Han Ga-eun

Han Ga-eun

Apparently, there weren’t any Minas or Elf Girls that popped up in Korea during this year’s World Cup as there were in 2002 and 2006, respectively. However, here’s a nice photo of model Han Ga-eun (not to be confused with actresses Han go-eun or Han Ga-in) sporting World Cup cheer gear featuring the official t-shirt of the Korean national team’s fans.

The shirt amusingly reads “Korea Legend – Begin to 2010” (sic), but even though the message on the shirt isn’t quite clear, Ga-eun (23) compliments it more than well enough for me to forgive the questionable grammar.Funny thing is, it wasn’t my intention to do a solo feature on Ga-eun. Although she’s very popular, she’s just one of many popular Korean models adorning cars at motor shows these days. A friend sent me an e-mail about the Korean fan t-shirts with the “Konglish” wording and I got the idea to do a compilation post of Korean hotties wearing them, but Ga-eun was just one of too few to be found wearing one. However, rather than trash the entry, here’s a few more photos of Ga-in at some of the many events she’s appeared at:

Han Ga-eun
2009 Korea Auto Parts & Auto-Related Industries (KOAA) Show

Han Ga-eun
2009 Korea Tuning Show

Han Ga-eun
2009 Hankook Motors Show

Han Ga-eun
At a game expo promoting Prison Break 2

Han Ga-eun
“Round girl” at a MBC game channel broadcast

Han Ga-eun and Kim Ha-yul
Promoting Hyundai with fellow car show fan favorite, Kim Ha-yul last year at Speed Festival 4th Round

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  1. I am with thekiller, great photo. The Korean girls seem to take cheesy posing to the extreme.

  2. uh oh..cars are mentioned in comments. Waiting for the Doc-Nico dialogue to begin.

    I wouldn’t mind this Korean Kutie draped across my bicycle. She could sit on my bar anytime she wanted a ride..for a ‘double’ I mean…sheeesh..how do i get out of this hole I’m digging.
    Pic 2 and the lady cop outfit for my choice.

  3. I’m getting all hot and flustered trying to work out if what she is wearing in pic 4 (hankook motors show) ends up as a frontal g-string camel toe covered by short skirt, or does it just attach as a one strap overalls strap thing to the top of the not-quite-short-enough skirt….

    I wish she’d just take the damn thing off….

    By the way, i haven’t seen ANYBODY in Gympie yet wearing anything similar to that… and around here, thats probably not a bad thing…

  4. dont it bother anybody else how koreans always sweat japanese models and american culture? they sexy but they age horribly lol s remember guys with korean girls its a strict hit it n quit policy haha

  5. lol kroos. I never gave that pic more than a passing glance. But I can see that you have made quite a study of it.
    But you are right; it looks as if it might make an interesting ‘mix n match’ outfit. The short zippered top with just the skirt. Maybe it’s a swimsuit underneath. OMG yes, imagining the camel toe already..oh and thanks, you have also got me trying to get rid of the image of a Gympie tubby in it.
    Think Hang ga-eun longtack, Hang ga-eun!
    Why u still in Gympie btw? Get back to Asia! It’s summer.

  6. Don’t care for the pictures (last one ok), but I think in the right photos or in person, she would be a favorite of mine.

  7. Main pic she is holding a vuvuzela, one loud kind of horn that got famous in the world cup in south africa this month.
    I wonder if she likes to blow it.

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