Helen Su Revisited

Helen Su

Some of you may remember Helen Su from her November 2005 feature. Helen has been circulating the above image to promote the new HelenSu.com that is supposed to launch on 14 Sept 2006. If you would like a high quality, wallpaper-sized version click HERE.

I could be wrong, but it looks like Helen may have received some enhancements since last year. Check out some of her more recent pics to follow.

Helen Su

Helen Su

Links for Helen Su

Helen Su @ MySpace
Helen Su @ Xanga
Helen Su’s Official website (Coming Sept. 2006)
Helen Su @ Asian Sirens Nov. 2005
Helen Su’s Wallpaper @ Babe Blvd

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0 thoughts on “Helen Su Revisited”

  1. A fine example of an Americanized-Plasticized Asian model.

    I’d still do her. And I know that’s just what everyone wanted to know. 🙂

  2. What an ugly ugly ugly ugly girl…..and by ugly I mean amazingly beautiful beautiful beautiful….Love ya Helen Su!!!

  3. “A fine example of an Americanized-Plasticized Asian model. ”
    I second that K4Kob!

    At least her face looks asian, for now that is!
    It’s the business of the “business”, they all want to look like the other big money makers.
    Sorry to speak the truth to any of you out there who think it’s about beauty, sex or god forbid, love.

    BTW K4Kob, I thought your nom de plume meant you were crazy for Kobe, Japan!

  4. B E E F ! ! !

    I’m Krazy 4 Kobe BEEF!*

    There, now you ALL know! Now leave me alone to eat.**

    *…and by “BEEF” I mean the delicious Kobe Tai…or any other hot yummy Asian hottie! 😛

    **…by “eat” I mean drool like a sad idiot.

  5. Thanks Zam for the additional pics! Nice!

    To me, Helen is not perfect in every detail, but considering the overall package, she is one sexy girl!! 😉

  6. I was wondering what happened to her. Helen’s sexy, but I’m just not a fan of the phony breasts. Is it too much to ask for these Asian models to just look Asian?

  7. Hello All!

    thanks for the compliments…you guys are such a tough crowd! =)

    But yes…my site will be launching soon and I am very very excited! Hopefully many of you will join me and get to know me a little better! I promise I’m a nice gal!


  8. Hi Helen. It is a pretty tough crowd here – actually the response to you was quite positive overall! Anyway, welcome to Asian Sirens. 🙂

  9. Phony Breast…I dunno.. they sure are good to look at…they don’t feel so good but they look good..

    I get to look at a lot more then I get to touch

  10. ok I wont answer anymore of your comments.

    But I really don’t have a life, and I am trying to research this site as much as possible….

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