“China doll” Nina Kay

Nina Kay

There is a lot to be found on import model Nina Kay (ethnicity Chinese, born in 1986), but although she is a webdesigner herself, her site is far from ready. Her MySpace page is set to private and thus available for friends only. You will have to surf elsewhere to see some of her photo’s. Her online store offers some low-res previews, as does ModelGraphy.

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  1. Hey, my first post here yay lol. And to my suprise the first thing I see is my ex-gf. Anyways she may seem uncomfortable, but she told me she gets kind of nervous infront of the camera, but then as they get into it she forgets and she gets alot more comfortable. I’m regretting breaking up with her each day that passes >____< maybe i’ll go show her this lol.

  2. Btw, I’m new. sorry for the little personal-ness getting in the way lol. I’ll try to follow rules as much as possible.

  3. It would help if she actually smiled instead of just opening her mouth a bit and pretending to smile.


    Oh, and VinL, welcome to Asian Sirens. Enjoy yourself.

  4. Don’t worry VinL, your post is within our guidelines. 😉

    However, I hope you aren’t too offended when I say that for my taste this girl has one of the least attractive faces I’ve ever seen on a Chinese girl, model or otherwise. I continue to be amazed at how much less attractive import models are compared with many Asian girls I see every day. The only other Chinese model I can think of with such an unattractive face is KT So – also an import model.

  5. If you want I can try getting a few of your questions to her lol. And IMO its just the nose that throws it off. Maybe I’ll show you a few pics she sent me lol. None nudes of course. LOL Shes not that Disney girl =P

  6. I think her face is fine, cute. Her most impressive features are her beautiful, small waist and nice hips–great body. She also looks rather tall.

  7. Not bad; thanks VinL–contributing a couple of candids on your first comments! If she’s short then that little waist must be tiny! Nice.

  8. I would have never thought that Nina would be featured on here. I used to peep her out on MySpace until I deleted my account way back when. I think she is pretty cute. Her face ain’t that bad. It’s not like she has a manface. I wish her pics weren’t so low res which is one of the reasons why I’m not looking at import models as much as I used to.

    I don’t understand why her site still is not up. It’s been under construction since January. Why even bother with a site when most people use MySpace and it takes forever to construct.

    I find her cute, but she’s an average model at best. Models like her are a dime a dozen now so I need more.

  9. Thanks VinL – she does look a whole lot better in these photos than the ones Robin links to in his article. Her chin looks a lot smaller in your photos, which makes her face look a lot more balanced. Her eyes have a better, more natural shape too. Were these taken before she had facial surgery? Whatever the case, the results of her facial surgery have been pretty disastrous IMHO – like a lot of US import models sadly. Why can’t these girls leave their naturally pretty faces alone, instead of turning them into an incongruous, unbalanced plastic mask?

  10. I think Nina’s hot. I’ve meet her in person and she kicks ass. There’s more pics of her at a blogger NP Nudes I hope i got the link right.

  11. i think this girl has a good body (but, in terms of modeling, i think this should be assumed) but i have to agree with Lee — she would only use so much black eye makeup because she has really small eyes. i actually don’t see that much difference between the first photoset robin linked to and the photos you linked to, but i agree in that i’ve seen better looking girls day-to-day. actually, the girls i was studying next to today in the library all probably looked better than this girl facewise, and if they worked out and made modeling their profession i’m sure they could get decent bodies as well.

  12. ravennight’s link only reinforces my opinion about her face – it really looks very odd due to all the facial surgery, and not very attractive at all IMHO.

  13. BTW, IMHO Christine is far prettier than this girl – at least her face looks (and is) natural and balanced. Yet I’m sure Christine would agree with me that she isn’t really model material. So why are so many current import models so much less attractive than Christine, or for that matter so many other Asian girls I see every day?

  14. The reality is that beauty is a very subjective thing. To each his or her own, I guess. I personally dont think Tila Tequila, or whatever her real name is, is that attractive, but I am sure thousands of guys would disagree with me. To me she looks like an average asian girl, but she does have a nice ass… I cant take that away from her. LOL.

  15. I actually agree with you about Tila – now. But I do think she was pretty cute before (once again) she ruined her face with excessive surgery (although I still think she is far prettier than Nina).

    As for what Christine looks like, you’ll have to ask her to show you. 😉

  16. Tila looks really bad in her new reality show on MTV. she doesnt even look asian anymore…plus she acts really wacko on the show…her parents must be proud

  17. i looked at all of nina’s pix..not bad…in a cutesy kind of way. why did she have surgery on her face but didnt get the boobjob. that would surely raise her rating with doc…. not bad though.

  18. has she ever been featureed in here ?
    chirstine can you show me what you look like please? I will not be offended if you show me in nude. 😀

  19. To answer everyone’s questions.

    Uncomfortable. – yes, That is because I was =)

    Vinl I do not think I know you….

    I have not had plastic surgery on my face. Heheh.

    I am actually 5’3″ short asian girl. The reason why I look tall is because of the clothing and heals. Also the angles of the cameras and the dept makes me look tall.

    Reasons why my photos are low res is because they are going to be a high resolution on my website. My website has been down for so long because of work. I’ve been building content for my site which is now over 5000 photos to put up when my site is up. =) So it will be out next year for sure!

    I use a lot of black eye make up because of my small eyes. I am not a professional make up artist where I would know all the tricks. Although I wish I did! In some recent photos you will see that my make up gets less, but it varies on my mood =)

    If you have any questions feel free to email me at ninaxkay@gmail.com

  20. Hi Nina, good to see you on Asian Sirens. Let us know when your site goes live, so we can let everybody know. Goodluck and all the best with your career.

  21. whats with all the hate. i actually think shes one hottest chicks and shes one of my favorite models so i dont get why theyre saying shes not that good.

  22. Here we go again. Why does every model deny they’ve had surgery, even when there’s before and after pics to confirm otherwise?

    That aside, welcome to Asian Sirens anyway Nina. 🙂

  23. Surgery on my face? What is it that you are talking about that has surgery on my face? My Nose? Eyes? Cheeks? Skin? LOL

    I just turned 21 and for me to get surgery on my face already would be insane! If anything, I’d make my eyes bigger if I could! hhaha but after seeing all those disgusting photos of cutting the skin off and being awake when that surgery is happening. That stuff frightened me!

    Are you a “real” doctor? I doubt it honestly, because doctors could tell if people actually had surgery on their.. “face’.

    Out of curiosity, what it that you guys think I got surgery on?

  24. I just read back “Dr. Lee”

    “Her chin looks a lot smaller in your photos, which makes her face look a lot more balanced. Her eyes have a better, more natural shape too.”

    I am guessing you think I did my whole face. =)
    Sorry to tell you, it’s called “photoshopping”.

    Photoshopping is a software tool what photographers use to edit model’s photos. I am guessing from what you are seeing, everyone’s photoshopping is different from everyone elses. Also think of the angles.

    Are you a photographer? Everyone’s lenses are different and every lenses have different depth of field depending on what mm lens they use.

    Anyways my point is, I’m disappointed to hear such a lie that could be “spread”. Please do not make such assumptions on a false lie. I’d appreciate it.

    But thank you for your thoughts. I do like to hear bad and the good things about me. =)

  25. Dr. Lee, first of all I do not mean to sound rude, but what is your fascination with saying that everyone has had facial reconstruction. If you are a doctor, do you have any idea how much that kind of surgery would cost…definitely much more than a 4 to 5 thousand dollar breast augmentation. It seems more logical that someone would get a breast augmentation first, then facial reconstruction. And another thing, I have personally met some of the models (I am a photographer and mutliple website owner), and they do not have the money, or extreme vanity, to afford such a thing. You can rip on everything, that’s why these forums are cool, but get a new line beside the “facial reconstruction”. Please, I beg of you…get a new insult.

  26. Actually ravennight, a nose job and eyelid surgery are far cheaper than a boob job – young Asian girls get them done all the time these days (model or not). And they almost always claim to be all natural, so that means nothing unfortunately. 🙁

  27. well idc what anyone says i think that nina is a major hottie i especially like her cute nose and pretty almond eyes… so Nina no need to defend yourself to us cuz we got your back…

  28. I appreciate your thoughts everyone =)

    I’d like to also thank you guys for putting me up on asian-sirens. There’s some interesting stuff on here! Glad I joined!

  29. lol yes he does think everyone has had plastic surgery…i remember him saying that about me awhile back too


  30. Actually Stace, I complemented you on the fact that you didn’t appear to have facial surgery – that was a big reason why I wrote my very complimentary article on you!

    I did mention that one of your photo sets made it look as though you’d had a nose job, but you only look that way in that set – Nina looks like she’s had facial surgery in all of her professional modelling photos. In fact the only shots where she doesn’t look that way are the early candids posted by her ex. This is highly suggestive that it is not due to Photoshopping.

  31. Let him think what he wants 😀

    Personally, I do not think I even look like I had nose surgery. I have my dad’s nose. He’d be sad if I did. LOL

  32. Wait wait wait. LOL That doesn’t make sense. You just caught yourself Dr Lee.

    You are saying ONLY in my professional photos I look like i have facial surgery where as my normal photos I do not.

    That proves my point. Photoshopping. The photos that is so called posted by my “ex”, were not taken that long ago!

    Discussion solved.

  33. As I say above, I specifically complimented Stacey for not having surgery – read my article! Hence, I obvioulsy do not think everyone has had surgery, although many Asian girls do these days.

    And intriguingly, it isn’t Nina’s nose that looks different in her earlier photos (usually that’s the first thing to be done) – it’s her chin and eyes. The eyes could be due to makeup, but her chin definitely looks bigger in her modelling photos, to the point of changing the apparent overall shape of her face (unattractively so IMHO).

  34. I can see I have no choice other to post pics to prove my point, so here’s a “before and after”:

    Note how her chin is much larger in the bottom pic, to the point of changing the entire shape of her face. I do not think it is due to Photoshop for two reasons:

    1) All her modelling pics look the same, so they would all have had to have the same chin and jawline added, despite different photographers and retouch artists. This isn’t impossible of course, but it is highly improbable.

    2) It is hard to imagine that a photographer or retouch artist would want to make her look this way: she looks much prettier in her ex’s photos!

  35. Some more ‘unedited’ material at Island Foxes Photo Club – Photoday with Nina Kay.

    There also is a video.

    Same exact day of the photoshoot. So you tell me. you just said you liked those photos that are unedited. You have discovered that the photo you just posted, is a photo that is edited. *same day?*

  36. OH wait I understand. My apologize Dr. Lee You are trying to figure out if my chin was larger than before.

    In angle *pink photo* do you not notice, my face is angled differently than the other photo?

  37. Okay Nina, now I’m starting to be convinced. This last photo looks kind of intermediate between the two pics above (although still more like the pics your ex posted – you look quite pretty here!). So you are saying that you Photoshopped the photo your ex posted to make your chin look smaller? If so I can believe you – as I said, it is hard to believe all your modelling photos would be Photoshopped to end up looking exactly the same, but if just those couple of pics were Photoshopped to make your chin look smaller, that is certainly possible.

  38. no no nooo hahaha. I didnt photoshop my chin to be smaller. i believe its just the angles. i’m believing myself that my chin is big now. *sad* oh well! i haven’t even realized that my chin was different in some photos until you mentioned it Dr. Lee.

    My most recent photo of “the chin” haha.. on my myspace, seems to be the one you are disliking. It is my main photo

    shown here: http://i21.tinypic.com/xbkbqs.jpg
    More can be viewed in the gallery of Tender Succubus Opening 2007

  39. I’m just curious Nina has anyone ever tried to convince you to get breast augmentation surgery???
    and have you actually considered it??
    if so please never think of it again (just my opinion) but your breast are perfect the way they are… love em nice and perky…
    Jia You, Xiao Xiong De Nv Hai!! and Cheers to fellow Pasadenan

  40. brayker19 ,

    I have heard it many times that I should and that I shouldn’t. Sometimes I’d think about getting it and sometimes I’d say No!

    But honestly, yes I am thinking about it again. I’ve been thinking about it before I started modeling. What matters most to me is that I’m happy. If no one is happy with it, it shouldn’t matter because it’s not what they want. Its what I want. =)

  41. There are two possibilities for such a radical change to a person’s jaw line to happen naturally:

    1) Dramatic weight gain. But you look so slim in all your photos that this would seem to be impossible!

    2) Aging. But that should take many years!

    Such a big difference without surgery or the reasons above is very hard to explain. Sorry, I guess I’m making you more self conscious than ever now! 🙂

  42. Okay, I’m bored of the chin talk. Here’s a pic just for all the Nina Kay fans out there, and even for Dr. Lee. You can talk about her chin all you want, but GOOD LORD!, look at the rest of her. In this pic i can’t even see her chin, and you shouldn’t either. LOL! We love you NINA!!!!<br>
    Hot Nina Pic<br>

  43. from Lawboy and Doc,

    dear Nina,

    please get a Boobjob 🙂


    Big Titty Loving Doc and Lawboy 🙂

  44. HAhahAHah “Dr Lee” =) Got cha’

    Dont worry, its not like their be “totally” out of proportion. I’m a petite girl, so I wont go behind the “too much obvious” but either way, it will look “fake” anyways. =D

  45. Agreed with ravennight; whatever with the chin! look at that beautiful body and little waist. Nice stuff.

  46. You should know Nina: there is a very vocal hard core of visitors here who always decry boob jobs, but according to our stats they are very much in the minority. The most searched for models here overwhelmingly have (large) breast implants.

  47. I like em big too but I’d say that they either have to be somewhat oversized (drool-inducing LeAnna Scott; Sachiko; Francine Dee) or totally natural, little, and beautiful on a small Asian body.

    Mid-sized might be good for a car, but on boobies don’t bother.

  48. I pretty much agree – the worst kind of boobs are not so big, but still hard and fake. Mika tan is a good example of how a boob job should not be. If they’re big, fake is fine, but if they aren’t, better try to make them look as natural as possible (sadly, this seems to be very difficult in the US these days).

  49. I think she looks fine the way she is. My thing about the plastic surgery is if you feel comfortable with it go for it, and whether it’s get it or not get it, it’s all good. The thing is, do not get it for other people. Get it for yourself.
    And yes, Natural is the key. And I know that it might sound crazy, but stones don’t really turn us on. Nina, would you ever considering doing full nude? Sorry if it’s too invasive, and am wondering what would be the factors for girls like you to post for nude? Money? Fun? Experience? Fame? Please be true, not official answers please.

  50. We would like to see Nina nude as well 🙂 and would be willing to pay. Let’s take a poll. How many guys would be willing to pay to see Nina nude on a site, and more importantly how much would you pay.

  51. Nina seems like quite a nice girl, but to be brutally honest, there’s just so many great models out there I wouldn’t bother to look at her nude photos even if they were free. When you see as many Asian models as I do (and pretty Asian girls when I go out every day), a girl really needs to be very special for me to want to pay for her. And Nina (nice person though she may be) simply isn’t. Indeed, as I say above, her face is actually less attractive for me than many Asian girls I see every day. Her only hope to make her self stand out is big implants. 😉

  52. I still say no. Everyone says it’s a great idea until your titties look like Mika Tan’s. But it would be a good idea if you knew a skilled doctor and or plan to go nude. Fake boobs would make you more popular as people like to look at models with big or fake tits. But if you do, get them for yourself and no one else.

  53. I absolutely agree with Candyman – don’t make your decision based on what me and LawBoy (or the glamour model audience at large) want. Make it based on what you want.

    Still, if what you want is to be a successful glamour model, a good boob job is a very good career move. But as everyone has already said, make sure it is a good one!

  54. Yep. If you plan on making modeling a career, then you should seriously consider a boob job. I wish this wasn’t the case but most people want to see a sexy Asian chick with boobs. That’s what sells. The most popular models that are out there are the ones with boobs or the ones that do nudes. Plus you are competing against a ton of other models that are also out there, so you have to stand out if you want this to be a career for the foreseeable future.

  55. I think what folks tend to forget is that with all the models getting boob jobs that staying natural especially when you are petite is a niche that will appeal to a sizable crowd.

    The same thing happened at strip clubs where there is a backlash against strippers with boob jobs and many guys are looking for strippers with natural boobs. Of course, my stripper knowledge is second hand since I haven’t been to a strip club in years.

  56. Nina, I think what folks are hoping for when they ask for before and after shots is topless ones. You said that we have seen the before ones but I haven’t seen any of you topless. Did I miss anything? 😉

  57. No topless.. =) I meant by seeing it through my photos with clothes.

    I totally agree with you guys about the boob jobs how most models get famous with either big boobs or fake ones.

    We are like barbie dolls which is sad to say.

    I have fun Modeling, modeling has always been something I wanted to do. Some like Dr Lee may not agree with my look but others might like it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (seriously!) cause some people might think one person is extremely “hot, beautiful, gorgeous and so on” but another person might want something completely different.

    For example, when people see the guys that I date, they would say I could do better. But it is based on their looks. To me they are cute, but to my friends, they just dont see it.

    p.s. i’m obsessed with boobs =)

  58. We are like barbie dolls which is sad to say.

    I hate to break it to you Nina, but that’s the nature of being a model! If you don’t like it, you’d better choose a different career path. 😉

  59. “p.s. i’m obsessed with boobs =)” me too!!
    if you do get boobs, me and doc will volunteer to be the official massage therapists :))

  60. nicely done doc. you can just tell whoever what you want and not letting other people say what they want. now tell me what I said break your precious little rules?

  61. You are making poor nina sound like she must get fake boobs to have a career in modeling, but that’s not true at all. There are tons of models who have smaller boobs and have a fine career in modeling, have you thought what you said would make nina felt?

  62. It seems to me that Nina feels fine, and is perfectly capable of defending herself – not that there’s anything for her to defend herself against!

  63. “…there is a very vocal hard core of visitors here who always decry boob jobs, but according to our stats they are very much in the minority. The most searched for models here overwhelmingly have (large) breast implants.”

    Could have something to do with the nature of your site. I know that you feature fake and real, but this is a very fake boob-friendly site.

    You have as moderator “I like the hard body with fake tits look” Lee.

    Hostess Sachiko? Enough said there.

    I know many like fake breasts, but perferences on this site cannot really be generalized. Hardly a random sample here.

    I remember a survey taken several years back on a Bomis Asian site. Like this site, it featured real and many fakes. They asked straight up in the survey taken by site visitors, do you prefer natural breasts, surgically enhanced breasts, or doesn’t it matter? About 60% said natural, 15% enhanced, and 25% said it didn’t matter.

    Maybe if you took such a poll here you would get very different stats. Fair enough. But that’s my point.

  64. Well Robin is very much anti-implants, so you can’t say we’re just pro implants. And that doesn’t change what people search for in Google anyway! What I’m talking about is the Asian models people search for the most. And due to our very high traffic ranking, it is inevitable that those searches bring them here.

  65. I think she does not need a boob job. I have seen some more attractive non-models here in my area of LA, but I know not all women are cut out to model. To me big boobs and asian women don’t go together…and that is straight from a Chinese woman my wife. Keep them natural if it’s up to me…I know it’s not.

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