HOW MANY friends?!

MySpace asian babes brings us a list of Asian babes on Myspace ranked by the most friends added. This list tells us who are the most Myspace-savvy Asian models. As we know modelwork is not always fashion, print or shows. Lots of these Asian babe models have a member’s website with calendars, photo sets, videos and other fan-related items. There are links to their model sites as well. No surprise to us who has the most friends.

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  1. It’s also an issue of principles. These girls clearly will just take anyone as their “friend” (including spammers) to pump up their numbers, and actively seek them out via MySpace “trains” etc. (which allow you to add hundreds of friends in one hit). I know Sachiko doesn’t do any of this however, and she checks each friend request.

    Perhaps a more meaningful measure might be Alexa web site rankings. Why has MySpace popularity come to be considered more important than web site popularity? A lot of these girls don’t even have their own sites!

  2. Another good way to measure real popularity is Google searches, as Marco has done in the past. Asian Sirens’ own stats would be pretty revealing too. I really think this whole MySpace popularity thing is just total BS – it’s too easily rigged.

  3. You can’t use MySpace friend numbers as a gauge of popularity because those numbers can be easily inflated plus you have to take into account the people who send out friend requests to a model just so that they can look cool by having a hot chick on their page.

    You could use MySpace page views as a better indicator along with web traffic to their actual site and Google search rankings to really get a true indicator of popularity.

    I would put more stock into MySpace if models modeled for free. Since they don’t, then you also have to consider how popular someone is if they don’t have their own site.

  4. I just finally got into this site (I haven’t been able to until now). After going through the list, I am even more convinced that it is misleading at best, and in all likelihood downright wrong as a measure of real populatrity. I haven’t even heard of half the girls in this list!

    Also, how did they gather this information? Even if you knew the number of friends of every person on MySpace (which you would need to in order to have an accurate list), how do you make sure you get all the Asian models, and only the Asian models?

    I think we should close this post – this list is obviously total BS.

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