Sora Aoi – best natural boobs, or are they implants?

Sora Aoi

Sora Aoi (aka Sola Aoi) is a very popular busty Japanese AV star that many of you are already familiar with and have seen her pictures. I am writing about her by special request from someone who thinks she has some of the best natural boobs he has seen. Do you think she has some of the best natural boobs? Does she actually have natural boobs, or are they implants?

Maybe an unobstructed full nude picture might help you decide.

Sora Aoi

If you need to view more pictures to decide, you can start with the 4 free thumbnail photo galleries at and for even more take a look at the list of links to sites with free thumbnail photo galleries of Sora Aoi at

Like most Japanese AV stars, I had to dig deep to find any information about her beyond the basics.

I did find this translated interview of Sora Aoi where she talks about how she came up with her “stage name” and also about the startling revelation that she has not been able to have an orgasm while having sex.

Sora Aoi has her own blog but it is in Japanese. Using google, it can be translated into English to a certain degree and for your convenience here is a link to the google translated blog of Sora Aoi. For those who can read Japanese, the original blog is at

Name: Sora Aoi
DOB: 11/11/83
Birthplace: n/a
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: B
Height: 155 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Measurements: 87-58-83 (cm) 34-23-33 (in)
Cup Size: F-65
Interests: Movies, Billiards

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0 thoughts on “Sora Aoi – best natural boobs, or are they implants?”

  1. I hate to break this to you, but SHE ISN’T NATURAL! Note the odd sharp angle on the inside of her left breast in the first pic – only implants produce this.

    Japanese surgeons are excellent at producing natural looking implants. If you can read Japanese you will find there are many sites that point out the surgical scars etc. that so many Japanese models have.

    Many (possibly most) Japanese models actually have implants, but it seems most Americans are convinced they’re all natural. Don’t you think it’s odd that in recent years there have been so many busty Japanese models, when Japanese in general have relatively small breasts?

  2. really rox!!!! heheh.
    sorry, I just read the interview there.

    I’d have to agree with Lee above. I read somewhere that she got her breasts done or something. They do look a bit unatural to be honest.

    Neverthless, I recently downloaded one of her S1 released movies. I would have to say she was pretty darn sexy and cute in it. Especially the one in which she was making Nissin instant cup noodle in the kitchen in her underwear. It was absolute drool…… Let me try look up the video name for you all.

  3. Well, natural or not….she is one sexy girl! Thx for posting Badboy! I’m going to get back to “enjoying” her pics now!

  4. If they are fake .. that’s very nice boob job!

    Can i also point out that articles might not be ture. Unless it was a real interview video of her saying that she had a boob job…

  5. I am wondering do her breasts look like they have implants in the second photo. The reason I ask is that any breast augmentation may have taken place more recently to compensate for the effects of gravity. They do look a bit bigger in the first picture than the second one as well (at least to me). The first picture might be a more recent picture as I have only seen it recently myself.

  6. I was watching that discovery medical whatever channel the other day… this is something new for me… (and you guys probably all know and are laughing at me now =o I didnt know that breast implants can be shoved up from the belly button…….

  7. I believe she has implants in all the pics of her I’ve seen. The Japanese models usually have submuscular implants inserted via the armpit, which is why they usually don’t have scarring on their breasts. This also propduces a more natural result, but limits how big they can go.

    To answer badboy’s question more specifically, in the second photo her right breast has an extra ‘line’ just above the base of her breast, which is another oddity associated with implants.

    Once again, I would say most large breasted Japanese glamour models actually do have implants (often even when they aren’t that big) – I believe completely natural is the exception, rather than the rule.

  8. With regards to talis’ comments re Saori Nanami, I agree she has one of the best pairs of breasts of any model, Japanese or otherwise. However, I’m not sure she’s natural either! I don’t see any clear evidence that she does have implants though, so I think she probably is natural.

    I will do a post on her shortly.

  9. Wow thank you that was lots of pictures 🙂 but i still can’t tell if she have implants or not. If she did she sure know what size and cup to get because it looks really good on her. If i am getting implants that would be the size and cup to go for 🙂

  10. Sora’s breasts are natural as you only have to watch one of he movies to see this.They bounce and wobble like natural breasts and not stay solid like fake ones.Also they flatten out when she lays down not like implants that stick up.
    I also challenge anyone who thinks there fake to prove it by finding a picture with a scar on them.Post a link here and tell us where the scar is.
    I’ve also seen pictures of her from the age of 12 to the present and you can see them steadily growing.Not one minute a picture of her flat chested then the next with big full breasts which would happen.

  11. As I said, the Japanese surgeons are exceptionally good at making them appear to move naturally. You can achieve this through silicone or underfilled saline implants with a submuscular insertion, neither of which American surgeons tend to use – they go for a less natural look most of the time (usually overfilled saline above the muscle).

    As an example of what can be achieved with submuscular silicone implants, watch Sachiko massage her breasts in the free “Having Shower 19” video clip here:

    If you check out the photos in her free samples gallery, you can also see her breasts flatten out quite a bit when she lies on her back too:

    And Sachiko has much larger, higher profile implants than all the Japanese models (except Sakura Sena of course!), so you would expect the Japanese models like Sora to look more natural than Sachiko does (and they usually do).

    Also, even though we don’t touch up or modify Sachiko’s photos in any way, you won’t find any scarring on her breasts, because there isn’t any!

  12. For even more evidence, check this pic from Sora’s own site:

    As you can see, her breasts actually don’t flatten out as much as Sachiko’s, even though they’re smaller! There are a few Japanese models where I’m not sure if they have implants or not, but Sora isn’t one of them – I’m practically certain she does.

  13. Yes but they look fake because there to hard and don’t move naturally (sorry).Like I said before I’ve seen pictures of Sora from the age of 12 and seen her breasts grow.By the way your link to the jpg doesn’t work.

  14. The link works for me. And as I said, Sachiko has much larger and higher profile implants, so she SHOULD look less natural than Sora, but if you watch the clip you can see they are actually pretty soft when she massages them, and her breasts flatten out more than Sora’s do when she lies down.

    I agree Sachiko’s breasts don’t ‘bounce around’ as much as many of the Japanese models, but once again her implants are much bigger. I also suspect the Japanese models usually have smooth implants (which move around a lot – sometimes even more than natural breasts!), whereas Sachiko has textured – which means her breasts won’t sag (so she doesn’t have to wear a bra!).

    Textured implants also feel a lot more natural than smooth – with the latter you can always feel a bag inside the breast.

    The apparent growth of Sora’s breasts could be due to a succession of surgeries (not uncommon).

  15. On the surgery first so she started having it from the age of 12 then as thats when they started to grow.By the age of 17 she was the size she is now.

    In a avn interview she did last year they asked some very personal questions which she answered truthfully.
    They asked her about her breasts,that they was not what you expect for a asian girl.Then asked her if she’d had implant and she denied ever having implants of any sort.As she said not all women are the same and not all asian women have small breasts.Which seems the western world seems to think that if an asian has large breasts then there implants.
    There also a interview with her on the web stating the same somewhere,sorry can’t remember the address off hand.

    I do know the picture your talking about the one where shes leaning back on a post on the porch.Please answer me this how does this prove she has implants ?
    If it the shape of them breasts come in all shapes and sizes I could show you a picture of an ex whos breasts were nearly square.

  16. As MrMoopy mentions, there are articles saying she has implants too, and Japanese models ALWAYS say they’re natural, so that doesn’t mean anything. She probably had her surgery at 17 (once again, not unusual). Her growth before then was probably natural – I’d say she had decent breasts to start off with.

    Anyway, I’d need to see the pics you refer to to be sure. And unless they are nude (which I’m sure they wouldn’t be), then there’s all sorts of things that can be done to make them look bigger than they are.

    Her breasts ‘stand up’ like implants do (and not natural breasts) in the pic I link to – they don’t flatten out naturally like you claim they do.

  17. Oh yes, with regard to the shape of her breasts, the pic I link to also reveals that the sharp corners around her left breast don’t stay in the same place (as they would if they were natural) – they move around with the implant under her breast.

  18. Funny, I never thought about her breasts being fake. I always thought she was beautiful and her breasts are natural. Maybe next time I see her I’ll ask her if their real…if I have the guts to ask. I’ve met her a couple times at her appearances in Tokyo.

  19. i dont think tht thing u call scar is really what u think;
    personally i hv no interest in establishing if her cans r fake or not,i also tought they were 4 a long time,now the more the time passes the less im convinced n i find really funny how some ppl r confident bout wht they think it may b real…but i really see no clear evidence here,as 4 most japanese girls with fake boobies,is very easy 2 notice but not 4 sora chan but in the end,who really cares!?
    even if they were fake they look much better than a lot of real ones i saw n surely better than all the others fake ones so,lets just enjoy her beauty.
    and about asians being all flat-chested,thats just a stupid myth!



    In that pic of Sora Aoi they flatten out nicely. Remember, the girl has to actually be laying down for them to flatten out, unlike the previous example with writing on the pic.

    Here’s another example where they react naturally given the position of her body, and notice how the left one has the natural crease under it. Natural breasts almost always have a slightly asymetrical quality to them, which is more or less evident depending on how the girl’s body is positioned.

    I say they’re real.

  21. In the end though all one can do is make an educated guess. The greatest test is hands on, which adds a different level of difficulty to actually administer.

  22. Pretty soon it will be next to impossible to tell real from fake. Other than feeling them yourself, and even then it’s tough to say. I like natural so the fact that implants even exist is rediculous. Artificial will never be as good as natural breasts.

  23. Based on my own experience, this definitely isn’t necessarily the case. I know one person whose breasts actually felt better after surgery!

  24. Well if they actually look, move, AND feel better than naturals after surgery, then it should be considered a miracle and my stance on this would depend on my own personal hands-on test!

  25. I have a wife that’s considering breast augmentation.

    It would seem that the japanese doctors are better experienced at something like this.

    Sora Aoi’s breasts are perfect.

    So i’m guessing Sora’s are Saline, Smooth, Under the Muscle, Underfilled, through the armpit and without a crease.

    1) Are these correct?
    2) Is this available in the US?
    3) Any doctors you would recommend?
    4) Probable Costs?

    Thank you and have a good day.

  26. It’s imposssible to know for sure, but I believe your assumptions are correct. It is possible to get this type of surgery in the US, but it is difficult. I can’t recommend anyone in particular.

    There is however another consideration: how they feel. If you want breasts that feel almost completely natural, the only way to go is submuscular rough silicone. They won’t jiggle as much as smooth salines, but with the latter it often feels as though there’s a ‘bag’ inside the breast.

    However, getting slilicone implants in the US is even more difficult (I believe they are still technically illegal), so you may be out of luck if this is what you want.

  27. If you have a good surgeon, the health risks are minimal. However, submuscular placement significantly reduces the chances of capsular contracture (painful hardening of the scarring around the implant). Rough implants are better in this respect than smooth too. Ironically, despite the position of the US surgeon general, modern silicone implants are much less prone to rupture than salines, and as they use a silicone gell instead of liquid, even if they do rupture the silicone will not enter the bodily tissues anyway.

  28. There’s a lot of hype in the media about this. The fact of the matter is, if you have a competent surgeon it’s about as safe as cosmetic surgery can be.

  29. Those boobs are real i guess and this babe is fuckable…i only hope when i suck her nipples i dont get silicon pieces in my mouth

  30. Trust me, her boobs are real. And, personally, I would not mind seeing myself with her from time to time.

  31. i never mind whether her breasts are natural or not . i care whether she would like to have a sex with me

  32. really great smile full face………,

    for Zamscan, have u more her movie,
    cause really a big fan of her……….

  33. They’re real. No really I’ve felt them lol. Really though who cares if they’re real or not, they’re spectacular.

  34. I’m still confused as to why the Japanese ban vaginal shots in porn but allow the butthole to go unblurred. I would rather see everything.

  35. jdrevenge,

    I know! That first pics is like: boyoyoyoyoyoooyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooynnnnnnnggggggg! I love those pants (and what’s underneath as well). They would look great crumpled up on my floor in the morning!

  36. Great pictures, arf. The closeups are incredible.

    I love Sora, especially when she smiles.

  37. It’s really amazing how much some people want to believe these Japanese models are natural! I’ll have to do an article on this phenomonon one day…

  38. can anyone give me an sora aoi wmv video format??? because avi dont work on my pc… please…. thanks in advance… im a hardcore fan of her….

  39. please post a wmv video of sora aoi here….
    i cant watch the sample video because its a RAR file… please please??

  40. Dr Lee

    You say most japanese models have implants

    Well…Rin Aoki, Shoko Goto, Marina Matsushima, Maria Ogura, Fuko & Rio Natsume to name but a few have gorgeous, big, round, firm, and definitely natural, luscious mouth watering breasticles

    So Dr Lee…….keep your stupid generalisations to yourself

    And anyhow….the Japanese models who do have implants look infinitely more attractive and natural than those hideous blonde American bimbos with fake tits like soccer balls glued to their chests and hideous orange fake tan and gleaming white teeth.

    These Japanese models implants or not are like goddesses compared to the so called modern american ideal which is grotesque beyond belief

  41. I don’t believe I said “most” (unless you’re taking me out of context), as that would be difficult to say. However, and awful lot of them do – a lot more than most Americans think, as they judge them on the basis of the hard fake implants they see in the US.

    Also calling me (anybody else here) stupid is against our posting guidelines – please avoid any personal insults in the future.

  42. Ah, I just found the comment you’re referring to: I said possibly most (and definitely many), which I believe is factually correct.

  43. I can if you’re in Australia, but apart from that I don’t know. If you’d like further info, contact me via the “Technical Support” link in the lefthand column.

  44. Dr Lee

    You say most japanese models have implants

    Does Yua Aida have implants in your opinion?

    She is absolutely gorgeous.

  45. Actually, I can’t see any evidence that Yua Aida has implants – I’m never 100% certain a model doesn’t have them these days, but on the basis of what I’ve seen, I would say Yua is all natural.

  46. Do you know where I can get more information about Japanese plastic surgery and surgeons and where in Japan I can get it done?

  47. One of the unfortunate things about the Japanese is that they are still quite insular in many ways – they don’t make this sort of information widely available in English. If you know Japanese you can search around Japanese plastic surgery web sites, but that’s all I can suggest I’m afraid.

  48. implants, for sure.
    Asian surgeons tend to go for “the natural” while american surgeons don’t (whether it’s implants or not).
    Also, there are no asian that are that petite and have big boobs like those…i’ve never seen any in my life, here in america or in japan/korea.
    Only the slightly meaty ones have breasts.
    Also, the second picture shows that she had implants. On top of that, her breasts are “perfectly” semetrical. It’s 100% guaranteed that ALL women, whom have natural breasts, their breasts are NOT symetrical. It’s not that badly lop-sided (some), but you can tell if they are. Obviously, her’s isn’t, so yes, Sora did get implants.
    and nowadays, implants can bounce

  49. I don’t care if her breasts are real or implants. She is one beautiful, sexy woman. Whoever she is involved with is one lucky dude (how I wish it was me 🙂 ).

    Saw her movie and could not take my eyes off of her. Real or implants–on her it makes no difference.

  50. Well, I’m really confused myself because I always thought she was natural until I saw Dr Lee’s findings.. I must say it’s pretty convincing. But I’m a petite Asian (Chinese-Vietnamese) girl with a natural E-F cup bra size. And I’d say I’m pretty “normal” in terms of having boobs, but they are pretty big for my figure as an ‘Asian’. So I wouldn’t surprised if there was someone with a similar Asian body to mine (ie. Sora) with bigger boobs.
    This is just to clarify the myth of Asian girls not having big boobs. But yes, I “am” a “Western” Asian girl.

  51. Oh yes, there’s certainly some Asian girls with remarkably large natural breasts. Perhaps the most famous example is Anna Ohura, whose breasts are huge but natural, even though she is fairly petite otherwise. But for me the most stunning example is Jun Kusanagi: she is so skinny, yet her breasts are very large by Asian standards. I still find her hard to believe, but I just can’t see any evidence that she has implants.

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