Jenny Nga


Whilst browsing through Flickr one day, happened upon Jenny. She immediately caught my eye and left me wanting to see more. Distinctive looking, very sexy, good photography, what’s there not to like?
Beyond the Flickr sets haven’t been able to find anything on this enigmatic Vietnamese beauty. Though these photos leave me pining for more…













Age: ???
Height: ???
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Ho Chi Min City

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  1. Distinctive is right – her face almost looks middle eastern, not VN!

    Agree that she is very sexy.

    My wife (Chinese) would probably remark that this is another example of white guys having poor taste in Asian women, always going for the dark-skinned girls with jutting facial bones & narrow eyes, rather than the classic oval-faced pale beauties with creased eyelids.

    I suppose I’ll just have to put up with Miss Nga’s deformities somehow. Mmmm.

  2. Nice boob job (and a great body overall), but unfortunately I’m not very fond of her nose job at all.

    And ‘deformities’ is a little strong Li Bai.

  3. I like her. Sexy with a nice smile. I’d like to know how to apply to get the guy’s job in the 4th pic

  4. well for one thing there isn’t really poor taste in asian women, there’s just different taste. People on here like all sorts of different women. People in different places of the world find different things attractive, it doesn’t necessarily make them right, nor does it make them wrong. For instance, what’s attractive in Africa would spin most peoples heads around, but again it’s cultural and doesn’t make them wrong, just different.

    Plus, women have different taste in what they find attractive in women than men. This is a total generaliztion, but when women say a women is pretty, usually they aren’t or at least not in the way a man finds a woman attractive. Again, a total generaliztion and not scientific or always true, but happens more often than not.

  5. Boy, Doc – a little hard on Li Bai, dontcha think? I was amused by his wife’s comments about her husband’s taste. I read his comments with “” around “deformities”. Slack hit it on the head – first thing many women see in a picture are the other woman’s shoes.

  6. I do believe I would have to kick her out of bed! There’s more room on the floor! I find most woman from Vietnam are very attractive, especially if they have a some French in them. This young lady is beautiful in her own right! I do not see any problem at all with her nose, could be the French in her! She is quite intoxicating to me! Reminds me of a young France Nuyen, striking! I love those eyes in the 2nd pic, nice rack too!

  7. What’s not to like? Stunning face and a great body. Beautiful smile, to boot. Sexy and playful. Looks like she’s having a good time.

    It sure works for me.

  8. To Dr. Lee – lighten up Francis 🙂

    To slackerking – I agree with ya about different taste and this girl doesn’t suit my palate.

  9. Chopping off the top of her head (pic 1) certainly had ME wanting to see more of this sexy beauty.
    In some shots, she looks a little Lebanese to me. 😉
    I love the last pic – classic beauty, the 7th pic where she acts so cheeky. The mirror shot too, although they might have taken her bag out of the frame (messy) is good.
    Pic 4 – the man’s hands on her – makes a nice change. Isn’t her waist tiny?
    Deformities? None that I can see.
    Now dipper, what rhymes with Nga? (always struggled with the pronunciation of that Ng)

  10. Lee, it’s not a nose job, but the lack of. and yes, longtack, Lebanese is what come to mind in her obviously mixed heritage.

  11. What on earth are you talking about sucez? Many Vietnamese models and celebrities claim to be part French, but in reality, all modern Vietnamese have some French blood – it’s just BS to make them look classier (like Filipinos claiming to be part Spanish). And Vietnamese simply are not born with noses like this, but sadly it is very common for them to get them later.

  12. Longtack – I had some verses banging around my head last night while on a run, but didn’t get a full set together in time for a comment. But a couple lines were something like……

    “They’ve got a language beyond belief
    I could study for years without relief.”

    I found Nga and Ngoc impossible to say in spite of the attempts of my linguist. On the other hand, she could never say “world,” (came out as “word”) so I guess it evened out.

    “Ngoc” to me sounded a little like “Now” said with a mouth full of marbles.

  13. Eurasian look not working for me here. Great body – face not so much. Dr Lee: should say “never”, “always”, and “all”. Not all Vietnamese women have some French blood. That’s just incorrect.

  14. First pic got me. Great body and a beautiful face.

    About the distinctive, I would have to see more. Many women can come across as distinctive with the right makeup, clothes and scenario. It’s more about the behaviour… But I guess I’m asking too much and I should focus on these pics. 🙂

  15. Whether she had her nose fixed or was naturally born with it being cute, to me it does not matter! Irregardless what others opinions are, she is still a great looking young lass to me! I respect others opinions, but really sometimes it is too critical, relax and enjoy the ride! She has a great looking face and body, enjoy these finer things in life!

  16. @Westcoast: I did say ‘modern’ Vietnamese – of course, there are still ‘pure’ Vietnamese in mountain tribes and such, but I suspect the entire modern urban Vietnamese population has at least a little French blood.

    @dbldipper: be very careful how you say Ngoc – if you say it with a rising inflection, it means stupid!

  17. Thank you for this ride Shuai Ge, I enjoyed every photograph of her! I especially like the last photo, very classic sultry sexy look! The softness of her lips and the smoothness of her skin is quite enchanting! I can almost imagine the shallow breaths she is taking, causing her breasts to rise up and down. Wow!

  18. Lee, you’ll have to explain something to me then. A nose job is usually a nose reduction. Hers is big for her face, you can see it at the bridge. I would not think she asked for implants…
    I have a lot of Vietnamese friends, and i think they’d cringe at the suggestion that they’re not “pure”, or mostly “mixed” with french. Sure, the French were there for a while and usually mix better with the locals than the Brits or the Yanks, but this is a proud people that also value keeping it to themselves. You can see whenever they emigrated that dating out of their race is still taboo. More so than some other asian cultures.
    my 0.02.

  19. @sucez: that’s only the case for westerners! Making their noses higher and sharper is perhaps the most common type of surgery performed by Asians today (along with double eyelid surgery). I’ve often talked about the irony of how westerners want their noses to be smaller while Asians want them bigger, but that’s the way it is sadly. And while people often don’t like to admit to interracial mixing, it’s just the reality today.

  20. Oh yes: you are absolutely right about Vietnamese frowning upon mixed marriage: here in Australia, they are the race least likely to intermarry. That includes Arabs, who I would have expected to be the most segregated. Still, this is changing over time.

  21. The vast majority of Vietnamese do not have a French great-grandfather. The French never comprised more than 1/300 of the population of Vietnam. Estimates at the end of French occupation are that there were an estimated 100,000 of mixed heritage remaining, significantly less than 1% of the population.

    There is a lot of Chinese mixing, and Vietnam has 54 officially recognized ethnic groups, many of which have very distinctive looks.

    I have been in VN many years. I occasionally ask young ladies with particularly interesting or western-looking features if they have any non-Vietnamese ancestry, and they almost always say no.

    My guess is less than 5% in urban VN areas have western blood.

  22. They don’t have to have a French grandfather to have traces of French blood, given the many generations the French were there and interbreeding with the local women. Besides, you can be sure Jenny and most other Vietnamese women who claim to be part French don’t have any more French blood than the general Vietnamese population.

  23. We’re all related to each other, just depends on how far back you want to go.

    I’m just trying to point out a few data points that might inform the argument a bit. IMHO and experience the vast majority Vietnamese don’t have a trace of European blood.

    Ah, whatever.

    Let’s do a rigorous research project and gather some serious data, sound good?

    As for some Việt Kiều claiming to be part French, I’d imagine it’s more likely they have a tiny part of French blood, more so than local Vietnamese.

  24. I agree a detailed genetic analysis of the Vietnamese population would be very interesting! I’ve seen such a study of the Taiwanese population though: they all have traces of Dutch blood, and the Dutch occupation of Taiwan was similar to that of the French in Vietnam. I think this is why Vietnamese and Taiwanese are the most Eurasian looking Asians – because actually are somehow Eurasian.

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