Night Fantasy @

Night Fantasy @

Interesting and very atmospheric photoset of a beautuful Asian model named Anny by photographer Pahud.

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  1. Sexy photo.Takes me to the “Businessman in Southeast Asia” fantasy.She is the hostess in the hotel restaurant where I just closed a deal for 500,000 widgets @ -3cents each.Sensing my victory-she is turned on by the testosterone I emit whilst dining on rare kobe beef.I message with my eyes for her to join me as I leave the joint.We lip-lock passionately in the elevator.Articles of clothing don’t even make it to my room.And…

  2. And…then she pauses and tells me it’s gonna cost me 10,000 yen per hour for her services. Oops! Sorry STRIPES. I got caught up in the fantasy. That’s how most of my fantasies end.

  3. lol arf. killed the atmosphere stripes was trying to make but i like arf’s twist i would pay 10,000 yen an hour .. question is will i last an hour with that lol jk ^_^

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