Happy Birthday Mandy!


August 24th was Mandy‘s 19th birthday which happens to be the legal drinking age in British Columbia, Canada where she resides so she probably had fun that night!

Mandy is a popular camgirl with her own non-nude website luvmandy.com. She takes most of her pictures by herself using a handycam so the photoset images are larger than standard webcam. She is talking about working with some BC based photographers so any interested photographers who happen to be travelling up to the BC area of Canada should contact her about working together.

Here are a couple free thumbnail photo galleries of Mandy:Mandy in a thong
webcam pics at camceleb

Many of Mandy’s fans like the fact that it is really her doing the website rather than a webmaster. She regularly interacts with fans in a number of ways including a free message forum, members only message forum, and hot online webcam chats. She mentioned recently that she would be starting a new round of webcam chats soon so keep an eye on the front page of her site where she usually lists upcoming webcam chat dates.

Since it is Mandy’s birthday, I hope everyone will visit her site luvmandy.com and then click on the following banner at the site which links to her free message forum and join me in wishing her a now “belated” Happy Birthday (under Announcements category). She also adds previews of her photosets to the free message forum.

luvmandy.com forum

About Mandy
Age: 19
Birthday: Aug 24th
Eyes: A Dark Chocolate Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5’3
Weight: 100 lbs
Measurements: 32-25-34
Favorite Color: Pink & White
Favorite TV show: Growing Up Gotti
Favorite Movie: Miss Congeniality, Finding Neverland
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Music: Rap, Pop, Rock, R&B

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  1. Also, as I wrote above, I was hoping for some folks to join me in wishing Mandy a Happy Birthday in her free message forum but so far nada. I realize that there is a registration involved but it only takes about a minute and like I wrote there are free previews of her photosets in there.

  2. Mandy has recently upgraded her website. She’s now working with a webmaster/photographer so her images are now photo quality. She’s still doing webcam shows and will be moving to her own streaming webcam server soon, so watch for that! There will be a lot of changes going on at luvmandy.com, be sure to check it out.


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