Grace Park on November Maxim Cover

Grace Park and Tricia Helfer on November Maxim Cover

Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park and Tricia Helfer pose together for the November 2009 issue of Maxim Magazine. At you will find the pics and a nice behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.

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  1. The only thing better would be if you could see her organs through her skin.


    Cute, but emaciated. -myrke

  2. Absolutely loved her in Battlestar Galactica, and while she looks like a vamped up crack addict in these pics, she still looks extremely sexy.

    I’m a fan! ^___^

  3. She’s great in The Cleaner, along Benjamin Bratt.

    She does look emaciated when compared to her 2007 Maxim shoot, but she’s still stunning.

  4. Welcome back Marco! Maxim certainly seem to know how to make Grace look as hot as possible. πŸ™‚ I guess I like ’em slimmer than a lot of people here – for me her body looks great in these shots.

  5. Grace Park is a smoking hot Korean but she definitely needs to have a meal. Still beautiful though.

    Why would anyone who’s gay subscribe to Maxim? makes no sense. I’ve had a subscription and I’m pretty sure I’m not gay.

  6. @slackerking, Zhand said that every Maxim readers he knows is a closet-gay. He never said all Maxim readers are closet-gays. Furthermore, we have no idea how many Maxim readers he knows. Interestingly if he does happen to know a great deal of closet-gays, I would wonder why. I mean if they are in the closet, how is it that he knows of so many?

  7. Smokin’ hot ladies – but OMG! Way, way to skinny anymore… They look like borderline little girls to me pretending to be ladies.

    Maybe it is just me but I think they need more curves.

  8. I like her skinny. She is taller than some too which makes her quite striking. I dont think she would be that remarkable if she was heavier.

  9. Does this mean the Holocaust-look is “in”? Probably the worst pic and model I’ve ever seen. To promote this “look” as sexy is atrocious.

  10. I’ve been a member for some time, and finally had to post.

    Grace Park is a great favourite of mine–she reminds me very much of my ex. I am drawn to her elegant sexuality, the sheer femininity she emanates I love her slim, taunt, small-breasted, dancer-like body; her exquisite face; and her dark hair (God how I hate the garishly-coloured hair so many models possess.).

    Wonderful to see her again. Thanks for posting the new pictures.

  11. Agreed that her earlier Maxim photos are better — she’s lost a little too much weight. Still, though — wow!!!

    Zhan, getting crowded in that closet? j/k but when you make a statement like that….

  12. “Too skinny” “emaciated” “’ “Holocaust-look”.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how they can look at these Asian model pics and still say WOW? IMHO this is a new low for AS…but then to each his own. Modeling firms have been excoriated for promoting this look.

  13. I’m firmly in the ‘leaner is better’ camp. A tight body just looks good in photos, plain and simple. In practical reality though, girls with more meat on their bones are more fun in bed.

    Keep models supplied with a steady flow of crack!

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