Hot or Not?


We get a lot of e-mails from our readers. Tips and requests as well as questions. The mail I got today from ‘asiannice’ was a tip and a question at the same time: Is she hot enough?

So I figured, why don’t you be the judge of that?

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  1. Based on her other pictures (which need much help in the lighting department), she’s just under the “give her a second look” line. Not terrible, but not my taste.

  2. While not model material, nor what I would consider a classic “Asian Siren”, there is something sexy about her.

    I must say, I like her as much as, or more, than 20% of the overly made up, plastic surgery addicted (sorry Doc), zombie freaks that are posted here.

    I am not complaining as I REALLY enjoy the other 80%…and everybody has their own taste. I don’t expect all the women posted to appeal to my taste, Certainly, more do on this site than just about any other.

    I’m guessing this girl is better looking in person, than in these shots.

  3. Well, there’s only one part of the body where I really approve of surgery – as is well known, I am not a fan of the current ‘plastic’ style facial surgey a lot of Asian American models have these days.

    I think most of the comments on this girl are pretty much on the money. Still, there are probably many models who – without the benefit of professional makeup and touch-ups – wouldn’t look much better.

  4. I wouldn’t put her in the ‘model’ catagory without some lighting, makeup and a much sexier teddy….but it might be nice to see her AND that teddy (teddy on the floor is ok too:)
    Nice lips.

  5. Although not model material, she does have a sexiness to her. I took a look at the rest of the pics that she has and some of them I like. With some work, she would look good.

  6. She’s cute and nice body. From the looks she seems a girl who knows how to have some fun and she has some sexyness in her poses.
    And she’s indonesian, big plus.

  7. Hotbytes, can you please stop posting off-topic videos? This is the second one I’ve had to delete from you recently. If you’ve got something that you think is AS worthy, please let us know via the “Contact Asian Sirens” link in the lefthand column.

  8. Sexy girl. I already talked to her. Her voice is nice. I think she is a pretty and sexy girl. Hope I can meet her in a real meeting.

  9. I do like her legs in the main pictures above and the look on her face. She looks ready for something. 🙂

  10. JD was definitely correct about the photos. I suspect with better photography and make-up, she could be model worthy. Also, a nice, relevant comment about in person via on the internet. How many of us wouldn’t to be with a lot of the girls here that are slammed for too this and too that?

  11. Yea I think she just looks a little too young. Plus I think if she just closed her mouth she would look better.

  12. Since she’s from Indonesia and actually not a famous model like the other Indonesian who appear on this website, she has a talent to be a model.

    She is adult enough as I read in her, maybe she have small body just like we look on her photo profile. And she work in an IT company too.. plus plus for her.

  13. I feel like her photos lack energy. Like the connection the camera, connection to the audience is weak. Almost like she doesnt believe what she is doing. Someone told her “look like this” and she did but I dont get a strong vibe from them… She is really pretty though =^.^=

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