Natasha Yi – Goofing Around On Her Webcam

Natasha Yi posted this video on her MySpace blog recently with the comment: What you missed a couple weeks ago…me goofing around again. Enjoy!

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  1. [censored] do nothing for me. sorry for the language. another term didn’t come to mind.

    Sorry jd, but you will have to come up with another term! – the Doc

  2. Like I’ve said before:
    Hot girl + Webcam = Instant internet popularity….and if she’s Asian she’ll most likely be featured here, even if she’s already fairly well-known like Natasha is.

  3. For me, this is actually kind of sad – I always thought Natasha was one of the classier Asian models, and one of the better Playboy models. I guess Thunder Over Reno was every bit as successful as I was expecting it to be. 😉

  4. I always loved Natasha because not only was she hot but also classy, but the goofy webcam vid does nothing for me. Why watch that when I can easily watch something cute like this or a vid of Maria Ozawa getting glazed. I’d give anything for her to go back to doing nudes. She could easily do nudity and top notch films like Thunder Over Reno without choosing one over the other.

  5. classy?

    she’s an import model with some nude photo shoots. She’s just hot and it’s nice looking at her….at least that’s what I used to think.

    What really turned me off about her is when she supported her husband, Jeff Vandergrift. He used to have this radio show where he did a racist radio segment about Asians. He thought he was just being funny and she thought it was tasteful.

    Yup, it was tasteful alright….tasteful enough to have his listeners spew out racist taunts in support of it.

    She’s still good looking but she’s got dumb written all over her.

  6. I was talking about her Playboy days, when her photos actually were quite classy. She also looks relatively classy by current import model standards, although admitedly that isn’t saying much!

    Didn’t know about this stuff with her husband. If true that is indeed a huge turn off! And I do have to agree that her recent career moves do not look very smart…

  7. so a racist who has an asian girlfriend. must be that asian whore complex. damn jeff’s :)) no offense to my whitey friends :))

  8. No offense taken. Sticks and stones, can break my bones…but names will never, and I mean never ever hurt me…LawBoy.

  9. What is it with all these ex-Playboy models who refuse to go nude, even for their own sites? Is there some kind of contractual obligation to Playboy that ensures that only they get the nudes or something?

  10. i think they have an agreement not to do porn. 🙂 quiz for you guys…who is the only playmate to turn porno queen?

  11. That would be Miss April 1986 Teri Weigel, Lawnboy.
    How about; who was the only Playmate said to have done porn before she became a Playmate?
    (Geez, how’d this thing get this off topic?)

  12. porn before playmate?

    would that susan kiger? i was going to say traci lords but she never was a playmate lol…

  13. I don’t consider Natasha an import model because she didn’t mainly pose in front of cars but I do consider her classy based on her work. There aren’t many Asian models that I give that distinction and the only one that I can think of that still poses nude is Sung Hi Lee who is still looking good by the way.

    If that’s true about her husband, then that is sad to hear and a huge turn off. And I still don’t get some of these models and their career moves. I got no problem with people pursuing their dreams but I don’t see the need in quitting what made you famous unless the move was to a children’s show or something. But it still doesn’t make a difference because the pic will forever be out there on the internet. And Natasha is still doing stuff for her site so she could have easily continued to pose nude. But now I don’t care after hearing about that about her husband.

  14. ^^^ check out “fallout central+natasha yi” on google.

    It’s not like I don’t tolerate racial humor because if you can’t laugh at yourself, what right do you have to laugh at others? So long as you do it in good taste like Russell Peters or to show irony like Jo Koy. Nat’s husband’s idea of humor is as funny as Rosie O’donnell thinking “ching chong ching chong” is a punchline.

  15. the with and without eyeliner pics are so different, i think her target audience of guys in the US like Asians with thick eyeliner, that dragon lady look

  16. Why would anyone find this sad or offensive. She’s a pretty girl having some fun. It wasn’t nasty. It was kind of cutsie and a little sexy.

  17. She’s hotter in her pics WAY hotter

    …. I don’t know why but she’s always come off as a copycat to me .. seems like whatever Tila does, you see her doing it a few weeks later

    Including outfit choices … style .. just an opinion though

    I liked Natasha a few years back more

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