Give the girl some more chocolate!

The previous posting led to a lot of flaming and quite interesting discussion, so I think it’s time for a little leisure time! Check out this babe. (Does anyone know what she is babbling about? ;-))

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0 thoughts on “Give the girl some more chocolate!”

  1. Here’s a translation: i’m so good, choco party, good, good. choco party, good, good. choco pause as she looks down, oh my, are you staring at my big beautiful breasts as they bounce uncontrollably? I wish I was a hershey bar.

  2. Jdrevenge,
    hopefully you friend is able to speak Japanese. 🙂
    Anyway, I think arf already gave already a good translation. It’s a funny ad for chocolate.

  3. haha, you are right, kamui, i had only watched it once, and noticed a few characters in on the label looked korean. I should have looked at the other text. oh well, cant help ya. =D

  4. Okay CLM, I just deleted your third crude/vulgar comment after I warned you about this extensively in the past. As such, you have left me with no choice other than to suspend your membership.

  5. The previous posting led to a lot of flaming

    Actually, while the thread did have some very robust discussion, I thought it was remarkably free of what I would call flaming. Robin and especially Northman complained about it, but in fact I thought our readers showed commendable restraint (I didn’t have to delete anything).

  6. Haha, weird way of adverticing a chocolate!!! but mostly welcome I must say.
    Cannot imagine this type of add going on many countries though. At least when related to chocolate.

  7. In theory, a suspended member can be readmited later. But in practice, given all the warnings he’s had already, I don’t think CLM will be. It seems he really just can’t help talking about what he wants to do with his penis.

  8. i love japan…such liberal views of sex…i wonder if they have sexual harassment lawsuits there? wish i can speak japanese….RIP CLM…..

  9. CRIPES!!!

    This shall forever be the day overstuffed bouncy choco boobs are linked with the demise of the straight shooter knows as ChineseLoverMan.

    Ah, the infamy of CLM.
    Oh, the tastiness of choco hooters!

    So bitter sweet.

  10. I was having such a bad day today and this clip really put a smile on my face because it has the 3 things that I love in life: An Asian chick, candy, and bouncing boobies. It’s too bad that these things led to CLM’s demise. I’m going to pour out a little liquor for him.

  11. i never really understood the japanese obsession for bouncing boobies?…looks painful. to think this is a commercial that runs during family hours TV…:)

  12. hmmm.. i have to try this…i faintly remembered experiencing that but didnt find it erotic…well if first not succeed, i will need more practice :))

  13. mike, i dont know about you but instead of bouncing around, i prefer them to be pendulous…i think that is how you spell it….and i am refering to breasts not my nads :):)…

  14. LawBoy: Pendulous breasts look great when a girl leans forward while riding you. Bouncy breasts look great when they lean back.

    Girls who ride me like their G-spots hit, so they often lean back.

  15. mike you are dangerously close to being CLM’ed :))….i was about to say it looks even better pnedulous when your partner is on all four and you are behind…hey doc, i am sorry but mike made me use one of my three strikes:)) see i use my partner not refering to any models :))…sulu out:)

  16. Xin Loi? Is that the name of the bouncy choco girl?

    I hope Xin is under my tree on Christmas morning. 🙂

    That reminds me…buy some choco for the g/f.

  17. If such an ad ran in the US the choco maker would be put out of business, the broadcaster would be fined by the government, the ad agency would be boycotted, and feminists would be waving signs in the streets (conveniently ignoring real oppression in lovely spots as Saudi Arabia).

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