Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo, better known as Xiao Mei in “Desperate Housewives”, was born and raised in Singapore and immigrated to San Francisco, California. She graduated from the SF Conservatory of Music in Piano and picked up the nerdiest instrument of all – the Chinese Zither. She was introduced to La La Land after winning the Miss Chinatown USA pageant in 1998.

Would be great if someone can find some larger scans of this Asian beauty!

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  1. Hey thanks Marco, it’s nice to see some sexy pics of her, small as they are. On the Desperate Housewives TV show, they have her working as a maid and she’s usually made up kinda frumpy.

    In the season finale last night it was revealed that Gwendoline has been having an affair with the guy who plays Eva Longoria’s husband.

    Yes, it’s a silly show…..but you can’t beat watching Eva Longoria, Terri Hatcher and now Gwen Yeo each week!

    OH, and guess what, last night JOY BISCO guest starred and looked sexy as hell!

  2. After last night’s show, I figure it won’t be long before a Maxim or FHM layout will be in my hands soon!

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