Hannah Quinlivan


Hannah Quinlivan made headlines by marrying an older Taiwanese singer. She herself is half Taiwanese and half Australian/Irish.Age: 19
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Aussie/Taiwanese
Located: Taiwan






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  1. Cute, but if you’re gonna profile asian singers, you have to have Park Ji-yeon, Kim Taeyeon, and Kim So-Ri !!

  2. great look… what’s funny is the first pic she looks mostly asian, and then the rest she looks mostly white. but overall, pretty great looking.

  3. I’m bet she can look more asian or more aussie at will! Oh, Jay Chou’s girl huh…Jay Chou as in, Kato from the Green Hornet reboot.

  4. wouldn’t that make her only a quarter Australian?

    whatever the mix ratio, she has a kroos butter churn with her name on it. That actually makes perfect sense if you read the previous lady’s comments…

  5. Just what I needed in the this morning. After a few nights of little sleep and to pull up a beautiful smile like on a beautiful girl. I’m awake for a little while.

  6. Pretty, except for the second pic which is oddly unattractive to me. Looks more White than asian but as always it’s a good mix.

  7. Aye! Translation: Welcome Hannah! You are BEAUTIFUL!! (Irish to English)

    How could you not fall in love with this beautiful Irish/Taiwanise beauty??

  8. She has the face of ‘new China’ (or Taiwan) to me. Still recognisably ‘Asian’ but with western aesthetics creeping in.
    She is quite beautiful – perfect IMO for cosmetics advertising (esp the last portrait).

  9. The first pic looks like a totally different person, nevertheless she is a very cute and a great mix.

  10. OK I’ll say it: The blue-colored contact lenses are a poor choice. She should stick with those beautiful brown eyes or use GREEN contact lenses- like that hottie from Big Trouble in Little China.

    This would make Lo Pan happy.

  11. She’s really cute. I think she is off the Aussie radar as it seems she is based totally overseas.
    She does seem really young. I hope the guy isn’t some douche taking advantage of her, then again she may be in love with his fame/wallet.
    I have to agree on the blue contacts, too extreme.

  12. God she is young. This is a bit borderline for me. She looks like a child. Poor choice for a post IMHO.

  13. Basho, she is 19 years old. She isn’t posing nude, or even in revealing clothes. I guess I’m not quite sure why you feel this is borderline or a poor choice for a post.

    Furthermore, the comments so far seem fairly tame and respectful–which is very nice, IMO. I don’t feel any shame in appreciating the beauty of a young woman.

  14. Very beautiful girl…just hope it’s not too late to return the blue cornea cover ups. I’ll take natural too.

  15. @ Bigfoot Dean. No offence meant. But for me some of these pictures look like she isn’t a day over 15. Being on a site where there is nudity, this makes me feel decidedly icky. But then again, I don’t like them younger than 24 so it’s just personal taste. But this one seems at least a bit borderline.

  16. I know what you’re getting at. I looked up some other pics and came across her Facebook where she looked even younger in all the photos and I felt the same. However she is a model apparently so I guess she is putting herself out there.

  17. If she’s old enough to marry, she’s old enough to be posted over here in AS. 🙂

    Just beautiful and, like her mother-in-law says, an ‘obedient nice girl’.

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