Eva Lee


Eva Lee is a Chinese model. Her portfolio can be seen here. I think she’s pretty but she didn’t have a lot of photos I like. Then I realized she is only 19 and I have a feeling age will do her well.Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 5’10
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Beijing






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  1. Woozers! The last image is pure magic for her. The Greek goddess turn Chinese angel action works well for her. I could worship her religiously.

  2. Similar body to Meng Meng, although it doesn’t appear her shoulders are as wide. Very pretty in some pics, others not so much (such as the bikini shot).

  3. Very nice. I think once she gets rid if more of that baby fat around her belly she will improve a lot. Also the bikini pic is not retouched as much as the other pictures if at all. Overall very promising.

  4. …very regular girl on the street type in china…cute..but she aint all that and a bag of chips…

  5. That white dress shirt pose reminds me of the Greek crossbow girl from “For Your Eyes Only”.

    She really does have long legs. Check out Pic 2 (blue miniskirt/yellow sandals), she is almost flat footed there with bent knee and they still look long.

    Pic 4 (swimsuit) does her no favors though.

  6. Interesting Spartan used the word Greek too about a completely different picture.

    She’s giving off a subtle “Greek” vibe. 😉

  7. “….perchance to DREAM…” to be wrapped in the lovely limbs of these Chinese beauties (Eva & Meng Meng): Could THIS be Heaven??!!

  8. First picture is the best.

    She has a very wide face visible in pictures 3 & 4 (twirl, no shoes & swimsuit).

    In the first and second her hair is framing her face and makes it look narrower.

    Still a winner, though.

  9. actually Travis…5’10 is a common height in china…especially further north you go…I was quite surprised when I first came to live here as to how tall actually the chinese people are…..alot of chinas immigrants to the west came from southern china in the earlier years…hakka and canton people who are generally shorter in stature than the rest of the country…

  10. Would love to fill her belly button with champagne and toast the future. At this point, striking only in her height and forever legs, but give her another year of two…

  11. Looking at her portfolio, it seems as though Travis has chosen her most flattering photos (for my taste). Her fashion photos have that “Chinese fashion model” look to them, which I really don’t like.

  12. Travis… oh yes, i didn’t express myself correctly.
    This young girl is tall as a matter of fact but she seems like “a regular girl” in terms of beauty compare to all the beauties we have pleasure to watch on this website…

  13. The bikini pic is highly unfavourable…

    As wknight said, she should work on her belly. A regular visit to the gym should help very much to improve her bikini body.

  14. badnews: I’m calling shenanigans that 5’10 is a “common” height for women in northern China. Granted, northern Chinese are statistically taller than their Southern counterparts, but 5’10 being “common”? You may want to reconsider changing that to “not completely unheard of”.


  15. Well mate….I think its pretty common amongst the chinese people…living here for 6 years…you get on the subway and 5’10 is a common height….you look at the average height of men and woman in shanghai beijing areas…and its more than “not unheard of”….then you get the hobbitesque staute of some of the outer province people who are transient workers to the cities

  16. Err… I lived there too and was always a head taller than everyone on the Metro, no matter which city’s Metro I was on. I rarely saw girls that were 5’10”, especially in Shanghai where I lived. I saw them occasionally but it certainly wasn’t a common sight. One of the female guards at Motorola (now SMIC) in Tianjin was 6′ and everyone at the factory commented about her. She was definitely the exception and certainly not common, though I knew far more girls at 5’7″ or so up north than in SH, where they were pretty rare.

    One of my best friends was a younger lady who was 5’7″ and she complained to me that it was hard to find a guy that was tall enough for her. It seems women want tall guys and guys want slender women. 😉

  17. badnews: What do you consider “common” or “pretty common”?

    I wouldn’t call 5’10 “common” here in Toronto where I live (for women)…

  18. “…5’10 is a common height in china…especially further north you go…I was quite surprised when I first came to live here as to how tall actually the chinese people are…”

  19. “…I’m calling shenanigans that 5’10 is a “common” height for women in northern China…”

  20. so you’re saying that its not common then…that all CHINESE PEOPLE!!! are generally 5’7 or under…bull#$^…and as far as her looks go…if you have lived over here…then you’d know she is “average” …not unattractive ….but definitely nothing to write home about….

  21. A 5’10” woman is unusual even in the US, where the average female is 5’6. “Common” to me suggests an abundance, if not the mean.

    According to a statistics, a woman in the US that is 5’8″ represents only the 5th percentile of all American women. If you allow the same curve assuming the 5’4″ value quoted above, then the number of Chinese women greater than 5’8″ would be miniscule. Certainly a 5’10” drink of water would stand out on any subway. I can caveat this to death (the northerners larger than southerners, etc.), but I’ll just stop here and just wait for badnews to yell.

  22. According to one study, the average height for women in China in 2002 was 5’2″ in rural areas and 5’2 1/2″ in urban areas (based on 17 year old women).

    So it would appear that a 5’10” Chinese woman is very much above average in height. However, because they are so noticeable, there will seem to be more of them than there really are.

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