Jeanette Eng


Jeanette Eng is a television personality and aspiring model. I am not a huge fan of featuring models that are starting to become famous, but I liked her smile. Visit her online portfolio for more.Stats:

Age: 30
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: New Jersey







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  1. Aspiring at 30? I fear she has missed the boat, but more of those shower shots and you never know

  2. Shoot. She works for me just fine!!! I also love the quirky personality to go with the vixen allure.

  3. I like her, she looks normal as opposed to looking mentally mal-adjusted. After the week I’ve had, I would marry her on that alone. She seems to have a good personality.

  4. Love her! Hooked from the start; her personality shines in that first pic. Agree that in the first and 2nd last pics, she looks really down to earth. She is definitely showing a cheeky fun-side in the last pic with that goofy-funny-sexy look.
    OMG the shower scene is so erotic. She certainly can turn up the heat when she wants!
    So stunning in the ‘over the shoulder’ portrait – one of my favorite poses.
    And she looks like a true siren in the swimsuit.
    A TV personality you say? On US TV? I’d be tuning in regularly I think.

  5. Like the swimsuit leaning into the wind photo and for some reason, I love the pink curlers photo.

    Sense of humor goes a long way.

  6. More “television personality” than “aspiring model”. She’s attractive in a masculine/athletic way.I’d recommend some tasteful small C-Cups. Make sure the doc knows how to work with that natural breastbone separation.(pic #4) She’s got a “ACTION SHERO” vibe going on about her.I could see her snapping some dudes’ neck before nuking the underground bunker.Good luck kid.

  7. The shower picture looks good, but I think she does a better job as a TV personality than as a model.

    I’d rather make it with Ann Curry.

  8. Awesome Awesome Awesome
    (did I also mention AWESOME ?).
    Her smile just gets right into me. Her slight smile in pic 3 is sooooo ………. and and and ….going through her portfolio pics…………
    (‘scuse me, I’ve dribbled on the keyboard again).
    For me she is everything a perfect Asian Siren should be.
    (did I mention awesome ?)

  9. shh dont mention palmela around my other hand haha lets get like ange venus in here hot damn

  10. arf,

    That is why I mentioned the pictures. I didn’t say she was blah, but some pictures catch her that way, in my opinion. And guess what, my opinion is the only one that maters to me when looking at women! 🙂

  11. hmmm i found it doesnt matter which hand i use as long as i sit on it til it falls asleep thus giving the feeling that somebody else is helpin me make knuckle babies

  12. I want to hear about French’s week!

    This model seems tall to me, I was surprised to see her height is only 5’2″. That’s okay, I like them petite.

    Sometimes she looks too thin, these pictures must span a wide time period, but I think she is a beauty with a noble and pleasing face and expressions. Thumbs up!

  13. Hey Arf and Envy why not keep your extracurricular activities to yourselves before the rest of us throw up? We get it ok?

  14. ah theyre right arf how vile we are for making such a correlation between beautiful naked asian womens and beating off. haha alright but on a serious level she doesnt look like most chinese girls in that she doesnt have the typical wide cheek bones.

  15. Face it guys, nothing beats an attractive woman in her early 30s. And Jeannette sure is one of those.

    Charm, personality, looks, she is dating material. And I just love the photo in her istudio profile page.

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