Asian Ladies of the Lingerie Football League

G-N Kang

Spawned by the Popular Super Bowl halftime feature, the Lingerie Bowl, the Lingerie Football League had its inaugural season just last year. Having sexy, lingerie-clad players was probably thought to be the only way a womens football organization could survive, but these ladies aren’t merely eye candy in some powder puff league. In fact, some of the players even have semi-pro experience.

In the LFL, they play all-out, full-contact football for two 17-minute halves on an indoor arena-size field under arena-type rules. However, you’re not here to read about all that, so anyway….browsing the rosters of the 10 teams revealed a handful of Asian gridiron girls, most notably Korean-born G-N Kang (above), who plays center for the Philadelphia Passion. G-N’s “day job” is co-host of the “Chio in the Morning” radio show on Philly’s Wired 96.5 FM.

Kimberley Wheat
The other Korean-American girl in the LFL, who also happens to play for the Passion, is running back/cornerback Kimberley Wheat.

AJ Nguyen
New York Majesty defensive linewoman (whom I’ve also seen play offense) AJ Nguyen

Rica Manalastas
Another of the many players in the league who serve double duty by playing on offense and defense, is wide receiver/safety Rica Manalastas of the San Diego Seduction.

Laura Santos
Cornerback Laura Santos of the Denver Dream

Some footage of the New York Majesty vs. the Philadelphia Passion. New York’s AJ Nguyen (#13 in red with the long, black braids) and Philly’s G-N Kang (#8 in green) are both shown in this one.

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  1. There are seemingly no boundaries to bad taste in the United States. On the other hand, if you want to see true Asian female athletic grace and beauty in action, you can check out women’s figure skating at the Winter Olympics over the next three nights to see Kim Yu-na (Korea), Mao Asada (Japan), Miki Ando (Japan), Akiko Suzuki (Japan), and Mirai Nagasu (USA).

  2. While all of those women are truly graceful, wonderfully athletic and have aesthetically beautiful figures from skating, none of them are that beautiful to look at.

    And please, spare the bad taste of the US, Japan has literally no boundaries when it comes to bad taste. If you don’t believe me watch some of their films “ichi the killer, machine girl, maid-droid, evil dead trap” and a thousand others, that’s not even going to the anime and porn, which have endless amounts of monster tentacle rape and penetration or other bodily functions. Girls playing fake football isn’t even close.

  3. That’s why they call it the American Dream, Knarf!

    Poor taste can be lots of fun, as long as its relatively harmless.

    There are seemingly no boundaries to bad taste in the United States. -Knarf

  4. slackerking: Them there are fightin’ words! While I’ll give you the notion that the Japanese can take perverse to levels previously unseen (The Onion actually had an amusing article recently related to this), the films you listed are NOT beyond the boundaries of bad taste.

    “Ichi the Killer”, as an example, certainly pushes the envelope in terms of visceral imagery, but I will fight you to death to defend Takashi Miike’s films.

    I suppose “bad taste” is a subjective term, but Japan certainly doesn’t hold exclusive rights to it.

    Having said that, the LFL is clearly silly and exploitative — but that’s nothing new.

    In the Olympic spirit though, I wonder why no one has thought of nude curling? Now that’s an exploitative sport I could find myself enjoying. 😛

  5. “…none of them are that beautiful to look at.”

    Be careful about saying that in regard to Ms. Kim on the streets of Seoul. The country is CRAZY about her.

    Here are two pics (from 2009–she was born in 1990):×300.jpg

    As for Ms. Nagasu, yes, she is still a girl. She is also quite sassy, smart, and funny, which makes her all the more appealing.

  6. Great post. Some of the players are seriously hot. There’s something about seeing girls with athletic prowess and fit bodies that is just incredibly sexy. Wish they had a team in my city that I could go watch.

  7. I think y’allz are a bit too harsh on knarf and his words were probably taken out of context. I don’t know how his post became a discussion on Japan and bad taste lol.

    I think what he meant to say is that the ‘taste’ of the U.S. media when it comes to promoting asian females is quite different from what others find attractive and beautiful. And I agree with that sometimes.

  8. Just watched that video and I’m willing to stipulate to the fact that they are actual athletes.

    In reality, they’re wearing signifcantly more than any country’s Olympic Beach Volleyball team, which I prefer.

  9. I was wondering if there was going to be a discussion of all the Asian figure skaters. I think most of them are cute enough, but especially Miki Ando.

    Bad taste is universal.

  10. “I was wondering if there was going to be a discussion of all the Asian figure skaters…”

    Yes, an opportunity missed. Especially because substance (brains, talent, personality, etc.) certainly enhances beauty. The siren’s song is sweetest when her beauty is more than skin-deep.

    “Bad taste is universal.”

    Yes, but it seems to be more heavily concentrated in some places than in others.

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