Bella is an Indonesian model with an amazing body and a skin tone I am quite fond of. She has a number of photos available, and appears to be constantly expanding her portfolio.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Indonesian
Located: US











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  1. Beautiful skin and body. I love her face when she isn’t using that tragically bad makeup. The last pic is my favorite.

  2. I agree…her butt and legs are a knockout indeed. Her face I could overlook if I met her in person.

  3. A bit frightening in many of the pics…my heart would take a double take, but not for the right reasons.

  4. This site, mostly the gender called fella,
    Looks longingly for their own Cinderella.
    Bella gave it her best
    But against all the rest
    The group thinks, well, not very stella.

    Ogden Nash here I come.

  5. I think that her strong Indonesian facial structure is not done justice by the aboriginal poses shown here. I’m guessing that some creative styling would improve her overall appearance.

  6. 5th shot down above, if I saw her walking the beach dressed like that, I would surely follow. Like a little puppy dog. arf arf

  7. I got a bit of a ‘Yoko Oh no’ vibe with the photos, but if you are going Aboriginal let me say I hope she doesn’t point the bone at me 😉
    She doesn’t look particularly Indonesian to me, I tend to think of more rounded features.

  8. I agree as well. Lots of different ‘looks’ – some appealing, others not.
    Pics 5 and 8 are my picks of the set. I do love that nice expanse of thigh in pic 2 though.
    The last pic..WHAT!? no visible tats! Maybe it’s there on her lower back. And tats would DEFINITELY work well for that particular ‘hooker’ vibe she’s sending out to me.
    I’d not go more than 300 – 500 rmb (about $US 60- 80) for an hour with her if she was in the business.
    Excellent verse Ogdendipper!

  9. Alright guys – I think perhaps this ‘hooker’ talk is starting to become a little disrespectful. I doubt Bella would be happy to read it!

  10. I have to admit, the second picture makes me wanna put on silk pajamas and lay all over the interior of my Benz…

    just to see how it feels.

  11. Sure Doc, no problem. I guess we did cross a line with our assumptions. And it’s good you put a stop to it.
    Nevertheless, I’d LOVE to see Bella (or her photographer) log in and post a reply along the lines of “well thanks guys, that was EXACTLY the look we were striving for”.

  12. Dr Lee

    again…don’t PLAY YOURSELF.

    In the 2nd picture she’s obviously in a 5 or a 7.

    I don’t buy BMW… I only by MBenz.

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