or “japanese” or some variation thereof. i was thinking of averaging terms like that, but then we would have to also control for specific search terms like “brazilian.”

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