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I enjoy it when I discover a model in an unusual place. I don’t even remember how I found this website, but on the website I found Akira Sun (and many other models I may feature in the future. Unfortunately I could not take the photos from the website to show you, so you will have to visit it here. There are a few photos below, but you will find many more on the link.Stats:

Age: 30
Height: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Hannover, Germany (!)






Official Website

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  1. Ditch the landing strip. Either clear-fell the forest entirely, or leave in it’s natural state (with a light whipper-snippering if required on the edges).

    Best thing about asian ladies is the softy-ness of the bush. It’s like patting a cocker spaniel in a room full of jack russels and ridgebacks. Silky!

    Love the second photo…. itty bitty titties, but at least they’re real!

  2. You certainly can be colourful in your use of language kroos. πŸ™‚ I think I can sum up this interesting looking girl with one word: sultry.

  3. Fantastic portfolio with very artsy well-done shots. Her websites are semi-annoying.

    I don’t like her nose. I love her body, bedroom eyes, and those upside down shots.

    Auchtung, baby!

  4. Here’s another German verb made famous by Wayne and Garth: Schweng!

    Sultry is right – my goodness – what a gorgeous creature!!!

  5. She’s got such a pleasant look. She looks very soft and has a great body. Definitely has that girl-next-door vibe going for her.

  6. A bit of butter ..

    But with tight body with what I consider perfect breasts (small for everyone else) with nice mid/large nipples.

    Agree that the trim job is a bit distracting and not in good way.

  7. She tells you a great about herself on the page. I assume you don’t read German, so I’ll tell you what it says:

    She is 167 cm tall, which is about 5′ 6″.

    Her measurements are: 76cm-59 cm-82cm or about 30-23-32 in inches. Sounds small to me.

    She was born in Nordhausen-Thueringen, Germany on July 13, 1980. This was in East Gemany, I believe. She has lived in Hannover, Germany since 2004 and began working as a model that year.

    I read the rest of the blog, in which she writes about thinsg she likes and so on. I could translate the whole thing, but it’s long and not that interesting for most people, I would think. She doesn’t mention her ethnicity.

  8. Shaved or paved, demands Sir Kroos
    Anything less is but a ruse.
    No need here to blow a fuse
    With Akira Sun there’s no way to lose.

    Ich kann auf Deutsch sprechen nicht gut
    I suppose that Akira would give nary a hoot
    If good I looked in my nice birthday suit
    And my thang at salute was hardly minute.

    As for grooming down in that area far flung
    On this beautiful lovely lady so young
    My opinion so humble – I’d be really ho gung
    For that nice guided pathway for my hot eager tongue.

    So come rain, shine or whatever the weather
    Clothed, bikini or covered in leather
    Especially if clad in the all together
    I would happily dive in to that region of nether.

  9. She certainly makes me happy. πŸ™‚ I guess I’m different on the pube situation…never really cared how they shave it. At least on the asian-sirens that is. I so wish I was able to attempt a landing on her strip. What fun that must be.

  10. ‘ho-gung’? sounds like something Colnel Klink might say.
    Nice to see a German site that doesn’t feature multiple dildos or poo.
    I have no problems with the landing strip, I am just happy she is willing to show that much skin.

  11. her waist and hips are very beautiful. she is very nice woman. I love the 3rd picture of her legs and her pose is nice. very enchanting. something more could be done with her hair I think though.

  12. She lists her nationality as “South Asian”. Vietnamese perhaps? Many of them studied in countries of Warsaw Pact, including defunct East Germany. Many stayed behind, when communism fell.

  13. Ach du lieber! I knew there was a reason I studied German:-) Unfortunately, that was a loooooooooooong time ago, so I don’t remember all that much.

    Seems you can be more graphic as long as you rhyme……..

    The lovely Akira Sun
    might be the one
    If only she’d smile
    it would be well worth her while
    Love her tiny bush
    but(t) hey, no shots of her tush?

    Col. Klink and Ho Gung — ROTFLMAO

  14. if she got a jubbie job and got rid of the beaver she’s be a 10. still very sexy though just the way she is.

  15. One of the sites shows a picture of her daughter, no idea when she was born. Although Asian women seem to recover their figure fairly quickly after pregnancy (there’s also a pic of her a few months along), hers is fantastic.

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