Gong Rumin (宫如敏)


It occurred to me that maybe we have been asking the wrong questions. Maybe the question isn’t “why have all of these Chinese women starting posing naked?” Maybe the question is “How on earth do people this bad with a camera manage to claim to be photographers?”

This back is Gong Rumin. She won the “World Supermodel Contest” in China, and then a few months later hundreds of nude photos of her were leaked online. Photos and links below.






Nude Photos
Regular Photos

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  1. What a cheap and tacky hotel for someone that one the “World Super Model” contest. Is it a cheap and tacky contest too. She is beautiful and only a few of her poses are bad. The photography is pretty poor though. What was she thinking.

  2. Remember to be good or great at something all you have to be is better then those around you.

    Kind of like you and your buddy being chased by a bear. You do not need to out run the bear, just out run your buddy.

    As for the pictures after many years of browsing this thing they call the internet this seems to be the norm for poor countries and countries that people are just starting to get into the industry whether it is the photographer or the subject. A lot of the videos and pictures of young ladies in the Philippines are the same way. At the lower levels the photographer has little money to spend on something nice. So the hotel is cheap so he or she can entice the women with more cash.

    Now as far as this girl, she is a very pretty young lady. As she gets going she will get a better photographer.

  3. First things first: Gong Rumin is fabulous. Very nice slim shape, good skin, pretty face, etc.

    Moving along, yes the pictures are poorly framed, in a shabby motel room, have dudes sitting in a chair in the background, etc. But they do demonstrate Gong Rumin is actually very attractive and not simply a Photoshop creation.

    Finally, I can view none of the “Regular Photos”. They are simply absent in Firefox and appear as broken jpegs in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I can view pictures in other photo sets on that site (the Air Stewardess pics, for example), but not Gong’s. And, when did non-nude photos become “Regular”? That is an outrage! The nude photos should be termed “Regular” and the non-nudes “Irregular”. :#)

  4. I agree: as technically bad as these photos may be, I greatly appreciate the fact that they allow us to see that Gong Rumin really is a hottie!

  5. I’m sure we’ve all seen bad photography (out of focus, badly lit, over or under – exposed etc). In comparison, the pics here are good.
    Besides, who is taking notice of the backgrounds here? I’m checking out the body!
    And Gong Rumin IS gorgeous! Especially like the last pic above.

  6. Get it on, bang the gong, get it on
    Get it on, bang the gong, get it on

    Can’t believe I’m the first to put the T-Rex song lyrics (at least the chorus) here.

    For me, not the prettiest of the Chinese hotties here, but not bad.

  7. Typically a nice chassis, could use a few minor enhancements, but overall a winner by far! Nice face, pleasing to look at, even has a little carpeting action going on there! Nice addition to the package deal! Unusual to see carpeting especially it even matches the drapes too! Nice touch! Photographs could have been better with more variety of poses and changes of backgrounds. Sleazy hotel room!

  8. dbldipper, you beat me to the punch (Firefox was very slow loading tonight).

    The photographer might not be that great, but he (guessing) got a hot babe like this to pose nude for him, so he has that going for him:-)

    LOL at Bigfoot Dean and regular photos comment.

    She’s dirty, sweet and she’s my girl (I wish).

  9. Beautiful girl.
    I’d rather see “bad” photography such as this rather than over-processed photoshopped manufactured product where you have no inkling as to how she really looks.

  10. Nice view from behind. If the pics were shot in B&W with dodgy lighting they’d be artsy – as is they’re really tacky. Was glad not to see an obese bald 50 yr old dude in the next pic.

  11. She is beautiful. I prefer this style of photography to the heavily Photoshop professional pics such as Moko. You can actually see what the model looks like and she is gorgeous.

  12. I like the MOKO style picks, it is about enjoying the fantasy, however I like these sort of photos too! She is beautiful and naked, what’s not to like.
    I count two or three different dudes in the background at various stages, I wonder what their ‘role’ was given that it doesn’t seem to be make-up or lighting.

  13. Hmmm, i think she’s pretty but not that spectacular and she only looks ok without makeup or in the non photoshopped pics but still much above average.

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