Heart to Heart Host Ahn Jung-hyun

Ahn Jung-hyun

Ahn Jung-hyun (also known by some as “Dimple Girl” or “Miss Dimples”) started with Arirang TV in Korea in 1996 as a news reporter and then later became an anchor. She’s been the host of the popular Arirang talk show Heart to Heart since October, 2001 and the DJ on the Arirang radio show World Cafe since late 2005.

You can see by reading her bio that she has some quite impressive credentials and I don’t mean to disregard her qualifications or skills as a journalist, but …. just look at those dimples!Oh, by the way; yours truly was a guest on Heart to Heart a couple of years ago (November 1, 2005) and believe me when I say; those cute dimples of hers are even more mesmerizing in person.

Ahn Jung-hyun

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  1. I’m sure Jung-hyun’s younger than a lot of the guys that post here and women older (and much less cuter) than her have been featured here before.

  2. i agree with CEC32. look at KT So, for instance! her face is a trainwreck compared to this girl’s. i think jung-hyun is fabulous, she’s smart (MA from Cornell) and she looks cute! I think she’s overcompensating for her naturally young looks by using these really mature haircuts, but otherwise she’s brains and beauty. aw!

  3. I agree she’s prettier than KT So, but so are most Asian girls IMHO! But her style is too mature and old-fashioned for my taste – give her a more modern and youthful style, and I think she might look pretty fine.

  4. Oh yes Chrstine: as much as I might personally agree with you, please use more gentle terminology than “her face is a trainwreck”. 🙂

  5. I flirted with her a little before and after the show but didn’t bother to ask her out (should have).
    However, at the end of the show I did make a comment about how much I loved her dimples while we were still rolling, figuring it would be edited out, but (much to my surprise) when the show aired; it was left in.

  6. I think she is one of those woman, that you may not be particularly attracted to in pictures, but in person it may be a whole different story. Like one of the Okinawan barbers, female by the way, who cuts hair on base here on Kadena. She is probably in her late 40’s but I find myself attracted to her face and I guess, elegance. She’s just sexy to me.

  7. I’ve never looked at KT So’s face, having been transfixed by her superlative ass.

    Jung-hyun’s photos illustrate the Asian hair thing ot the other post: see how unflattering the fake hair color in 1 is, while the black hair in 2 makes her look pretty cute. The dimples are unusually attractive, but for me it’s the petite shape.

  8. one sign – though not really all that telling, admittedly – that a girl doesn’t have a great ass is if she’s always being photographed in thongs and g-strings. girls that actually have asses can get photographed in boyshorts or those frilly lacy non-thong things and still look good, but girls that are faking it just end up looking like washboards. on the other hand, kt so’s ass is looking larger than the photos in that post with her on A-S, so maybe she got ass implants or something since i don’t recall it looking like that when i was wondering why in the world people were so fascinated with her butt. i mean, now she actually has asscheeks, which is some improvement.

  9. This is just wide angle photography, something her photographer uses all the time to make he look like she has an ass. It’s just an optical illusion.

  10. Doc, what makes KT’s ass great is what its mounted on–not the ass proper. Your ass post was interesting, but you didn’t get much analysis, and I’m not satisfied that KT’s ass is liked simply because she shows it a lot.

    To answer the other post, in KT’s case she has a super shape all over, but she has a fantastic curve from her small waist through athletically muscled thighs


    That focuses on her hips, which are relatively wide


    And it’s the curve from her juicy thighs, around her hips, through the small of her back, and up to her waist; that’s what makes her ass.


    So when I say her ass is great, I really mean that whole combination centered on her ass.


    Come on Doc, her ass is fantastic:


  11. I didn’t say she had a bad body, but compared to a black girl (or most other Asian girls even), her ass really just isn’t anything special. A million other girls would have an ass at least as impressive as her’s if it was photographed in the same way.

  12. My point is the body makes the ass in her case. Those two cheeks in isolation are not special, but in context they are.

  13. Even by that standard, I still don’t think KT’s anything special. For example, I rarely focus on Sachiko‘s ass, but given KT’s success, perhaps I should take more photographs of it:

  14. Yes, that’s right – I haven’t given you any formal warnings or anything! Just take the discusion to the above thread if you’d like to talk about it further.

  15. I’m still waiting for the pictures of Ahn Jung-hyun’s ass. The more I look at her pictures, the more I’m starting to find her kinda hot. Is that weird?

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