Spooky video

This song is made by Yunyu, who claims to make ‘morbid pop’. Over 16.000 digital photos were taken in the making of this stop animation music video. The video was shot entirely on a Canon EOS 5D digital stills camera. Although she is from Singapore, she is from Chinese descent.
(via: FreshCreation)

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0 thoughts on “Spooky video”

  1. Cool. Like the concept, like the girl, like the video, like the song. Vocals (Bjork meets Shakira?) need tightening, though.

  2. i had to stop playing this after like 2 minutes. it’s a nice concept and cool melody, but curtis is right – she needs to work on her vocals. i see the bjork influence but i really think she needs to develop her own sound.

  3. also i don’t mean to sound judgmental (ha, who am i kidding), but after reading her long bio i feel like she’s only into dark/morbid things for the sake of being dark/morbid- like that’s an image she strives to attain. i mean, there is no reverence for death or underlying philosophical reason mentioned; she just likes anime and dark things. that’s fine and all, but i feel like that just makes her lyrical content and the selling point “morbid pop” seem so much more unsubstantiated

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