Photography of Michael Anthony Hermogeno

Teanna Kai @ (Photography: Michael Anthony Hermogeno

I found L.A. based photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno when I was doing research on Joy Bisco. He shot -some of- the Blacklava clothing photo’s with her. I checked out his (unfortunately very slow) website, and found out he shot more Asian models. There is a long list of people he worked with under ‘Featured’, but because of the long loading time I did not have enough patience to look at all models. There are some nice shots in there. If you have some spare time, browse through his galleries at his website

The model above is Teanna Kai. She can be seen in various publications and in films of adult nature. I don’t think we featured her on Asian-Sirens yet…

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  1. It is well overdue for a feature on Teanna Kai – she has a hot bod and any number of sites features her – plenty on which shows her “full range” of capabilities – however some are too explicit thus rendering them dull !!

  2. Another nice Teanna pic. We need a feature with her. She’s got thousands of pics on the internet. Don’t ask me how I know.

  3. Okay….it’s been almost a year now and still no Teanna Kai feature!

    But then again….it is pretty easy to find a plethora of her pics in .com land.

    Perhaps I’m just a sucker for the “classics” (like your parents who still pull out the Three Dog Night vinyl!).

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