It’s friday… partytime!

It’s friday once again, so I figure a lot of you will probably hit the dance floor tonight! This clip should get you in the right mood. If you like Dance-music that is, otherwise just enjoy the Japanese girls! 😉

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0 thoughts on “It’s friday… partytime!”

  1. Especially when it’s a really skimpy top showing lots of midriff and (preferably) cleavage – I love it too!

    This clip is probably best with the sound off though. 😉

  2. ha ha doc, i was about to say the same thing…good clip but with sound off. at least it wasnt a boys band..i hate that bubble gum pop sh!t…nice chicks though

  3. That girl with the shorts and overcoat could be singing and dancing to polka, and I would not give it a second thought. With that body and outfit, I would be all ears. There’s a lot worse music to listen to in the world.

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