Introducing: Naga


This model may be one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in several years. We can agree to disagree, but I’m wowed by her overall look, from face to body. But before I tell you about her, I want to pose a question for you. What do you think her ethnicity is? Chinese? Korean? Cambodian? Indonesian? Something else?

Take a guess. The answer after the jump.Whatever you guessed, you’re wrong. This model is Indian…Sort of. She is from an area of India known as Nagaland (called “Naga girls” by those in India).

Here name is Akuonuo Khezhie, and she is not alone with her look. Nagaland is known for its “traditional Asian” looking women, due to its proximity to other Asian nations. But despite argument that because they look traditionally Asian they should be considered traditionally Asian, Nagaland is most definitely part of India, and as such they are considered Indian despite their roots in areas like Burma.

Nagaland, with only 2 million people, is one of the smallest areas in all of India. Akuonuo won Miss Nagaland in the “Miss Feminine India” competition.

There have been many discussions about whether or not India should be considered “Asian.” I’m of the opinion that they should not, not because of the different look, but because it downplays the history of India which is so vastly different than the other Asian nations, which route back to Chinese history.

Whatever the final verdict, I think we can all agree that Akuonuo Khezhie and Nagaland, despite being Indian, will always have a place on this blog.

Age: 23 (According to one Miss India website).
Height: 5’8″
Stats: 33-24-35
Shoe Size: 5 (wow that is small considering her height).

More photos of Akuonuo Khezhie:





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0 thoughts on “Introducing: Naga”

  1. yes, she is gorgeous at 99%
    not provocative (in a slutty way)

    body & face are very nice

    thats the girl i like (even if i dont know his mind and if she dont speak like a miss america)

  2. I have nothing bad to say about this girl, at all. She is certainly extremely attractive, and as Denver notes, better than many that have been posted, lately.

    But, I can’t say she “Wows” me, for some reason. I can’t put it into words, right now, but despite the fact that she is beautiful, she doesn’t really move me. Too staid, maybe? I wish I could see her smiling…really smiling. Perhaps it’s the photos, or that she looks too much like a model. Dunno.

    This pic of her smiling (a little) makes her look better, I think:

    I understand that this is my problem, not hers, as she is clearly beautiful.

    With that said, I would love to see more beautiful Naga women.

  3. Travis, you’ve done a great job of finding some untapped talent for us. She’s beautiful.

    And yes, we need to seek out more Naga girls.

  4. Very, very nice. Incredible face. The small feet are odd – considering her chest is small too. Usually it’s an inverse proportion (unless implants are added).

    And yes, India is part of Asia. A part with a lot of differences – especially looks where most of the female Bollywood stars look like they could be from Spain. But still, Asia.

  5. Thanks Wylde. It’s been a pleasure. And I mean that incredibly literally. I cannot think of anything negative about searching the web for beautiful Asian women.

  6. Imagine walking the beach with this lady and watching the guys break their necks to get a look! She is the epitome of the “Girl from Ipenema”:a “class-act”! May she have many daughters. Atta Boy TS !!

  7. Speaking of guessing Asian ethnicity: Even when I’m sure I know…I am loathe to say so to an Asian woman because if I get it wrong…or I don’t factor in that she may be multi-ethnic…the HUGE chip on her shoulder becomes even more visible.She then of course goes to the “OH…SO WE ALL LOOK ALIKE?!” card.Evening over.

  8. I would have guessed Korean by the default pic.

    I’ve seen the discussions on whether Indians should be considered “Asian” when it comes to beauty appreciation. I don’t consider them Asian since their look is totally different. I just rather be inclusive instead of exclusive. It’s no big deal to include Indians. If Indians were excluded from the discussion, then I wouldn’t know about chicks like Akuonuo. Great post.

  9. Bravo Travis!! What an extraordinary face, especially that last photo: the cheek bone shape, the wide-set, clear eyes, aristocratic nose, and beautiful mouth. A combination of elegance & sensuality. Yikes!

  10. I noticed that, too, urgal, and I agree with you. Of course, many of these contests are based on more than simply looks. I don’t know about Miss India, though.

  11. What I would give to have my way with her. It’s them long legs, the way they go all the way up to her ass like that. Bet she smells good too.

  12. You know, I made this post, I have the photos on my computer, and yet I still check this site a little more often so that I can look at her face again. Something must be wrong with me.

  13. It’s kind of interesting that he doesn’t think Indians should be considered Asian because of their looks. That type of think is the reason Nagas don’t get treated fairly as Indian citizens in their own home country. Yet culturally, India has a lot in common with many other Asian groups due to the spread of Buddhism and the use of curry in cooking that is also seen in many different Asian cuisines, plus India is the other large producer and eaters of rice behind China. And Indians are crazy about litchis as much as Chinese are and produce a lot of it as well. If you look at most ancient Indian paintings, their eyes often look Asiatic. The main reason Indians have become so racist against any outsiders and think that they are superior is because of the Muslims. Muslim invaders invaded India centuries ago and changed the way of Indian thinking forever, and henceforth, many Indians are now more similar to Middle Easterners in some quality and traits.

    As for the Naga model, thanks to the internet, more people are coming to know about her. Northeasterns are often discriminated against in India because of their looks which is why the rest of the world is only finding out about them now in this decade. India has done a good job of convincing the rest of the world on what an Indian looks like but their country is actually very mixed and diverse.

  14. Though I personally think Nagaland shouldn’t be a part of India. I know the reality is that Nagaland will always be a part of India, and therefore many Indians must be encouraged to accept diversity with differences in the appearances of others in their homeland if Nagas are to be treated fairly.

  15. aaha..i nailed that down to correct state! i am from india, but exactly opposite to nagaland..

    she is sexy..

  16. I’m originally from Northeast India and I just stumbled onto this page. I’m not surprised that many people are misinformed about NE India (and India in general) so some things I wanted to address:

    India is a very diverse country. People from the Eastern parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal are of Mongoloid ancestry so it should be no surprise that there are some people there who might be able to pass as East Asian. It is not uncommon for people from states like Assam, Sikkim, Manipur and others in the East to have Mongoloid features. This is even more common in Bangladesh and Nepal.

    Specific things:

    1) @TravisStroup: “There have been many discussions about whether or not India should be considered ‘Asian.’ I’m of the opinion that they should not, not because of the different look, but because it downplays the history of India which is so vastly different than the other Asian nations, which route back to Chinese history.”

    Travis, this is very inaccurate. India is the most influential country in Asia after China. Its cultural influence on the SEA countries should be obvious and there was even cultural influence on China to a lesser degree.

    2) @daznlover: “Even her name doesn’t sound indian.”

    People’s names in India are dependent on ethnic group and religion. Akuono is normal name for girls of our ethnic group.

    3) @WestCoast: “most of the female Bollywood stars look like they could be from Spain.”

    Like who? I’ve heard this before, but I’ve yet to see an example. Priyanka Chopra? Rani Mukerji? Bipasha Basu? Aishwarya Rai? None of these women can pass as Spaniards.

    3) @urgal and Bigfoot: Akuono was one of the favorites are Femina Miss India 2007, but she unfortunately didn’t deliver at the contest. And honestly, she was not the most beautiful girl there on stage…

  17. Oh and here is Hindi (Bollywood) actress Udita Goswami. Her ethnicity is Assamese.

    Her look obviously isn’t typical for North Indians that the Hindi movie industry caters to, but she’s still managed to get some roles:

  18. Wow, nice comments Akumnaro. People don’t realize that Bollywood films make the most money domestically than any other film industry, even Hollywood, it’s just their films don’t export very well so you never really hear about it, and there are lots of gorgeous Indian actresses indeed.

  19. Mangler – sorry, you have it all wrong. I am Indian and grew up in Dimapur, Nagaland. Most of my friends were and are Naga. My best buddy was Vimethahol Khamo. Infact, I suspect Freud played a role in that all my gf’s and my wife in the US are Asian. Other Indian ethnicities mistreat Naga anymore than they mistreat each other. There is more discrimination in central India between the various castes than in Nagaland. Off the soapbox.

    Akuonuo and Udita are both beautiful. Wow!

  20. Probably. She’s no Akuonuo. But who knows what Naga girls look like. I’m hoping Zamscan finds more. Otherwise I may be forced to visit Nagaland and see for myself.

  21. Interesting how my impression of Ethiel has changed since seeing more of her – the thumbnail you showed here gave me a bad impression, but looking at her photos more closely and more carefully in your recent post on her, I think she’s quite sexy and exotic. As I said there, these Naga girls are really something: the Indian/oriental mix is really special!

  22. ^We’re not an “Indian/oriental mix”. We ARE Indian and racially Mongoloid like our Burmese neighbors.

  23. Okay, so you’re oriental (Mongoloid) by blood, but Indian by nationality. That makes sense, considering how you look.

    Have we ever featured any Burmese on AS? I don’t recall any.

  24. You’re getting it. Other Indians are Aryan (Central Asian) by blood or Dravidian (Austronesian) by blood. In the middle are hybrids of two groups or even all three. Depends on region and ethnic group.

    While you’re looking out for Myanmar models, why not Nepali models?

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