Japanese Bikini Fashion Show

Japanese Bikini Fashion Show

Above are samples from a nice gallery of Japanese models sporting bikinis made by San-ai. Here is the Photo Gallery with full size images and here is the Full Story. This posting is thanks to our friend Badboy from the Asian Divas Yahoo group. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m loving how these young teenage girls have it their heads to not be afraid of frequenting a gym, owning those toned bodies. I agree that far too many women are heaftier than in the past, but also women are working more than ever before, and I’m thankful of these high caliber young hard working broads because they are keeping the standards high. Go industrious Japan!

    If anyone knows the name of the girl in the pic two down and three to five to the right in the black let me know. She is a total cutie pie and gives hope to humanity.

  2. Well, um, not to rain on the parade, Northman, but don’t these girls seem a tad young? Cute and definitely sirens-to-be, but..uh..not-ready-for-prime-time? Just wondering…

  3. Eighteen and nineteen year olds are teenagers too…right? 🙂 That’s about the age they appear to be here. Never know. As long as they aren’t under seventeen, maybe it’s ok.

  4. yea cut off should be around 17 maybe 16? as long as they are not playing with Barbies :))) j/k..nothing to joke about eh..

  5. crazy japanese..wonder if the japanese women are into legal but young looking boys?…kinky 🙂

  6. Well, um, not to rain on your parade urgal, but ur”gay”, gwa ha ha!, you let yourself so open to that one buddy. Please don’t hate me I’m just friendly joshing with you. Ur”cool.” 🙂

    I don’t know about you guys I can only speak for myself, and even if these girls where only around sixteen I’m only looking at pictures here and we shouldn’t feel bad about it, and it’s just bikinis as what you would see from young girls going to the beach. If you read the article they gave the ages of two models – 17 and 19.

  7. Okay, Doc. As I said, just wondering. You must admit they look like a bunch of High School sophomores, ‘tho. I don’t understand Japan’s boundless appetite for youth. A Japanese girl once told me that Japanese female HS students “rule” the national consciousness: endless fascination with, and coverage of, what they are wearing, doing, and who they are doing it with. ‘Got to agree with Lawboy about preferring older Japanese women: say, the age of that model in the previous post about fast focus. 🙂

  8. I don’t think it would be appropriate (or legal) for us to feature underaged girls on this site, even if they are just in bikinis. But as I said, I’m pretty sure these aren’t.

  9. It’s hard for me to believe some of you would take a milf over a fresh young chick, that’s just preposterious to me. Thinking about this I can only come up with a few ways why someone would have the mentality of taking a milf over a young woman: 1) You are older with children who might be of teenage age so you have a “biased” opinion 2) You have a milf fetish when is “unnatural”, it’s just a perversion 3) You can’t get a young broad so you make excuses as to why it’s wrong to mate with them when they are obviously ovulating, and nature is saying it’s okay to get with them, hence the strong physical and chemical attraction.

    As long as a girl is 18 or over in age I have no problem whatsover to lust and consume them (I’m in my mid-twenties). Whenever I’ve had the joy of being with a woman around 19, I’ve never once had a sense of guilt, never!, it fact I’ve always have felt pretty fantastic about the whole affair. Women are incredibly beautiful around that time in their lives and love attention. If you have a moral obligation to stay away from young women, then you probably shouldn’t be having relations period with anybody, go back to church and pray to your egotistical idol.

  10. I can give you a very good fourth reason GoodTaste: the MILF has bigger tits. 😉

    On a more serious note though, the tone of your post suggests to me you do harbour deep seeted guilt over this issue, hence your heroic efforts to justify it. If you like younger (but legal) women, fine. But if a guy prefers older women (and let’s face it, there are many very good reasons to do so – they are usually more sexually experienced and more interesting to talk to), then that’s fine too.

  11. Actually my often overbearing tone is probably due to my immense reading of Nietzsche these past couple of years. His passionate writing style is beginning to merge with mine, I need to watch that, but it’s hard because he’s such a bad ass 🙂

    Dr. Lee you make a lot of sense. I have to realize that people on this board are often not as young as me and have different expectations in the women they see – mature talk and so forth (I don’t know if I agree with more sexually experienced though, is a woman blowing you like a porn star such a turn on?). I’ll change surely, but right now my expectations of women are more carnal and I don’t seek out young women, I just have the door open to all.

    I never said Milfs are bad, just that younger women are better. If hypothetically you cloned a woman and found a 19 and 38 year old of the same broad both being healthy and attractive, I would throw the older one off a cliff, while I would throw the younger one into my car 😉

  12. GoodTaste, I think you simply need to accept that individual tastes are very different. Just because you prefer younger women, you can’t believe others don’t? That’s pretty small minded, dontcha think?

    I also prefer the looks of younger women, and sometimes, the attitude (which can be less judgmental). But, my favorite women are a little bit older and wiser, but LOOK like they are very young. But, that’s just me.

  13. Bigfoot Dean (you’re a good poster, u seem to always have something clever to say) now that I ponder about this subject even more, I’m probably not that closed minded at all. Yes we have different tastes, but you have to think about if those tastes are genuine and not part of group think – “I’m older so I belong with an older woman, so I MUST find them more attractive than the rest because I have to in order to be socially accepted with her.” If guys are 100% honest with themselves, I wouldn’t be surprised if older men desired a young woman over older females a good percentage of the time. This is just a theory, don’t go throwing stones.

  14. Yes, it is just a theory (or more correctly, an hypothesis) – you really don’t have the evidence to impose your assertions on other men.

    Personally, I can find them both attractive in their own way – individual variation is a far bigger factor than age for me. If a woman is attractive, she is attractive, no matter how old she is. Indeed, you may be guilty of the opposite – subconscioulsy filtering women because they are “too old” for you, even though you may actually find them attractive.

  15. GoodTaste, sorry to offend. I didn’t mean to say you were closed minded, but that kind of thinking is. I actually supposed, that if you reflected a little, you would realize that you are basing your conclusion on what you happen to find attractive.

    I would guess that many men find younger women more attractive, but do you REALLY believe that the men that claim to like more mature women are lying, or fooling themselves? If so, based on what.

    How we develop our tastes is certainly an interesting area for discussion. But, from what you are saying in your last post, you seem to think there are some objective REAL taste that is common to most (or all) men, that lies beneath the socialized taste.

    To that, I say, “What?”

    That’s more closed-minded than the first post, actually. It is also very condescending. It sounds like you are saying: If other men weren’t swayed by groupthink, they would all agree that a certain kind of woman is attractive…AND…that your taste is that genuine and the correct one.

    To that, I say, “Wow!”

    Even though you call it a “theory” it is a fairly shallow, and an insulting one. Again, I’m not saying you are shallow…but, the way you are stating your belief sure sounds shallow.

  16. Bigfoot Dean…relax

    I respect you, but it seems as if you are giving me very negative looks right now, and if you are, only if you are, don’t throw those looks at the computer screen where nobody can see them, throw’em at a mirror. Your words are mighty cryptic so this is only if you are attacking me. No disrespect if you honestly mean no harm.

    The main problem with this argument is there is no true definition for the slang word “MILF.” How old is a MILF? I’m assuming over 35 so I’m using that age and over when I refer to the “mature woman.” Tell me what you think about this age and if it fits a Milf.

    I suppose I was just “assuming” everyone was catching which attraction I was talking about , which was sexual attraction. I’m not talking about personality and sharing similar tastes – favorite color, choice of food, two people that love taking long walks off short piers, true love, etc, I’m talking about straight old fashion sex. We can get objective if you want. When it comes to sexual attraction, what man doesn’t want to bang an attractive young woman? Come on, really. Let’s be honest here. Younger women look better than mature women for a reason, because they are better suited to reproduce. When we size up a woman, unconsciously we are thinking what our offspring would look like, that’s how we keep the god damn species alive. Younger women are more fertile than older women which is why guys “generally” want to mate with them more. I never said older women can’t be attractive, many are absolute foxes! (Maggie Cheung), still men of all ages “must” find younger women more attractive in order to have healthy people walking the earth. Nature gets rid of a woman’s looks when she’s unsuitable to have children. Sad but true.

    On the shallow accusations: THIS IS ASIAN-SIRENS.COM! This site is basically built on the premise of how good looking an asian-siren looks. We can only judge the women of these posts mainly on their appearance. Just in this post Dr. Lee blurted, “The MILF has bigger tits.” In a more perfect world I would be able to pull these woman out from the computer screen to court them, then get to find the subtle charms of each girl, but until that day I can only really judge these girls appearances.

  17. You still just don’t get it, do you GoodTaste?

    You are still asuming that your taste is the proper and correct one, and that if other men were honest with themsleves, they would feel the same as you. This is a very small-minded attitude, and one for which you have absolutely no evidence. I have seen many older women that I think are flat out sexier than many younger women, and are probably at least as well suited to reproduction. You are simply generalising far, far too much here.

  18. What else can we do but generalize? Doc, you see these knock out older women that are sexier than the knock out young girls, but I can’t see them. Also isn’t beauty subjective? I stand by what I typed: Objectively younger women are generally more attractive than older women. This is not about taste anymore, and if it where lets not forget that I am GoodTaste 😉

  19. obviously, these girls are young, and athletic. Doubt they would be having deep discussions with any of us, regarding politics, or writings of Cormac McCarthy, or HG Wells.

  20. You are totally contradicting yourself GoodTaste. First you make the (correct) statement that beauty is subjective, then you go on to say that younger women are objectively better looking! You obviously can’t have it both ways.

    I stand by my view that the individual variation in women’s attractiveness is far greater than age differences (unless you’re talking 60+ I guess), but I don’t expect you to agree with me. That is my subjective opinion – such things are never objective.

  21. You realize you just asked, “Also isn’t beauty subjective?” and then stated, “Objectively younger women are generally more attractive…”. THAT’S the problem, here, IMO. It is ALL about taste, that’s the point.

    Beauty is subjective, not objective. You keep positing your subjectivity as the objective truth.

    As for generalizations, we certainly can choose simply to try not to use them. But, as a matter of practicality, you are correct that we make generalizations all the time. The key though, it to know that we are making generalizations and that they only take us so far.

    Instead you said this, “It’s hard for me to believe some of you would take a milf over a fresh young chick, that’s just preposterious to me.” And then you went on to speculate on why someone wouldn’t have the same subjective experience of beauty, as you do. The reasons you came up with were shallow and condescending.

    Of all the people in the world, and all the different subjective tastes, it is “hard for you to believe” that others have a different conception of beauty? Really? I think you must be quite young and/or have not had experience with people of various cultures and mindsets. Many people live thinking their reality is The One. I suggest you try to develop a more accepting attitude and understanding of other’s realities, or you may well be in for a rather rude awakening someday.

    Anyway, we can agree that we like beautiful Asian women…right? Have a good night, all.

  22. Marcinema, you are likely right, as these girls are probably too young to know those writers. I hope you aren’t assuming they aren’t intelligent or deep, simply because they are young and pretty.

    I would guess most of them aren’t particularly intelligent or deep, simply because they are humans. :#)

  23. Alright this is not going to work. If there is anyone else besides Dr. Lee, Bigfoot Dean, and myself who has a nice mature head on their shoulders (flipnirish, lawboy, arf, stay way – ha!) who could give a valid opinion on what we are rambling about, please speak up. Don’t be too swayed by what we write. Northman where the hell are you? This is your post so you must have an opinion. I’m calling you out.

  24. Bigfoot you posted you last response while I was writing my last.

    On being cultured, I live in LA, probably one of the most diverse places in the world. I’ve dated every race other than arab and Indian(from India). I study philosophy. History is my hobby. I know English and Spanish, and plan to move to Japan and France in the future and pick up the native tongues. I’m a perveyor of the arts and an artist myself. I consider myself a pretty cultured guy actually.

    Yes there are many people in the world with many attitudes and ideas, but reason does exist for many things. We started going through the enlightenment how many years ago? 300 years ago? Maybe I’m too much a deciple of Ayn Rand. We can’t agree but that’s cool. Thats what the world seems to be about.

    I’m going to sleep too after some “real” work, that doesn’t involve this forum. G’night Doc and Bigfoot Dean.

  25. i like women with big boobs :):) intelligent enough for ya ?:))….
    hey goodtaste, we all can like whatever as long as the ladies are of legal age and not a GILF….above 50 is pushing it a tad….nothing wrong with the youngens you like but surely nothing wrong with a mature woman >40 🙂

  26. A GILF is OK if she’s your wife, a MILF is OK , anytime as is a young one. As i’ve mentioned before, when you have a daughter who is old enough to appear on these pages, it does tend tend change your perspective. However, when my daughter is 30, that doesn’t mean I will only lust after/appreciate/peruse women over 30.

    Besides, this discussion was originally about pictures of girls/women, not women we would actually meet:-) (Dream on, all)

  27. I wanted to link these pics a couple of days ago for y’all but I found many a musket pointed straight at me, so I was busy applying musket repellant. Sorry for the delay.

    This is the bombshell right here of the picture set. Jesus, just look at those eyes, along with that amazing body. I would give my mother to the arabs for this girl and she’s bearly peaking, incredibly hotter she will get. With luck we’ll see more of this nameless model in the future.


  28. She’s certainly cute and does have a nice body, but I really just don’t find her very remarkable. Like many young Japnese girls, she just doesn’t have much character – there’s so many young Japanese girls like this.

    Actually, character is another attraction of more mature women BTW. 🙂

  29. It’s not fair to say that girl has no character, we don’t know that, that might be her first modeling photo shot and might be quite terrified. I’ve noticed Doc you seem to have a preference for the more voluptous woman so I can see why this girl is not to your liking. An atlethic girl I will always have a fond attraction to.

  30. I actually, I like ’em slim and athletic too – it’s just that on the interenet, with so many girls to choose from, they need to have a little more character to really get my attention.

  31. character = ginormous breasts ? I think that girl is fantastic and if most guys can’t appreciate a beauty like this, all the better for me.

  32. No GoodTaste – character = character. To have character, a girl must have something unique – she must stand out from the crowd. While this girl is certainly attractive enough, she just doesn’t do that.

  33. uuummmmkkaaayyyy, with that definition character has to be one of the most subjective aspects of life. to me, this girl greatly stands out from the crowd, hell, I even said I would give my mother to Al Queda for this girl.

  34. Actually, another aspect of character I neglected to mention is personality – I don’t see much of that in this girl. But once again, she’s attractive enough.

  35. It’s hard to gather a woman’s personality from a few pics, especially when many models act a certain way in front of a camera to build a certain “image.” Also what constitutes personality of high character? It’s too vague.

    I think this girl is very desirable, you not so much. That’s fine, lets leave it at that 🙂

  36. Please mind your langauge GoodTaste – I had to remove part of your post.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve had to warn you about this kind of thing either, but it will be the last.

  37. Come on doc, lets learn to take a joke here. The “T” word isn’t that foul. You’ve said the “P” word and I consider it far worse. We’re here to dabate, which is fantastic, it stimulates the brain, and to shot the bull on beautiful Asian babies I have Asian-Sirens.com to thank, but lets have fun as well. Please don’t take my often off the wall humour to personally.

  38. Personally I don’t have a problem with it, but part of my remit as moderator here is to keep the language from getting too colourful. You can joke as much as you want, just make sure you stay within our posting guidelines.

  39. I was within the posting guidelines. I did a friendly pun that was quite funny, but you censored me because your too sensitive to take a joke aimed at you especially when I’m winning an argument, so I’m “too colourful” with my words, while there’s been far worse. As moderator you should be fair with everyone on this board – including yourself.

  40. GoodTaste – if you can actually cite an example where I am treating you differently from anybody else here, please point it out. And you seem to be forgetting that I know the posting guidelines far better than you do, as I both set them and enforce them.

  41. why do you need to win or lose an argument? we all can have our opinion…i think your comment about the poop in the picnic basket was a little strange. is that like a hillbilly or southern saying or something?:))

  42. doc, i think it is when you called him colorful…you never callled anyone else colorful 🙂 btw, you also took out my beavis and butthead comments “teepee for my b******” :))

  43. Yeah, I don’t see how anybody won or lost an argument here – we just expressed our opinions. Also, LawBoy’s comment is an example of how you could have said the same thing as you did without breaching the posting guidelines. And as LawBoy also points out, I have deleted similar language from him in the past.

  44. LawBoy it was sarcasm and idea in methaphor. “It” was supposed to signify Dee’s views on character while the not flying aspect was to point out the stagnation of the idea, in my opinion of course. Obviously it wasn’t written to be taken literal…And it was comedic gold! Jerry Seinfeld and Woody Allen even called to give me praise.

    Examples? Just in one of the current threads masterbation was insinuated in a playful way, that’s not crude?, just like my dumb little joke that has dissappeared. Lets not take everything so seriously and to threaten me is uncalled for.

  45. Insinuation is fine – crude language is not. You could have expressed your self-proclaimed “comedic gold” with just a little word substitution.

  46. sh*t = poop 🙂 …. we have to introduce you to “Beavis and Butthead” doc…sorry, i grew up in the 80’s 🙂

  47. Fine I’ll use a word you’ve used in place of mine: Sorry doc, that pussy you put into that picnic basket tied to a balloon, isn’t flying.

    It now sounds a bit odd and doesn’t really make any sense, but as long as it doesn’t strike you as crude or vulger, which is shouldn’t cuz you use iit, I should be fine. Also, why do you got to be such a jerk at times when you explain your thought process. “You could have expressed your self-proclaimed “comedic gold” with just a little world substitution.” You could of just said to use a little word substitution but you had to slap me in the face. Gee, thanks a lot Dee.

  48. I stated very clearly that you simply had to mind your language, as it was too colourful – everybody knows this simply means you have to tone your language down a bit. What’s the problem here?

    Also, calling me (or anybody else here) a jerk is yet another breach of our posting guidelines, when you were already on your final warning. As you are obviously unable to abide by our posting guidelines, you have left with me no choice other than to suspend your membership.

  49. And yet another example of when we should chill out and “Step away from the keyboard!”

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