Lynn De La Rosa

We can’t post her photo here, but I am sure you would like to know about Lynn De La Rosa! She is the latest (part) Asian centerfold from Playboys Fresh Faces. Lynn is 20 years old and from Rockledge, Florida.

Read more (and see more photos!) at, and

Thanks to Zamscan for the tip.

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  1. Nothing special? WTF? I found out about her on the low low and she is gorgeous. My only minor complaint is that I don’t like the tat by her coochie. She would have been better off staying ink free.

  2. [quote=doc.lee]
    Yeah, I have to agree that this girl is way too cute to be “nothing special”.

    you fail.
    That opinion of yours somewhat surprises me a bit, usually your taste kinda lingers away from this type of girl… possibly I’m wrong.

  3. What’s not to like? She’s really cute, pretty and natural: no bad facial surgery, and she certainly isn’t too “indi” looking – indeed, she looks quite classy. Longer, slimmer legs would be nice, as would a good boob job – although I’m sure a lot of our regular contributors would disagree!

    One thing I will say though – her speaking in the video was quite a turn off for me! I think I’ll stick to looking at her photos. 😉

  4. Her legs are just fine and sexy, I really like them. I hope PB didn’t photoshop them. 🙂
    I really dig her body.

    Also pretty, let’s see how her work evolves as a model.

  5. Nothing special! Ha Ha, you guys slay me! Even the tat is unobtrusive, and belive me, if I was ever lucky enough to see it up close and personal, I wouldn’t even be thinking about the tat.

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