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Twitter is a webservice that lets you check-in with what you are doing by text message, IM or over the web. It gained traction at SXSW 2007 and I’m a passionated user since then. While doing research about Asian Sirens on Twitter, I discovered a number of models on Twitter such as Lena Li, Natasha Yi, LuanaLani, Aiko Tanaka, Akira Lane, Francine Dee, and of course Tila Tequila.

I’m wondering who is using Twitter as well and which Asian models we definitely should follow. Anyone?

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  1. Meh, I don’t really respect twitter. I’d much rather do my own research or check updates on actual websites. That might make me old fashioned, but getting tiny messages of peoples’ fluffy, stream of consciousness garbage seems kinda lame.

  2. @thanirz: Francine Dee and Tila Tequila, they are in my top lists. I have known Francine from Playboy since 2000 and Tila since 2004, both are getting older but still maintaining their popularity.

  3. @thanirz: I would find it more interesting if I was the one laying next to her comforting her in her time of need 😉

  4. shoujobot: if that ever happens, please bring along your phone camera. And use it. 😉

    Problem with twitter is the superficiality. There’s a few interesting people to follow but the rest is just show off and it gets boring. The next worst thing is the huge amount of publicity and automated messages. Bots paradise, meaning the signal/noise ratio is getting worse and worse.

    It’s like a blogging service, but the posts are smaller, and the text quality is worst. Not thrilled, to be honest.

  5. Here’s a couple of articles from Sachiko’s blog on Twitter: 2.0 Bubble About To Burst?

    Please Explain!

    As I edit her articles, I guess it isn’t surprising that I agree with her perspective, but it is rare that I so strongly disagree with Marco on something! I think Twitter is possibly the most pointless, wasteful thing to have ever hit the internet. Okay, so some people are using it as a live community news channel, which actually can be very useful, but 99.99% of what’s on Twitter is worthless, time wasting junk IMHO. Do we really need to be any more connected to people’s mundane, every day lives than we already are? Personally, I’d rather be a lot less connected to all this stuff!

  6. “Problem with twitter is the superficiality.”
    “…99.99% of what’s on Twitter is worthless, time wasting junk…”

    Amen, brothers.

  7. Teddy, that’s what I mean. Automating twitter means filling twitter with lots of info that is not related to the motto ‘what am i doing now’.

    I’m not condenmning you for doing it. 90% of twitter is probably automated these days, so you’re not the only one.

    I think too much info is giving us information overload and at some point the information value drops to almost zero, because you cannot distinguish what is important and meaningful.

    The internet today resembles a room with everyone talking at the same time, trying to get everyone else’s attention. Conclusion: everybody has the right to speak, but do I want to hear them? 🙂

  8. Interesting discussion and I probably more agree with Lee and others than you might think. Twitter is like a virtual pub. It’s a great place to hang out when your friends are there and you have the change to meet some new interesting friends. But if the pub is becoming more popular, it’s becoming crowded and noisy. And if everyone is talking, who is listning anymore?

    Neverthelesss I think it’s interesting to see how our way of communication is evoluting. Twitter is just one step in a long journey.

  9. I follow Luana Lani, Jenny Chu and Michelle Maylene (not really asian but gets posted on a lot of asian sites) so far. It’s funny to see the vitriol thrown at Twitter. Just don’t use it if it doesn’t suit you. Personally I love it, it’s alot of fun, especially linked up with FB. As with anything, some people tweets are inane and some are great. Also, maybe overall there’s alot of automated tweets but I don’t get any automated tweets from any of the people I follow.

  10. I have two Twitter accounts. With one, I follow real-time news and updates related to my work. It’s quite useful, the best source of breaking news tailored to my interests. With the other, I could get regular updates on the personal lives of models I don’t know personally (see randyohhhh/following). It’s sort of interesting, and there are some nice Twitpics from time to time, but randyohhhh is not seen on Twitter very often at all.

    I received, just today, a notice about “lists,” which is a new feature that would allow me (and you) to create lists (and switch between sets of tweets without having to create two accounts. That might help.

    Apologies for not posting in so long. I’ve been very busy. But I see that Travis and the others are doing a great job.

  11. More than a few Asian pornstars on there too. Adrena Lynn, Asa Akira, Charmane Star to name but three.

  12. I follow Natasha Yi, XiXi Yang, Sunisa Kim, Teanna Kai, Abbie Ratay, Nicole Oring, Tianna Ta, Apple Somoza and Tila.

    Also follow Candyman.:)

  13. daznlover I hear your point and I think you may have mis-interpreted what I was trying to say. I was only pointing out that twidge is a great tool for posting to micro-blogs. It’s a tool that’s not limited to just twitter. I was just offering an alternative to twitterfeed (which I’m assuming is also an automated micro-blogging posting service)

    But your point is an interesting one. And I think people have been struggling with this topic for decades. I’ve recently been re-reading Ambient Findability and have found that, although it’s an older publication, all the content is relevant now. Perhaps a little off topic, but I think it’s worth mentioning if you have interest in this area.

  14. Didn’t know about the book but looking at the contents, yep, seems very relevant and probably a good theoretical reading, I do have an interest in the area.

    But even if it’s an old problem, it’s more acute now with the explosion of the internet and everybody wanting to be content producers. Anyway, there is no turnaround, we have to sail ahead.

    Actually, sailing makes for a good comparison. Maybe there will come a time when everybody will be able to own a boat and spend time sailing. Which will only make our rivers and seas a lot more crowded, leading to accidents, confusion and time wasted. Every good thing has some bad things attached. 🙂
    (and, no, I don’t own a boat so I’m not against more people owning them)

  15. I used to be someone who thought that Twitter was a pointless social networking medium, but if you use it for a specific purpose, it’s great.

    I use it to find out information from certain sources. I use it to post quick bits of information. And it’s fun.

    For Asian Sirens, you need to enable automation so that posts are automatically updated to Twitter. I also made some lists which makes it a hell of alot better to sort the updates that you want and not see the junk. Don’t forget to follow me for those fresh updates and other silliness.

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