Nise is a model from the UK. She has very few photos – so few that at first I skipped her over – but I thought she had an interesting look that I hadn’t seen so I thought I’d bring her to you here.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’1
Ethnicity: ??
Located: UK




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0 thoughts on “Nise”

  1. yes! because when i think of UK women, I always think of slim sexy tanned women in bikinis in the sun….

    I wanna lick ice-cream from her stomach.

  2. Cute.

    Speaking of Asian British, has there benn a profile here of Naoko Mori from ‘Torchwood’?

  3. Nise is breathtaking. I could stare at that tight little waist for days. Can’t wait to find more content of her.

  4. Very tasty lady … did she find that sunny local in the UK?? Or is that back in the Kingdom of Smiles? Any time you find more photos, please let us know

  5. Oh My!!! Nise is so Nice. I just love the way her lips look when she has her mouth slightly open like in the bottom pic above.

  6. Yea I knew off the bat she was from Thai. My Esarn radar went off, and in a good way. Fit as funk.

  7. I have to agree….she is SMOKING hot. I failed in my search as well trying to find more pictures of her. Hope somebody else has some better luck!

  8. I dunno, I’m guessing that that is more or less her natural dark skin complexion, which I love.

  9. Thanks Shuai Ge, yes, she really is outstanding in her field.. er out standing in A field anyway.

  10. Ditto STRIPES: She would fit nicely from Venice(CA) all the way to Dago. There is something about the Thai mouth and lips that really stimulate…! Umm..YUM!

    I like the few photos that Travis provided the best. Beauty contests seem (to me) to take sooo much away from natural beauty…?

  11. I’m with ….. on this one – she’s certainly nice (I knew that word would come up here a lot!), but I don’t feel she’s outstanding.

  12. Beautiful full lips, pretty eyes, and a tight, tanned (or naturally tan) body — love her to death! Too bad there aren’t more pictures of her.

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