Doris Lai Wei Ru


Doris Lai Wei Ru is a Taiwanese actress. She has been in:

* Legend of Star Apple (CTV, 2006)
* Smiling Pasta (TTV/SETTV, 2006)
* The Magicians of Love cameo (TTV/SETTV, 2006)
* Mr. Fighting (TTV/SETTV, 2005)Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 4’11
Weight: 88lbs (!)
Located: Taiwan
Ethnicity: Taiwanese










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0 thoughts on “Doris Lai Wei Ru”

  1. I can’t stand red hair, even on asian girls. Still, considering her stats, I like the package overall.

  2. Actually, girls with Taiwanese blood can have a very light build – Sachiko weighs the same as this girl, and she’s 5’2″ (and one kilo of that is her tits)! I think it’s because they are very leggy even when they’re short, so their bodies are actually even tinier than the stats suggest (Taiwanse have quite long and slim legs by Asian standards). That’s one of the reasons I like them so much (they also usually have very smooth, soft and white skin) – apart from the red hair, this girl definitely looks like my type. I’d like to see less stylised photos to be sure though.

    BTW, if this girl is 152cm that would make her 5′.

  3. That would round her up to 5’0. I didn’t want to round it up because I think it is cuter that she is technically still 4’11 (to be precise, 4 feet, 11.8425 inches). At 88 pounds, 4’11 sounds better anyway =)

  4. And I agree, I would also like to see less stylized photos. I had problems finding any other modeling photos, though. Anyone else find any? I saw the photos taken at events, etc., but those photos always look so messy.

  5. She’s dainty:) She’s pretty, but I feel kindof dirty looking at her because she looks like she just turned about fifteen at most. I’m guessing she’ll be quite a looker when she turns legal…jk

  6. Supremely cute. I’ve always had a thing for Taiwanese girls – looks like that hasn’t changed. 😉

  7. Looking at kevgud’s link, I still think she’s cute, but somewhat lacking in character and individuality – I’m not sure she’d catch my attention in Sunnybank (which is an absolute heaven of Taiwanese babes).

  8. Very, very cute. But, I agree with Doc to a degree., She lacks that something special that would make her fantastic.

    Still, she’s cute enough to catch my attention just about anywhere.

  9. Taiwan babes also get me out of my way… Doris is really pretty. Love them legs and of course her face. Don’t even care much about her curves.

  10. WOW!!! 4″11″ & 88lbs. Now that’s what I’m talking about. !!!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!

  11. I cant believe shes smaller than my girlfriend. Shes 5’0″ & 95 lbs. She isnt taiwanese but just as cute.

  12. It’s really great living here – there’s just so many attractive Asian (mostly Taiwanese) women here. Even my doctor is beautiful, and my accountant is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve often thought about trying to get her in front of the camera actually, but I don’t want to have any professional conflict of interest – I certainly don’t want to have to switch accountants, as she takes very good care of me. 😉

    Oh yeah – the weather’s really nice here too. 🙂

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