Yumi Kai is Penthouse Pet of the Month

Yumi Kai is Penthouse Pet of the Month

Yumi Kai, born and raised in the Philippines and moved to the US 3 years ago, is Penthouse Pet of the Month November 2009.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find more information about Yumi so I hope some of you guys can help. Is this her first public photoshoot or was she featured before?


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  1. Life is funny! 🙂

    She has been in lots of photoshoots, actually she has been in LOTS of webcam sex shows. I think she started in AsianBabeCams and then moved to Cams, the site mentioned by monkeyman.

    I guess I never featured her on my photo blog, because she was not so friendly at the time, but she was really above average, body wise. She got a bit more weight now.

    I’ve known her for about 5 years, on a cam site, then she disappeared for a while and I think she got some boyfriend who paid for her boob job (not likely she could get it from her webcam pay at that time). I think from memory this was about 3 or 4 years ago. And voila, there she is on Penthouse now. What a move from a poor girl in the Philippines. The american dream did it again. 🙂

  2. I know lots of Filipinos and none of them have the last name Kai. Maybe that’s not her real name?


  3. “I know lots of Filipinos and none of them have the last name Kai. Maybe that’s not her real name?”

    She does not look Filipino to me, perhaps she is of Chinese descent?

  4. She surely is filipina, but there are many filipinas from chinese and even japanese descent, so it could be the case.

    The eyes, her long hair, her great boob job, her legs are all great points for her. Not to mention her smokin body and her perfect pussy.

    She did great webcam shows, just not very warm. wookiee that tube really shows what her webcam shows were like. 🙂 She wasn’t the shy type at all!

  5. Certainly a cutie, but I find her webcam performance totally and utterly dull – she looks like she’s bored out of her mind! Interestingly, I think she looks a lot better in the Penthouse pics too, as she isn’t wearing a makeup mask.

  6. Hi All I wanted to clear some things up . LOL
    Yumi Never worked on asianbabecams .

    Her real Myspace link is
    myspace.com/yumi-kai .

    You will find some more Pic’s of her in there .

  7. hawaiidave, so I’ve seen her twin sister on AsianBabeCams, is that it? lol
    What makes you say that? Are you her bf?

    Doc, I said she wasn’t very warm. 😉 But one smokin hottie and playful.

  8. daznlover , a little more then her b/f . Haha . But yes she does have a sister but she also only worked on streamray that was about 4.5years ago . As for her old screen names on streamray some of them are , Myka19 , Real Vixxxen , Maracela . She has been Yumi for the last 3 years . If that helps to clear things up .

  9. See is on cams.com and she used to be on asianbabecams too. i have a recording of her on ABC! Too bad though this girl was the best on CAM up until a year ago. She used to get really into the sessions

  10. Hawaiidave, I remember her as Myka and Vixxxen, yup.
    So you’re the one enjoying the good times, well done! 🙂

    And as you see, I’m not the only one spotting her at AsianBabeCams. vadha1 even has a recording, lol. I

    think she was vixen something on ABC, too. But don’t be surprised, because sometimes girls create accounts of their own and stay on a few sites, to make some side money.

    I gotta ask: the boob job was your gift? 😛

  11. Nice find, arf. I’m sure you even noticed there was a pool behind.

    Hawaiidave, her myspace profile seems to have some nice halloween pics, but private. I guess I have to make a new sexy friend…… 🙂

    She says she feels sick, you better take good care of her. Need help? Me and arf could volunteer.

  12. daznlover Yes and No about the boob job . I was with her when she got it , But she had paid for it herself . Not to worry she is feeling better , she should have posted that it was just a hangover , LOL
    Here is another link to the penthouse pic’s around the pool the full set that penthouse released . Thay were taken in mid July down in Cali . Off Mulholland drive .


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