And yet another Asian cuties blog!

Kyoko from

Asian babes blogs are becoming quite popular lately. I found this one last week. It’s in Hungarian. But at least this dude is mentioning the (Japanese) models by name. Have fun browsing through the photo’s.

You want more links?So, what have we got so far?

Did I miss any? For sure! Feel free to post your links below.

(In case you are wondering, the photo used for this posting is Kyoko from one of my favourite blogs.)

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  1. After looking at this picture, I was hit with a thought…

    There is a theory in psychosociology that claims Western/ non Asian males are attracted to Asian femalesbecause their bodies are PEDOMORPHIC –
    a phylogenetic change in which the adults of a species retain traits previously seen only in juveniles.

    I can’t help feeling that might be true when I look at this picture. This girl looks so illegal.

  2. It is true that a lot of what separates us from the other anthropoids (higher apes) are traits derived from pedomorphism. If you looks at a baby chimp and a baby human, for example, they look much more alike than the adults of the same species. As adults we also look far more like our babies than does an adult chimp.

  3. Does this same theory apply to Western/non Asian females who are attracted to Asian males?

    And what is the theory in psychosociology that covers Asian males who are attracted to Asian females? Or the theory that covers Asian males who have an intense attraction to western, caucasian blondes? Or even the theory that covers adult Asian males who are utterly smitten with young Asian girls wearing high school sailor uniforms?

    Fascinating stuff to say the least.

  4. White Femanists most likely conjured up the theory that White Western men perfer Asian women because of pedomorphic traits, of course, there are other beliefs such as pure culture shock, the Geisha image, and powst-war war bride desire but all of this is specualtion.

    Pedomorphic desire doesn’t have to be limited to any one race. Some sexuologists believe that pedomorphic desire is the basis of pedophilia and phebophilia behavior.

  5. The issue is complex, as there is a lot of social conditioning going on too e.g. a lot of people are brought up to believe that they should only marry members of their own race. From a purely biological standpoint, there is also the issue of resistance to disease i.e. the more genetically distant your sexual partner is, the less likely your child is to carry a predisposition to a particular disease from either parent (this is why marrying your sister is a bad idea). Hence this is another reason for us white guys to like Asian girls. It is however almost certain that pedomorphism is a large factor in what allowed humans to become humans, so being attracted to a partner with a child-like appearance is very natural.

  6. As a professor of psychology for more than 3o years I tend to put little stock in the notion that an attraction to Asian women is akin to an attraction to children. The girls I have associated with in China and Japan are far from child-like in appearance.

    The Japanese and their national predilection toward school girls have few laws on the books governing sex with minors. Tokyo was embarassed into passing legislation by the International press only a few years ago. It is a deep rooted sociological issue there and has much to do with the late maturation of women and the lack of respect for women by Japanese men.

    Asian women are maturing faster now than ever before and are closing in on Americans and Europeans. I don’t think it will halt my fascination with a group of people with values, coloring and stuctural features I am crazy about. I don’t search underage sites.

    I have treated pedophiles and to suggest that they act out bcause of pedomorphic desire is simplistic and naieve.

    I am with Clint and Dr. Lee on this one.

  7. SANTINI47

    I find it hard to believe you are a proffessor of psychology and you’d make a comment like
    “…It is a deep rooted sociological issue there and has much to do with the late maturation of women and the lack of respect for women by Japanese men.

    You are simply adding to the model minority myths about Asian people that the men are domineering and sexist. Any true Psychologist or Sociologist would recognize that their culture dictates the role of women and that simply because your culture does not act similarly, you are not in a morally superior position.

    I find your comments to be ethnocentric and latently racist.

  8. santini47, I think most people would agree that Asians generally have a more ‘child-like’ appearance than other races, regardless of how quickly they mature. They certainly have more elfin, delicate features most of the time. Pedophilia is obviously counter-productive from a biological standpoint, as it will rarely produce viable offspring. Men of all races do have a tendancy to prefer the youngest possible sexually mature women, however.

    For my own part, while I obvioulsy prefer Asian women, I don’t like really young girls. I like some one who is mature enough for me to have a stimulating conversation with, and who has some life (and sexual) experience. However, I believe this is a purely conscious choice – I suspect I am somehow overriding my basic biological instinct. Being able to do what our minds tell us is the best thing – rather than just mindlessly following our instinct – is one of the key factors that makes us human of course.

  9. @ Dr. Lee, I think most people would NOT agree that “Asians generally have a more child-like appearance”. I think most of the world’s population is Asian (if you include all the people in the geography called Asia) and I think most of us don’t believe Asian adults look child-like. I like looking at pretty Asian women because…they are pretty. When I see a Thai kid, Thai teenager and Thai adult I see they are very different. And I have different feeling for each.

    When I was in America I heard many times the American ladies say rude things about Asian girls, about how we are “subservient” and guys who like us are perverts or child molesters. One girl even said to me that we come over there and steal their men. Maybe ChinaVaginaFinda (icky name, can you change?) is right that they make up theories like this.

  10. When I say Asian, I am talking about the way in which it is usually used here i.e. oriental. Obvioulsy people from the Indian subcontinent look very different, and not ‘child-like’ at all.

    I stand by my opinion re the facial features of orientals. They are more delicate, more elfin than those of other races. These are traits we associate with children. The more robust features of other races are less child-like.

    What those American girls said is another matter entirely. It’s just jealousy, pure and simple.

  11. Not at all China…Just ask any of my Chinese students who work at companies run by the Japanese as opposed the Chinese. It is much different. They haev called me in tears many a night.

    My daughter, a gorgeous model, is half Japanese and has a rough go of it in Japan due to her ethnicity and gender. Her mother was smart beautiful and forced into being a teacher by her father.

    I have lived Asia most of my life: Japanese was my first language. I was a full professor in a Japanese University and I have a certificate in Asian Studies. I know the country, culture and system well.

    I now happily reside in China.

    But, more to the point: Asian women,of all ethnic groups and types, are especially beautiful to me.

    Dr. Lee: I love “elfin” …that is perfect!

  12. I think the whole thing is a western feeling. Adult Asian women don’t look child-like to me. They look like an adult woman should look. If they have smoother skin, slimmer figure, and more delicate features than a western woman of the same age, well, what can I say. That’s not child-like to someone like me.

    And about “elfin”, I looked that up. It means looks like an elf, a funny creature like a little person that lives in the forest in Europe (is that right? what the…?). We don’t have any elf in Thailand (maybe other Asian countries?). So we don’t have a word for that. I really think it’s a western thing.

    In the end, I think we are in violent agreement about Asian women (I love that expression!).

  13. I think so too asiansweetheart…

    As for elves: She is not Asian, but I was smitten by Liv Tyler as Arwen the Elf in Lord of the Rings…I would move to the forest!

  14. Yeah, I loved Liv in Lord of the Rings too!

    Regarding asinsweetheart’s comments, of course what is normal for you will appear, well, normal for you. I am speaking in relative terms. Relative to other races, Asians do have a more child-like appearance. I do agree that more delicate features, smoother skin and a slimmer figure is how a woman should look, but a pedomorphic tendancy in our evoutionary history may be the reason we feel that way.

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