Lynhthy Nguyen

Lynhthy Nguyen

I came across a few photographs of Lynhthy Nguyen the other day. I don’t know much about her and can’t tell if she’s ever done any nude photography, but she definitely knows how to look good in front of a camera.Age: 21
Location: Newport?
Height: 5’3
College: University of California, Irvine

Lynhthy Nguyen

Lynhthy Nguyen


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  1. Travis: actually, the correct Vietnamese spelling of her name should be Linh Thuy I think (or possibly Thi Linh), although she may have modified the spelling for the English market. What is your source? You should always cite it!

    I’ve always said I think Vietnamese are the most beautifiul women on earth, but frankly I don’t think this girl is a prime example. For a real feast of Vietnamese beauty, see my post here.

  2. Doc, don’t know if you noticed, but this girl is a So-Cal product. That probably explains both the spelling of her name, and why you don’t find her that attractive.


  3. This post was the last of my “guest posts.” With the exception of the Naga post (which was posted the day I wrote it), I did all of these in two days several weeks ago. Now that I am expected to post regularly, future posts are likely to have more photos and additional links.

    At the time, I really just wanted to plug my book :).

  4. Travis: this is why I said you should post your sources! She’s obviously altered the spelling for the English market, as I speculated (Vietnamese words never have more then one syllable in reality).

    Please update your post to include these links!

  5. OMG, Irvine California, with UCI university, the school this girl supposedly attends, known for its medical and science programs, is exploding with good looking Asian girls. There are many of Chinese decent in that area. I’m perplexed of which girls in Southern Cali are better, OC or LA. OC girls are less “Socal”, what I like, but a little more conservative; LA Asian girls take more after white women but are more willing to have a good time. Any way you look at it, you can’t complain about the Asian girl situation in California.

  6. I can complain about the Asian girl situation in California because I’m not there. πŸ˜€ I bet she modified her named because she was probably tired of people butchering the pronunciation of it which is why she also goes by Linty. She’s cute in the display pic for this article, but in her other pics she doesn’t look all that hot. If I was in SoCal or if she was naked, then I would be more excited by her. But right now I’m bored by models like her who are now a dime a dozen with the help of MySpace. I love import models but I’m tired of seeing these average models in the same poses with their hands over their boobs. I just wish I could find someone new in America to get excited about.

  7. She is soooo OC…and gets progressively less attractive with each descending pic.I’d hit it.But you just know she’s all TODD…all the time.

  8. Good Taste, your sweeping generalizations about the differences between LA and OC Asian girls attitudes aren’t very accurate – like almost all generalizations. A girl’s attitude has less to do with their area code and more to do with their families.

    Candyman, easy solution – stay off MySpace if you don’t like it. I have no doubt you’re right – there are plenty of women (of all races) that have semi-decent pics there who claim to be models. The internet, for all it’s good, does allow people to make bogus claims about their backgrounds.

    This girl is another one with an amazing face in need of a trip to the implant doctor’s office. And there’s nothing wrong with 5’3″.

  9. “…in need of a trip to the implant doctor’s office”

    What? You have spent too much time in So-Cal, haven’t you?


  10. She could probably use a large “B”/small”C”
    adjustment from the local bag doc.Unfortunately only TODD will get to see ’em.

  11. wat the…i met her acouple of years back. shes my good friends cousin! i tryed my luck with this pretty girl but GOT DENIED haha. krazie small world….just sum extra info..she was a cheerleader in high school!

  12. Ehh I like Melissa Reign, Filipina model featured on the site via first link provided to us. Has she been posted on/about here? And I’m pretty sure it’s Linh Thi Nguyen, Thi being a popular middle name, also as a first name, but not as popular and Linh being a first name.

  13. While she may have modified her name, isn’t also possible that her parents modified the traditional Viet spelling and named her
    Lynhthy”? She was born in the USA, and it’s entirely possible that her parents (or one of them) was born here, too.

  14. Yeah, that is possible of course. But I suspect that if her parents were concerned about such things, they would have gone all the way and given her an English name.

  15. She just doesn’t rev me up much. I’m a little tired of the SoCal look too. Actually, maybe not so much tired of it, but tired of how all the SoCal girls seem to only do implied nudity. I can’t help but just pass right by these girls when I see them on the internet.

  16. She’s a hottie, she seems smart and fun loving (myspace profile, i liked it).

    rukk, tough luck, man. πŸ™‚
    A cheerleader? yeah, she seems quite a party girl.

    On myspace, she says she sells photos and accepts special requests. We should ask her a special nude photo for A-S.
    Doc, wanna buy one?

  17. These days I’m rarely on MySpace and it’s been a while since I actually looked at an import model. My beef is that these new chicks coming on the scene are just average so lately I’ve been searching for pics of Korean and Japanese chicks and now searching for hot video to put on the web, so I am pretty much out of the import model scene. I just can’t get excited anymore about an average model who holds her boobs in some low res pic when I can look at someone who is twice as hot in a higher quality pic.

    All I want to see is someone hot that I can get excited about. I just can’t get excited about someone average doing implied nudity when I can look at boobs. That’s all.

  18. Tired of the socalish look? Well that’s basically the majority of Asian American models..dare stray out of the box on this site and people will start complaining..”I want boobs!” And the likes. Man such respect.

  19. wow… I actually know her she does goto UC Irvine and gogo dances in La and every once in a while a club called dream in Industry. Shes definitely a hot girl and is pretty nice. I wouldve never expected her to be on here though

  20. Tell her we would like to have her over here, for some chat and compliments.

    See, I already gave you a good idea to make contact. Don’t thank me, i’m feeling generous today. πŸ˜‰

  21. She does look good in the first pic but then look like a diff. person in the third pic.
    Also her MySpace says she’s “Black/African descent”? I know she’s def. not 100% vietnamese, maybe half Viet and white but Black/African? I might be wrong.

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