Fuko and her giant boobs

(This one is for the doc! ;-)) Hailing from Okinawa, Japan, Fuko is a japanese idol famed for her unlikely, breathtaking proportions – a staggering 47 inch bust and a 24 inch waist. She has appeared in various magazines, and has produced a DVD, having experienced a meteoric rise to popularity in Japan.Some facts:

Name: Fuko (also known as “Fuko-Chan” and “Love”)
Date of birth: February 10, 1988
Place of birth: Okinawa, Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese
Height: 152 cm (4 ft 12 in)
Measurements: 120 – 60 – 88 cm, 47 – 24 – 35 in, P cup (Japanese)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Natural bust: Yes (?!)

Fuko on the web:

Fuko @ bustypedia.com
Fuko @ wikipedia.org
Fuko @ youtube.com
Fuko @ aov.gijo.org (1)
Fuko @ aov.gijo.org (2)
Fuko @ aov.gijo.org (3)


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0 thoughts on “Fuko and her giant boobs”

  1. Not doing it for me.Go see a doc and shed some of that.Might wanna look into a NAME CHANGE.Fuk-o?…(chuckle.chuckle)(snicker,snicker)

  2. Sure they are possible. Might be hard for her to do some clothes shopping, though.

    So this is what the japanese like….. I have to agree that the boucing is lovely. 🙂

  3. Agree about how unappealing they will look in a few short years. Such size scares me…I’d worry about being suffocated. Also she has a fat face.

  4. I like ’em stacked, but I like ’em slim‘n’stacked, so this girl is too chubby for me (a 24″ waist on a girl this height is still pretty thick). I also like ’em firm – natural tits this size are normally too saggy for me. I also prefer small areolae, and huge natural breasts normally have quite large ones. It is for all these reasons that breasts are the only part of the body where I often prefer surgery to the real thing, and this girl is not really to my taste (she isn’t exactly pretty either). Oh yes – I believe they are natural!

  5. thanks for the post robin but this one is a no no:) sometime too big is too big and squaty is not good even with big boobs….plus her face is not good…wierd that i am a boob man but yet not attracted to this one at all…sorry robin boy:))

  6. Yeah, I should say that my love of big tits is actually more precisely stated as ‘bust to waist ratio’. Hence my love of Jun Kusanagi: the contrast between her bust (in her prime) and her astonishingly tiny waist was just dazzling – my idea of the utlimate female physique. And even though 24″ would be pretty thick on a girl as short as this one, I am quite certain that her actual waist measurement would be much bigger still.

  7. more like 48 on this one doc:)…too thick for my taste….width and height should be in proportioned:)

  8. Personally, I love big, massive and “squeezable” boobs…BUT! as long as there is some kind of proportion and the “subject” is at least physically nice, not necessarily hot or gorgeous but nice. I don’t like FUKO, I would like to squeeze, touch and play with her boobs, that is not very likely to happen therefore just as an spectator, I feel like watching a cow, something that I would “eat” in case of extreme necessity only.

    Anyway, boobs are always welcome, thanks for posting.

  9. If I had the chance, maybe. Okay, definitely. I’m more into the Francine Dee proportioned girls or smaller, though.

  10. I like her. Thanks for the post, Robin. Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes a tall, skinny woman with a flat chest can be beautiful and exciting. And sometimes the proportions of a short, plump, incredibly voluptuous woman can move me. I agree that Jun Kusanagi in her prime epitomized the ideal of female beauty (at least in regard to body shape). But there are many other types of female beauty. I think Fuko has a rather cute face, too—even if it is chubby.

  11. Guys, there is no way this woman has a 24″ waist. That’s someones idea of marketing hype. Just a quick look at her video shows that’s nonsense.

    She’s got that body type that is very heavy from the waist up, but with slender legs. I don’t find her very appealing. I like ’em with well defined curves…

  12. Arf, thank you. these boobs tenderloins are very …….. don’t say anything ….. let’s start to eat.
    Make it one in well done and another in rare.

  13. Gorgeous, huge, soft, squidgy, milk filled, dairy buckets

    I’d squeeze, knead, oil, massage, soap, fondle and unload my pods all over these gigantous breastiferous jubloons for days on end !!

  14. geez alot of losers ragging on her…….you know you cant judge her, you wish you can have a goddess like her so, shut up and go jerk off, you virgin losers think, you can talk? ha no, she is very beautiful,both face and body…..

  15. Fuko is a fantastic combination of real woman and supreme f**kdoll. Her first AV is due for release early Feb, so anyone who liked her old soaplands incarnation is due for a treat. Sorry some of you guys don’t get her – you don’t know what you’re missing. May be time to drop the esthetics and get jiggy!

  16. I’d be there…smiling every step of the way. She could probably wear me out with those fun bags and I’d be happy. 🙂

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