Saki Ninomiya


Saki Ninomiya is a Japanese AV model. And… Yep. That’s what she is.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan





Looks Like She Lost

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  1. She’s really cute..She doesn’t really look like an AV Actress.. Any noteable work? She could use a bit of a trim, someone could get lost in there.

  2. I actually like her because she is wearing a denture 🙂

    Anybody knows of other denture wearing girls?

  3. I have to completely disagree with Lintik – I think this girl is almost like the archetypal JAV girl. Cute like almost all of them are, but unremarkable.

  4. Off topic. I like that you guys are on Twitter. How come its not mentioned more. I found out from a model list of who she follows.

  5. @filteru2: it was mentioned back when Marco launched it, but it has been on auto pilot ever since, as I have absolutely zero interest in Twitter – indeed, IMHO it is an abominable waste of time.

  6. I like the tennis pics. The first one says “Hey, how about some tennis?” The second on says “No, not the game. The tennis court”.

  7. I like her smile and her slim sexy body. Not skinny, just right.

    In this time of difficulties, my thoughts go to the Japanese people. And to the japanese cuties that we’ve been following for years.

  8. What’s with the crutch in photo #11? Handicapped fetish?

    Quyen: “Little girl body”? I don’t know many “little girls” who have much hair down there.

    Lintik: I see no need for a trim. The volume of pubic hair is highly illusory, as the genital censorship adds blackness to the region.

  9. I second Dr. Lee’s remarks on the idiocy of Twitter.

    Ten years from now we won’t even remember what they called that colossal cash burn.

    On another note. I believe I will go shave my face.

  10. Oh my..apart from her rather slim boyish hips, she has my current gf’s body. Just change the face because she has the same delicious small breasts and exact same nipples.

  11. sorry to say, old men, twitter is here to stay!
    It’s obviously filling a need, hence the growing subscriber base. You may have not understood what yet, but believe me, if you use computers for more than email, you will soon be catching up.
    On the plus side, many asian porn stars to have quick exchanges with. Try it.

  12. @sucez: I think Facebook is a complete waste of time too, although at least in its case I can see that it could be useful for some people in some circumstances. Mostly however, I already don’t have enough free time, so to waste any of it on vacuous social networking – and sacrifice my privacy in the process – is tantamount to insanity from my point of view. And no one can say anything worth reading with 140 characters anyway.

    Oh – and as a professional webmaster, I obviously use the internet for just a little more than email. 🙂

  13. @Sucez, “the growing subscriber base” is a function of SR promotion, not a sustainable retention strategy.

    Twitters dirty little secret is that the majority of new users abandon within sixty days.

    Twitter’s public achille’s heel is that there’s no positive income stream anywhere.

    Anyone who was working in tech in 2000 will recongize this failed model.

  14. Yeah – I am astounded by how the mistakes of 2000 are being repeated all over again. Twitter is bleeding cash and has no prospect of making any, and while everybody thinks Facebook is making a fortune, there’s a reason they don’t publicise actual figures – they are the second biggest advertiser on the net after Google, but their revenue per ad is much lower, and there’s no indication that they make much profit after their costs.

  15. @Dr Lee, I find it telling that in Feb 2011, the pundits were contemplating whether Facebook was worth $17B, in late July, $30B and in November, $50B.

    Greenspan would call it “irrational exhuberance”, but Sand Road regulars call it “selling the vapor”.

    Remember the digital graveyard left by Myspace. There was a time people thought that was worth $10B too.

    (FTR there’s only 10 or so companies in the world that record $10B of profits a year).

  16. I agree. I refuse to use Twitter AND Facebook for those reasons too.

    Oh hi still here? Thought we’d forgotten you? How DID you break that leg by the way? Tennis?

  17. Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Typical ‘new economy businesses’, meaning they’re cool and useful and we hope someone will keep paying to have them around, but there is no money to be made.

    I still use facebook here and there and see value in it, but twitter mostly sucks. Except for getting in touch with models, like sucez mentions, IF they have a moderate fan base.

    Saki looks lovely in the bunny pic…

  18. Facebook allows my wife to easily view pictures of her relatives in the Philippines, but despite that, she doesn’t use it much at all. For me, I only used it to check up on my kids (until they changed their privacy settings).

    I have never tweeted and I have no interest in anyone else’s.

    BTW, Saki is cute, but I agree she is unremarkable — but again in real life, sigh.

    I don’t pray, but my thoughts are with the Japanese people during this terrible tragedy. I thought 2012 was supposed to be the end, but 2011 isn’t starting out very good (Australian floods, NZ earthquake, and now Japan).

  19. And Wingsfan, those tragedies are the ones that made the headline news.
    Now I am told I can’t eat (potentially radiated) seafood (caught along the Chinese coast) for 3 months. ugh!
    Oh and Saki deserves a good long tweet! 😉

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