Isabella Yang (Mainland Sirens 13)


Too hot for China, this girl is already making waves overseas at the tender age of 19! She’s a model, actress and opera singer. Seen casually hanging out with celebs at the Cannes film festival last year, Qi Han surely has a serious chance of becoming a Chinese mega star. Her photos are enough to convince anyone that she’s worth some attention. If you were in any doubt though, just take a look at the video at the end of this post.













Age: 19
Height: 170cm
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
From: Shandong Province PRC

Mainland Hotties
Profile (Chinese)
Official Site

All I can say about this video is WOW!

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0 thoughts on “Isabella Yang (Mainland Sirens 13)”

  1. She’s hot…and she clearly has swagger.I’m just mildly annoyed by her “westernizing” face work.Not enough to kick her outta’ bed mind you…but di she really have to go there?

  2. I have to say “NAY” on this chick! Something not proportionally right with her features! She is cute and all, but not doing me anything special!

  3. Silky skin, nice body…pretty eyes..

    But in some of the photos..her eyebrows just turns me off.

  4. she looks more natural and real life on the 4th pic with the purple dress. Others make her look fake.

  5. Chest is nice. Face is nice but not great. Nose and chin don’t look right on a Chinese woman.

  6. man made look .. I don’t see much natural “Asian” beauty here from waist up. Like the thin waist and long legs though.

  7. This is a good post because of the variety of ‘looks’ this girl has. Regarding her face, (her body is uniformly delicious) she has great and even sensational ‘looks’ but also fair to middling and yes, horrible ones IMO.
    Really appreciated the video because there is no way I could watch those terrible Chinese TV shows for hours on end in the hope that a gem like this with such HOT legs, would appear.
    LOL, doncha love the dorky Chinese guys in the studio audience? Priceless!

  8. longtrack, I agree with your assessment. Some pictures she is fantastic, others not so much.

    The opening shot is spectacular, IMO. OTOH, the picture with the red dress and red stockings doesn’t make it for me.

    Great body, though.

  9. wow, what a strange post. First picture she looks stunning but then it’s all downhill from there.

  10. Is this a contest to guess the number of procedures on her face alone? Too bad, she might have been a natural beauty. Then again, more power to her if the plastic surgery nets her a modeling contract or television/movie role.

  11. Dr. Lee you are entitled to your opinions, but I really do find your taste in women falling short of at least normal. This woman is totally plastic looking and this sexy to you?

  12. @WerewolfVm: please do not attack other posters for their taste – it is a breach of our posting guidelines. Having said that, most of the ‘plastic’ look here is down to the massively processed photos, more than the model herself. Did you watch the video? She is quite sexy there, and I don’t feel she has any more surgery than is normal for Chinese models and actresses these days.

  13. Interesting contrast. In the US, such “naughtiness” would only increase the model’s hotness and entertainment stature. As they say, the only thing worse than bad PR is no PR.

    Yet in China or Korea, any hint of “scandal” puts some of these girls over the edge. I don’t know about Japan, where some of the women appear to move seamlessly from adult to mainstream.

  14. That’s great. She’s all original, too. As in all original equipment.
    And just like Shuai Ge said, she has a presence that could let her travel in a rarified set.
    Tangential to that, I have to ask why the emphasis is so often on teen and early twenty year olds on this site?

  15. @jynnlevel: I like an Asian MILF or cougar as much as anyone (probably more as I’m older than most of the members/guests here) but there are a lot more Asian sirens posing in their teens and twenties, so naturally there are more of them featured here. As long as they’re not prepubescent, what’s the problem?

  16. @jynnlevel: we’ve featured plenty of MILFs here, but almost all active models are late teens/early twenties, so it’s just the way it works out.

  17. She’s beautiful. I’m very critical of the Chinese. They have copied Japanese and Korean TV. Her movements are very stilted and rehearsed. This is the way the Chinese do things. There are precious few magic moments these days.

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