Interview with Naria

Naria (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Intro by Adam Yurman:

I was introduced to Naria by her close friend, Lola who you may know. Lola was hilarious when she told me, my friend is not so beautiful but she loves to model and maybe you can make her beautiful”. So I met Naria and was impressed with her humble and charming personality. OK, enough of that, when she dropped her pants for a casting photo and revealed her Victoria Secret Body I was in heaven and knew this girl was ready to rock! Thank you Lola!

So this is indeed “Naria’s first time” just like the intro club title I wrote for her debut on Pacific Beauty. A few months later, Lola and Naria got together for my camera again in a set we call, Dos Bonitos SeΓ±oritas. That one appears at the other website, and has part one and two because I got so exhausted preparing the images I had to split it up. So here is a quick view of Naria followed by her very real and candid interview I conducted myself exclusively on behalf of Asian Sirens partly because she likes to surf AS regularly and because Naria is also a fan of AS. So watch those comments because she is reading. Don’t get CLM ed!

Naria (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Asian Sirens: So was this really your first time modeling?

Naria: Nobody ever asked me to model before and this was my first time for sure!

Asian Sirens: How was it? Scary? Exciting? Satisfying? Would you want to do it again? If so, why?

Naria: I felt all of that! Scared, excited and when it was done and I could see the final photos, satisfied! I would really like to do it again! Of course. I feel proud of the photos. I do love them.

Asian Sirens: Were you introduced to modeling by anyone special?

Naria: Another model you might know, Lola, she introduced me to the photographer and he decided to take a chance and shoot me.

Asian Sirens: What do you think is the sexiest part of your look now that you have seen the photos? Your butt, breasts, smile? Long legs? Perfect tan skin? Well these are our observations anyway.

Naria: I like the way my butt looks in the photos the best. Not too big, not too small, good shape. I am like most girls, I see my butt only when I go shopping to buy jeans and I look in the mirror but it never looked that good before! Must be a photography trick!

Asian Sirens: How do you feel about breast surgery now that you have been through it? What do men you have known say about that? Mostly for or against breast surgery?

Naria: When I first had the surgery I noticed I looked better in my clothes and this gave me more confidence. So many guys flirting with me. I guess it’s true, the larger, shapely breasts really get attention and all women love that! One old boyfriend complained that they were too hard but he knew me right after the surgery. He is gone now and my breasts are much softer and sexier since they have had time to heal! Too bad for him.

Asian Sirens: If you read comments about you in the Asian Sirens blog from readers who were getting off a little too much on your photos in public would it offend you? Turn you on? Have no effect at all?

Naria: Well I guess I just feel that I feel it is rude to describe your sexual feelings that much to everyone and I don’t like any kind of rudeness. I am talking about the guy who was describing his wet pants and he had an accident or something. He was blocked from AS I hear.
I like playful sexy talk but not that much detail. I don’t think we need that in a smart and fun Blog like AS.

Asian Sirens: What are you doing with most of your free time right now? Studying, or a new job?

Naria: I have a new job. I am selling advertising, like the Yellow pages but different. I really like it. I am friendly and fun so people are open to talk with me and I guess that is very important in sales.

Asian Sirens: If you could design a new photoshoot for yourself, what would it be styled like? S and M? School Girl? Sexy Maid? Fashion model?

Naria: I just cut my hair short so I would like to try the sexy schoolgirl look but I also think I would make a great sexy maid. That does not mean I know how to clean the house. I have a big broom at home but not sure where to buy the outfit.

Asian Sirens: And of course we all want to know, what do you look for in a man that really turns you on? Do you care more about personality, looks or money? Little of all three maybe? More of one then the other?

Naria: OK, number one is the smile. Even a medium looking guy can get my attention with a nice smile. Second is fitness. I like a fit body with some muscles but not big like the Terminator. Third is a nice butt. But none of this will last more then a few minutes if he does not make me feel nice when we talk and spend time together. I don’t care how hot he might look, his real character and how he treats me is most important.
As for making me feel nice on a date, start with Wine. some good conversation, good songs in the background, close to the beach with the sound of the sea. Candles help. Share the food with me. I like to have my date feed me a nice juicy shrimp! About being romantic at home later, he should start by telling me what a great time he has had with me so far and really mean it. That will relax me and make me feel comfortable with him. After that, anything can happen but I am not going to feel comfortable talking about that here. I will tell you this, if I really like a guy, I will cook for him!

Asian Sirens: Ok, last question. Please give us one secret about what would make a guy stand out as really special in bed if he knew exactly how to make you happy and when? You don’t have to go into great detail but give us clue! πŸ™‚

Naria: Oh that’s easy! He should be wearing sexy underwear. I love that!
Calvin Klein makes some good ones, the ones that fit tight and not too baggy like boxers.

Naria (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Naria (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Naria (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Naria (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Naria (Photography: Adam Yurman)

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  1. I think our very multi lingual pal, newworks, got distracted from English by Naria’s apparent charms. But he did manage half his post in English. The part he lapsed into Thai language for translates to:
    “Naria is very, very beautiful and I would like to take pictures of her also”.

  2. I think he said “Naria is a very hot piece, and I would like to have her in some exotic positions” For my pictures of course.

  3. Now that I know that Naria is reading this, I feel a little shy. Not really, just kidding, lol.
    What I feel is jealous of CLM, because the actually remembers him. Hum…

    Pretty, smiling type, great body, firm and the surgery is just the right size. Hot!
    When a woman says she will cook for his man, I can see she is a generous woman, with attention for the small things. Keep it that way (and I’ll bring the wine). πŸ™‚

  4. i like her….p maybe but very hot body…where does Adam finds these women:))…i should change job:))

  5. Hey Doc and Lawboy,
    Would one of you email me and school me on what the heck P means? Please keep in mind that Naria is an amature and not a pro model by any means. She may not even model again because she is not pursuing it . This is really just the girl next door with extra makeup and lighting. She had a blast doing and it besides, the photos made newworks tongue-tied and drooling so she must be Ok even if she is P! What is a P?

  6. Hi Adam. In the past I have used the word ‘primitive’ to describe the appearance of girls like Naria and Aluna (I remember you used the synonomous term ‘tribal’ in the Aluna thread), but at least one of our readers took offence at this. Since then I have been pleading for a synonomous term that didn’t offend anyone, but in the absence of that, ‘p’ has stuck – I think this was originated by LawBoy from memory (after I started using the expression ‘the p word’ in my comments).

  7. Hey Doc, thanks for eplaining the entamology of the P word. I have a suggestion. I think that the P.C. way to say the P word would be indigineous. Indigineous people from South America, Africa and SE Asia often yield top fashion models due to their height, cheekbones and striking noses. In the homogenized world of popular magazines, the Barbie Doll look sets the standard of beauty the mainstream are comfortable with. I would have thought that you, living down under would be used to the indi look? Personally I love the indi look but then we all have different tastes.

  8. thanks adam…much better use of the word i think…indigineous…i was just too stupid to come up with that and went with doc’s description…no offense intended..
    some models have the island look about them…like Lola and Thitima…more dark skin and exotic i think…i love it:)…i think a lot of your models fit this type of description. i for one prefers this look more than the barbie dolls

  9. adam, you never commented on doc’s post of the Viet girls….i am interested in your opinion :))

  10. Indigenous – that’s brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks Adam!

    As we discussed in the Aluna post, I go for the classic ‘oriental’ look (another non-PC word in the US – got an alternative for that one?). I like light skin and delicate features. Hence, Thais and Filipinas are rarely to my taste, unless they are well-mixed. My faves are Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

  11. they’re all mixed; you can’t say that any of the “nationalities” that you mention above all look one way or the other. it’s just stereotyping to think so. there are tons of hot thai girls with light skin and delicate features (although, as i have said before, MOST foreigners tend to like the darker ones), and believe me when i tell you that there are lots of dark (whether naturally or by tanning) and un-delicate j-girls, too.

    i don’t really think that there is a “politically correct” way to categorize looks. so, since we are all just sitting here objectifying women anyway, why don’t we all just say what we mean? πŸ™‚

  12. Actually, I think this shows just how brilliant a choice of words ‘indigenous’ is: I am saying she looks like an indigenous Thai, who are dark-skinned and have relatively robust features. The lighter skinned, more delicate ones are certainly more mixed with exotic (non-indigenous) populations.

    As for the dark-skinned J-girls, I take it you are talking about co-gals and surfies, who obviously aren’t so dark naturally – they are viciously tanned.

  13. I have to be somewhat skeptical of Adam’s statement that Naria is an amateur: with those beautiful implants? She’s a stunner, but I think that the woman pictured with her, “Lola”, is even finer. Where can I find more of her?

  14. I think I love the ‘p’. Absolutely nothing wrong with a little ‘p’ in all of our lives.

  15. Hi Doc,
    The reason that the word ” Oriental” invokes hostility from the Asian American community is complex. The word wasorignally derived from British Map makers who used the term to describe positions on their maps in relation to the Orient. This by itself was not so demeaning but later in history, the term migrated to describe Persian rugs which the Brits considered part of the Orient, thusly emerging the phrase, Oriental Rug. Asian Americans do not like being referred to in the same way as a rug, you know, like something we step on. The term Asian or Asian American will keep you out of trouble.

  16. told ya doc about Oriental…now you hear it from an adopted Asian, Adam…:))…maybe Adam can suggest another word for Doc to use instead of Oriental…
    Adam, give me your opinion about the Viet girls, doc posted…good enough for calendar shoots? :))

  17. Hi Doc,
    I am only guessing here but maybe since Persia is a country, Persians can feel secure in knowing that the use of Persia to describe a rug relates to the country of origin or the people that made it and they are indeed proud of their rugs. The term “Oriental” groups all people from Asia together as one big rug making region and some Asian people do not want to be associated with rugs at all. Funny thing, over here in Asia, no one uses the term Asian or Oriental. We just refer to the peron’s country of origin as people over here know more about goegraphy. She is Korean, He is Japanese etc …

  18. Persia is not a country, and Oriental is simply the adjective form of the Latin word for East.
    Making it an issue about rug-making is just silly.

    I didn’t find asiansweetheart’s post to be berating of anyone. As to the accuracy of the comment, I wouldn’t know, but there wasn’t anything degrading towards anyone about it.

  19. Hello Whiteskwirl,

    Persia is not a country, anymore, you are right. Maybe it was indeed, never a country but It was officially an Empire and on the map as such. It is now whittled down to simply, Iran and it is still where Persian Rugs are from.

  20. I have to agree with hotbytes2000. Great body but I don’t find her face very attractive at all. She’s not ugly…. just not my type.

  21. Hi Adam. Regarding the oriental thing, we know Asian Americans find it offensive, but we find their reasons why to be, well, unreasonable – especially as Asians anywhere else in the world do not find it offensive. And as I said originally, I need a better PC synonym than ‘Asian’, as that is too general (it includes India etc.), and actually causes offence to some people in the UK!

  22. adam, is lola and naria’s skin that color? similar to Thitima?….comes across great on photos…glowing almost:)

  23. Hello Lawboy,
    Yes, the skin color is un altered. A bit of oil helps magnify curves under the lighting but plays havoc with the bedsheets.

  24. πŸ™‚ i will trade my job if i can work for you applying the oil…:) kidding aside…i love their skin color…similar to Amara and Thitima:)…next time just buy cheaper bed sheets πŸ˜‰

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