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Often on Asian Sirens we discuss attractive models. But nothing is more fun that randomly clicking through web pages and coming across some random photograph where the Asian woman in the photograph is so attractive, we have to pause for a moment an appreciate.

Take the photo above, for instance. This was taken at Wonderfest Tokyo in February 2008. I think the girl on the left is one of the most attractive Japanese women I’ve ever seen.While it is possible the girl on the left is a model, I’m going to go ahead and guess that it was some random Japanese woman that decided she wanted to dress up for the event. And while I do not expect everyone to agree with me that the girl on the left is that attractive (I like dark tans and eyeliner – that’s not for everyone), at the very least I’m sure you all have come across photos like this in your travels where the girl stops you dead in your tracks for at least a few seconds, and you know you will likely never see a photo of her again.

I’d encourage people to post them below, though I’m not sure what Siren’s rules are on non-model photographs. Still, at least we can appreciate it when it happens.

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  1. Japanese girls are brave enough to dress up like that on their own, that is for sure. And she’s really hot, I also love the tanned / dark skin asians.

    She seems to have a great body, nice stomach and the boobs are promising too. She completely outshines the other two, that’s for sure.

  2. NON…….she good looking but cant be the hottest japanese you’ve ever seen! Chisato Morishita, Yukie Kawamura?

  3. The one on the left is definitely hot. She sure made a good choice in outfits. I’d love to see her without the wig because I’m sure she’d look even better.

  4. Here we go again: “I think the girl on the left is one of the most attractive Japanese women I’ve ever seen. ” How the hell can you draw that conclusion from just one low resolution photo? Even from what I can see, her face doesn’t look great, although the body looks very trim and taut – but that could at least partly be a flattering angle/pose. I really don’t understand how you can go ga ga with such limited info. How many times have you seen a promising preview, only to be disappointed with the full res pic, or other more revealing pics of the same girl?

  5. Dr. Lee and ajossi:

    Based on the single pic of the “girl on the left” I am willing to stake a large portion of money that she is, indeed, supremely attractive (subjective maybe, but hot damn she’s cute!).

    I’d also wager that she is no mere cosplayer. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s one of the many promotional models that are hired to walk the floors at anime/gamer cons.

    While she may or may not be “hotter” than Chisato and Yukie it’s difficult to compare (popular) professional models who have excellent lighting, photographers and software to help with their appearance.

    Personally, I prefer girls who have a unique look. Not the regular cookie cutter mold models we are generally subjected to. The tanned skin and striking platinum blond hair create a really interesting contrast.

    She’s attractive as all hell, and none of you can convince me of anything otherwise. 😛

    Well, unless you can find more pics of this girl that are significantly less flattering. Ain’t gonna happen though!

  6. And yes, I believe I can glean all of the above via the low quality res photo posted.

    I’m pretty intuitive with these things! ^__^

  7. I’m not a big fan of Japanese women. :-). And when you’ve seen, say, 10000, and the individual is in the top 200 or so, she gets the “one of the” title.

  8. “How the hell can you draw that conclusion from just one low resolution photo?”

    Wait… isn’t that what this post is about? Finding a single photo of a non-model? If I drew it from more than one photo I’d have to change the title of the post. 😉

  9. I think it is safe to say that the chick on the left is hot, but coming to the determination of her being one of the most attractive Japanese women from just one low res pic is crazy, but I am not going to beat you up too much about it. As for me, I don’t find her all that attractive. Certainly I would beat that up if I was blessed with the opportunity to do so, I’m just not ga-ga over her. She’s just aiight going by that low res pic. If there was a higher res pic, then my opinion would change.

  10. ‘Reviewed the girls on malik76’s site. They’re cute all right, but I still gotta go with Travis’s GOL: good lo-rez muscle tone, perky low-rez breasts, nice low-rez tan, and a very pretty low-rez face! It would be great to meet her in hi-rez life!

  11. arf: I liked the elfin one too, but (and this may sound odd) I had a hard time convincing myself she wasn’t some kind of life-sized, posable doll. We’ve seen other J-girls with this property. In this case the shots of the face were not clear enough to convince me that she was even real! But Travis’s GOL is clearly real.

  12. ‘May be wrong here but GLC’s pic seems to be at the same resolution as the smaller one, simply larger. So everything looks grainy and less clear. This doesn’t usually make anyone look better, including the GOL. She remains pretty cute ‘tho, in her low-rez, large-size way. IMHO.

  13. I don’t think so – it looks like it’s at native resolution. They probably used a mobile phone camera to take it, hence the poor quality.

  14. Doc: I don’t follow your logic. Even if they aren’t the same photo (which seems likely to me), they were surely taken by the same camera, and hence at the same resolution, as I said. If so GLC’s is an up-sized version of the first, with pixel density the same, and the graininess that one sees. Cell-phone pix are scalable only with sophisticated interpolation software.

  15. Pictures can be (and often are) uploaded to Internet sites at lower resolutions than the version on the camera/host computer. It simply is too big of a file (and takes to long) for a big, high resolution, picture to upload, for many people.

  16. The bottom line was Doc’s view that, in the cold light of higher rez, Travis’s GOL is (far) less attractive than advertised. I’m just saying: bull. GLC’s bigger picture is not obviously higher rez. It’s just bigger (in bounding box), and hence grainier.
    Since everyone looks worse in big grainy pix (even Pappa Doc, I bet), no revaluation of GOL is warranted. She’s still cute as a button! Like the figure, love the face! Travis: Pleeze find more like her!

  17. urgal: you’re normally a pretty rational guy – it seems you’re allowing a little wishful thinking to get away with you here! I remain of the opinion that the larger pic is not up-resed (there are signs that allow you to tell), and could be native resolution (or the native res may actually be higher). One common result of downsizing a model’s photo is that they end up looking more toned than they do in real life. That is what I believe has happened here, and why you always have to be very careful when drawing conclusions about models from only low res photos!

  18. Wow. This is some pretty odd and lively debate!

    For those that appear to be on my side: Thanks for sticking up for me. I’m not saying, though, that these women are the most beautiful women in the world. The post is about how you can find a single photo of a beautiful Asian woman, know that she is not a model and you may never see her again, but you cannot help but wish that you had the opportunity because the one photo is of someone that has a great deal of beauty.

    For Dr. Lee and those that disagree: You are welcome to disagree, but your premise that you cannot find someone beautiful because of one photo is completely wrong. A subjective opinion, whether it is based off a high res photo, a low res photo, or even a drawing or shadow, cannot be wrong, especially when one is saying that “She looks beautiful in this photo” rather than “She is clearly beautiful in real life.” Since the former is the argument, I have to vehemently disagree with your assertion that you cannot judge beauty of a woman in a photo, when one is saying that “she looks beautiful IN this photo.” Ergo, in the photo, she looks phenomenally beautiful.

  19. Just to make sure I don’t run out of space:

    You could look at a 1500 pound buck toothed white woman. Then you take a photograph of her and she looks ridiculously attractive: So much so that she makes your heart beat faster. Is she less beautiful IN THE PHOTO because she is less beautiful in real life? I would argue not at all, because we are making the judgment of how someone looks in the photograph, and in the photograph, the 1500 lb woman did look beautiful.

    Also, the larger picture she looks just as hot to me. But it also looks like the same picture. It does not appear either hi res nor different. She looks the same to me.

    Now, we can argue that subjectively you do not find her as attractive, and I have no issue with that because I pointed out in the beginning that it was one of the most attractive Japanese women “I’ve” ever seen (and as I said earlier, I’m not usually that attracted to Japanese women). But being upset about a subjective judgment being made from a photo is almost silly.

  20. Also, to add:

    I’m not really that invested in this argument, though, so don’t be afraid to disagree :-). Again, this was one of my posts I made “as a guest poster” before I thought I’d be writing here more often, so I tried to make almost all of my guest posting posts more extreme than I normally would hoping that Robin would be more likely to post them if I used more definitive language. Now that I know I’m writing her more often, you can bet I have no intention about presenting material like this in the same manner.

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