Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all Asian Sirens members and visitors!

The pictures above were taken around Halloween time back in 1998 at the annual Exotic Erotic Ball in the San Francisco area. I actually tried doing a google search looking for Asian models dressed up for Halloween but found nothing. I then tried to search asianthumbs.org for Halloween and got back one result which pointed me to an entry about the Exotic Erotic Ball so I figured I would just got ahead and post my own photos instead.

Just a little background, these photos were taken with my first digital camera that arrived in the mail the day before the event. I actually took my first photos with the camera at the event.

For more photos, click on




There are 24 more photos that I took at the 1998 Exotic Erotic Ball including larger size versions of the photos in the cover pic at my Exotic Erotic Ball 1998 set on flickr.com

Relevant links:

My Exotic Erotic Ball 1998 set on flickr.com
Exotic Erotic Ball thumbnail photo galleries found by searching asianthumbs.org

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  1. Yeah, that was the last time I attended. I was curious and checked the current admission charge and it has gotten too expensive at about $100 a ticket. When I went, it was $50 if I remember right.

    Now they have an Exotic Erotic Expo during the daytime Friday and Saturday and extending into the night on Saturday. That is a bit more reasonable at $10 entrance fee per day and free during Saturday night to EEB attendees.

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