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Okay, you will have to join to watch the video’s, but for those who just want to see screendumps and photo’s, check out the Asian babes @

You will find movies of: Sunny Leone, Jade Hsu, Lucy Thai, Charmaine Starr, Miko Lee, Kianna Dior, Asia Carrera, Mika Tan and Rose.

Warning: Hardcore material!

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  1. Although she isn’t really to my taste otherwise, that Kianna Dior has really nice tits! Has she done anything a little more tasteful? American hardcore stuff isn’t really my style.

  2. Kianna Dior (born November 17, 1969 in Vancouver, Canada) is a porn star of half-Korean and half Canadian descent.

    Although she is one of the oldest “new” porn stars in the business, she has become hugely popular mainly through the internet. As most other co-starlets, she worked as a stripper and lap dancer before moving onto the screen, shooting her first movie in 1999.

    Most of her work tends to be pretty tame, one exception being Gag Factor 5, which was very hardcore compared to most of her other work.

    Kianna has appeared in over 90 films, mostly gonzo- or all-sex-style. She has featured mainly in big-breast films or Asian-style films like Asian Divas, Sinful Asians and Asian Persuasion, although lately she has appeared in more prominent productions such as Reign of Tera, one of the comeback films of fellow hardcore porn star Tera Patrick. Kianna now appears more in MILF movies, such as MILF hunter, due to her age.

  3. Once again, Zamscan delivers the goods. I bow down…

    Jade Hsu must finally be off the crank*; she seems to have gained some weight.

    *Pure speculation on my part, although it’s widely known that crank (crystal meth) is very popular with strippers.

  4. Yeah, I lost my taste for Jade quite a while ago. When she first, FIRST came out I thought she was great! But then I saw her in a movie (White Panty Chronicles #??) and it was all down hill from there. Terrible “actress” and once all the tattoos and piercings started happening…that was enough for me. But the old stuff is still enjoyable. (I still get to tease my g/f about her middle name being ‘Jade’ ha!)

    The Charmane content on is so good. Especially so if you are a big fan of her like myself.

    Actually, is a good site for ALL kinds of, well, babes! Worth a look.

  5. Um…whew…now that I’ve stopped sweating…ha!

    Thanks Zam!

    Any ideas on how I can be reincarnated as Charmane’s personal Sybian?

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Asian babes @

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