Risa Chigasaki


Risa is an AV Model. She is getting a post today because she is cute and I like small waists. Several more photos after the jump.Born: May 4, 1988
Born in: Kanagawa
Proportions 34:22:32
Blood Type: O

I am considering doing posts on new, relatively unknown models that I find on some of those model search sites. There is a good chance that some are SoCal girls and few will have been photographed nude, but most of them also just started modeling and still have time and they will be (hopefully) very attractive to almost all of you. Also I can post more often that way. Is Asian Sirens interested?







Significantly More Photos:

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery of Galleries

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0 thoughts on “Risa Chigasaki”

  1. STRIPES: She may not have “booty” but that has to be the tightest butt I’ve seen in a while. Hot damn! I’m sold! ^_^

  2. Stripes, yah, no booty. But still a very sexy ass for my taste! And those legs.
    I’m with sevendeuce!

    Travis: Socal girls are ok for me, as long as they are beautiful and asian, which is what AS is all about after all.

  3. Doc, that is why it’s great to be alive. So many gorgeous women to see 🙂 keep them coming Travis!

  4. Yes! We can like both Risa and LaToiye – no need to be locked into admiring only one type of woman.

  5. She’s so cute !

    Best assets is her face and expressions.

    The rest is v. nice too.
    But yea, less booty than me…

  6. nice in photos but i don’t want her to see moving because it will break their charm (problem of most japanese models).

    anyway , without high heel, and sexy wears she is like all the japanese in the world : too flat with no curves, nothing special.

    face make me think of a little mice (nothing negative)

    i dont know guys if you went to tokyo one time.

    you see a lot of cute japanese in the streets with nice & sexy wears sometimes.
    they are ok.
    but without all these outfits the sex appeal come down (especially for japanese).
    japanese body is different (except very few of them) not shape to be modelling.
    it comes from the gene.

  7. YES!…YES!…YES!… oops, got a little carried away there. She’s so wow. And yes…face make me think of a little sexy mice too. Minnie.

  8. Very nice. Of course a nice set of implants would seal the deal. Needs to trim the forest a little – everything else is top notch.

  9. Travis: The idea of posting relative unknowns is great, and much appreciated! I find Chigasaki-sa very cute, and among other things on display in photo 2 is a very pretty smile. Don’t hold back on SoCal girls among these unknown treasures. I like them myself, blond Asian thing and all, along with classical Asian beauties. Bring it!

  10. Overall she is a nice find. The problem for me is that the Japanese have too many models that are cute. As someone who looks at Asians all of the time, I need to see qualities that separate her from all of the other cute Japanese models that are out there for me to take notice and remember who she is. I need to see someone Japanese who is either unique or incredibly hot. So she’s forgettably cute.

    I do like that little butt of hers and her boobies, so I will keep an eye out for her.

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