Photographer Deangelo

Kat Gutierrez by Deangelo

Southern California is the home of a very well liked photographer known simply as Deangelo. I’ve had numerous models tell me what a pleasure it was working with him and I’m not surprised. I’ve met Deangelo a number of times and not only is he a talented photographer, he’s truly a nice guy who treats his models with respect.

This first image is from a shoot Deangelo did with busty Kat Gutierrez. You can find Deangelo’s full body of work on his two websites ImportAngels and ImportEcstasy. For more samples of Deangelo’s work, click on

Ardale by Deangelo

Bee Tran by Deangelo
Bee Tran

Juju by Deangelo

Lisa Kaye by Deangelo
Lisa Kaye

Jenny Amber by Deangelo
Jenny Amber

Deangelo’s Import Angels website
Deangelo’s Import Ecstasy website

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  1. I knew I should have been a professional photographer!!! Maybe in my next life…..LOL Gorgeous women. I especially like Ardale!! WOW

  2. Juju is my favorite of the bunch! What a cutie with the booty! Always liked the perky nipples on Bee Tran too.

    As far as the photography, I like how he used the lighting on the Juju photo and the depth of field setting that makes the background slightly blurry but the subject stand out.

  3. some are cute, others are a typical product of “rice” scene – young men endlessly modding their little hondas & little girls who worship them. often, both cars & women have a lot of bad bodywork done…

    in address window change the index number. i can view most indices between 10 & 30.

  4. This is an amusing parallel Nik2! I really detest hotted up cars actually – nothing but noise pollution and an invitation to drive at dangerous speeds. I really think it’s odd that people can legally do this sort of thing to their cars when it’s illegal to speed. And I’m really amazed that people can legally make their cars much noisier than they have to be and disturb other people unnecessarily without their consent.

  5. Dr. Lee, while I tend to agree with what you say about the “noise pollution and invitation to drive at dangerous speeds”, I do believe it should remain legal. Noise pollution laws already exist pretty much anywhere, so if a car is louder than allowed by law, use the existing law. Not enforcing one law isn’t a good reason to create another one. Regarding performance enhancements, I certainly understand the logic you present, but it neglects the fact that there are race tracks one can take your street car to to legally drive fast. No reason to limit it. Of course, some modifications increase acceleration, not just top speed. I’d be happy if the 0 – 60 mph time on my car were faster than about 45 seconds (no joke). It could actually enhance safety by allowing one to quickly get out of the way. I’ve had the occasion of nearly getting into accidents simply because I can’t accelerate fast enough (and couldn’t stop). Of course, this is getting way off topic, but I just saw some error in the logic.

    To swing this back more on topic …

    As I’ve stated before, I actually don’t prefer “enhancements” on models, but I tolerate them. As you’ve stated before, it’s rather difficult to find models without them these days. Actually, that might make an interesting topic to post on. What models don’t have *any* enhancements? In that I would include tattoos, but I’m sure many wouldn’t.

  6. The problem with allowing the modifications to be legal is that it creates a conflict – somebody could reasonably argue “I can buy these mods, so why can’t I use them”? I take your point about the benefits of increased accleration, but deliberately making a car noisier benefits no one, and disturbs a lot of people (including me). It’s nothing but a wank.

  7. I agree with Lee. A lot of men have tried to impress me by how fast they can drive, but nothing turns me off more. And I agree that hotted-up cars are nothing but a stupid, noisy and pointless wank. I really hate them, and think they should be banned.

  8. with my lousy luck, i bought a car those ricers love. audi s4. they love to “jump” me on highway, just to see what my reaction would be ( small honda can be quite frisky vs. 2 ton german elephant, but once i catch them thanks to my 340hp, hehe…). even worse, they figured our how to steal headlights from audis( & nissan maximas) & to fit them into their dinky tin cans. 2K worth of damage…ouch.

    on my forum, we usually refer to bad implants as “bolt-on headlights”. amazing how many car/woman analogies can be made. we buy/lease them when they’re hot, spend inordinate amount of money keeping & modifying them, show them around to other men to make them jealous and whe they get old, we trade them in for a newer model. literally.;-)

  9. On the car topic…

    Let’s look at this another way then. In saying “they should be banned”, what should be banned? How do you define what should be banned? There’s a loophole to pretty much anything you can classify. The net result is that all people must drive the same car as one might have seen in East Germany during the cold war. That car design will be dictated by the law and cannot vary. You might get a choice of color, but that’s about it.

    I don’t drive a fast car. I don’t like noisy cars. I just think the way to deal with them is to enforce the laws we already have than to try to write new ones (which is what a ban is). Anywhere that there is anybody to care, there are both noise and speed laws. Enforce them and problems dimish. That’s what the police do here in this town, and it works very very well.

  10. What I (and I think Sachiko) am advocating is that it should be illegal to deliberately make your car noisier than it has to be, pure and simple. Once again, if it isn’t this way there’s a legal conflict: you can buy what makes excessive noise, but you can’t use it. That just doesn’t make sense.

    Besides, it takes up the police’s time to enforce noise pollution laws, whereas if you couldn’t buy what makes the noise in the first place they wouldn’t have to.

  11. I appologize for staying off topic, but I must…

    Well, not so pure and simple. What is “noisier than it has to be”? The technology exists to make car engines quite quiet. The trade off is lots of plumbing (weight), loss of power, lower engine efficiency, and cost. I understand the concept of “noisier than it has to be”, but when it comes to law, you really have to be quite concrete. It really has to come down to some sound pressure level at a given distance. Now, something that has happened in some countries that mandate no aftermarket modifications to cars period is that the manufacturer release cars that have these performance features (and the noise that comes with them) “standard”. And then there is that qualifier you use: “deliberately”. Technically, simply changing the octane of the gas you run can and will affect the noise your car makes. Is that deliberately making your car noisier? It’s a deliberate choice, typically for more performance, but the end result is a louder car (even if marginally). What I’m getting at is that it’s hard to approach solving the problem from that direction.

    On the point you keep trying to make about buying something that you can’t use. Just because you can’t use something (or use something to it’s full potential) on the street does not mean you can’t use them. There are race tracks all over the US (probably other countries as well) that allow people to rent time to run their own cars. They can run them there to the edge of their performance envelope. That is a perfectly legitimate use for something they can buy.

    Now, the taking up of police time. It takes time to write speeding tickets too. I don’t see them stopping that anytime soon (nor would I want them to). They are law enforcement. Their job is to enforce laws. If you don’t want them enforcing a law, don’t enact the law.

    Noise is just as important to most communities as speeding and should be enforced accordingly. Noise ordinances are more general too. You ever get tired of the neighbor’s kid down the street that likes to play basketball with blasting music at 3am? It covers him too. Many noise ordinances have noise levels defined for different times of the day. It’s much much less complicated than trying to define what in law what kinds of parts are and aren’t allowed to be sold.

  12. This has become quite an interesting discussion! I simply advocate the same position as the “no aftermarket mods” countries. The government can then determine what level of noise is allowed from a “standard” model car and enforce that. Then it only has to be done once for each car model, rather than chasing every individual who makes excessive noise afterwards.

    I hate the kid blasting his music too, but in that case there is simply no alternative to enforcing noise pollution laws. On the other hand, I don’t think we should give the police any more work than we have to – they’re busy enough as it is.

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