Obessesed with ‘event companions’

event companions

Not everybody snapping pictures at the Tokyo Motor Show is focusing on the cars. Many of the camera-toting folks roaming the massive exhibit halls are more interested in the women whom automakers and parts companies hire to adorn their exhibits.That’s not surprising, of course. But in Japan, photographing lovely ladies in public places is pursued with such enthusiasm that there’s a name for practitioners: camera kozo — a kozo being a Buddhist disciple or a servant boy, though the word can be used in a derogatory way to refer to an inexperienced youth. At big car shows, camera kozo — kameko for short — can be seen mobbing the models — known as event companions — pressing in close with their telephoto lenses and snapping hundreds or even thousands of digital images in a single day. Many kameko run websites on which they post photos of event companions, invite comments from visitors and blog about their favorites.

Read the full article at the LATimes.

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  1. I love the Tokyo Motor Show. Too bad it is held every other year. Mitsubishi had the best babes. They also had a very good dancing show. Toyo tires had a sexy photo shoot. Very diffcult to fight the photographers to get some pictures.

  2. I just did a google search for some tokyo motor show girls, and accidently found a few videos of some thai singer named Cat Tien. And…I could have sworn that was the name of an asian sirens member wearing the Aoi doi, a couple months back. What the dilly yo. This girl is hot. Is this the same cat tien?
    Oh sorry…here’s a video from the Tokyo Motor Show…to stay on topic.
    And some hotties from the Tokyo Auto Salon.


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