Candy @

Candy @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

We posted Candy once before and now photographer Adam Yurman was kind enough to send us some new shots of her all new photoset at PacificBeauty!

Candy is an all natural gal who does not seem to need any of the enhancements that other models crave. One of her most unique features are her lovely cherry shaped lips that pout and twist beautifully. She has a raspy voice that adds to her in-person charisma.Currently she earns pretty good dough performing in a touring dance show that is a mix of Hip Hop and sexy costumes. The girl’s got rhythm apparently. She meets a lot of famous people at her shows but is not impressed easily. She prefers a guy with a good heart and a sexy smile. Her photo layouts have made into the top men’s magazines but she doesn’t care. She just wanted to be sure she got a CD copy of the photos to keep for the good memories. You know we gave her one with great pleasure. (text and photos:

Candy @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Candy @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

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  1. Cute.I would’nt complain if she bumped it up to a C-cup though.I hear FUKO might be looking to donate.Bridged her nose…did’nt she?Matters not.I’m still taggin’ it.

  2. What a lovely natural body; what a refreshing find after all these products of technology.

  3. Let the girl keep her tits intact. 🙂
    She already is such a hottie, at least from where I stand.

    Adam, how about a Youtube video so we get to know her raspy voice and her hiphop moves? Maybe she will like it. 😉

  4. Nice one Robin! And of course, big thanks to Adam as well!

    Adam, what is Candy’s height?

    (Robin, I would suggest you put Adam’s words in italics, or mention it’s him at the beginning instead of at the end.)

  5. bumbs, lips, eyes….all good..i think doc will agree with me on this…she may jump to the next size like thitima…that would make her super hot!….very nice add…thanks adam

    and robin

  6. She doesn’t look as ‘bimbo’ in this shoot as she did in the last one thankfully (makeup perhaps?). That leaves a pretty hot girl, who I agree could really do with a boob job.

  7. I hate those “Mount Krakatowa” nipples.
    Women with Volcano nipples freak me out.

  8. Mount Krakatowa? That was pretty funny. No one has mentioned her remarkable lips which I find noteworthy. Glad she has been well received though. Dazn, We can not access U-tube over here in SE Asia. It’s blocked by big brother. Wish I could post her sexy voice. She is a crackup too, very funny. I am sure she would like to have a bigger cup size also but not every gal has the dough or a rich boyfriend.

  9. Pretty girl. I hope she stays away from the surgeon. Her breasts are very nice as is.

    One can certainly see why so many women succumb to the pressure to get fake breasts from reading this site.

    I wonder how guys would feel if the pressure was as great for them to have a big penis? “You look great, but… If only your penis was broader and three inches longer,” she said. And then guys all over the world submitted themselves to surgery that lengthened and thickened the penis. This surgery lessened the sensitivity of the organ, and made it jut out at weird angles, but many women liked how it looked. I wonder.

  10. knarf

    There are plenty of men out there who put themselves through the misery of Penis envy – not because a woman said so, just cause they made the mistake of changing in an interracial locker room

  11. “Penis Envy” was coined by Freud. It describes the supposed jealousy girls/women feel, that they wish they had a penis.

    The whole penis enlargement thing sounds awful, painful, and not necessarily a good result. They use cadaver tissue. Can you imagine being an organ donor and having your body parts used for the noble purpose of enhancing some insecure but rich dude’s organ? Yecchhh…

  12. knarf, what a great point. Anybody not happy with her breasts, leave her up to me. 🙂

    Adam, you can try or Not sure if it’s blocked also, though.

  13. I see I’m still in the small minority of people on this board who despise artificial breasts and appreciate natural beauty, and in this case, one with perfect erect nipples, despite what the reincarnation of CLM says above.

    And really, that locker room comment is one of the more assinine things I’ve seen here in a while.

  14. hamana-hamana-hamana…yowza! that is a cute little butt and those breasts are adorable too…oh she just looks so sweet all around!

  15. That locker room comment is pretty tasteless.

    I’m pretty sure Candy has had work done on her nose, so what’s wrong with suggesting that she enhance her look with a boob job when she’s a nude model? She would look so much sexier if she got a little enhancement from a skilled surgeon. Imagine how smoking hot she would be if she had a chest like Ingrid’s.

  16. I have an intesting factoid to contribute about hot model surgery in Lotus Land. S.E Asian nose jobs over here can be had at a good quality clinic for less then one tenth the cost of a top quality breast job. It’s an in and out job as well, no hospital stay. As the gals over here are often born with almost no bridge in their nose at all producing that squished and flat look, a large swath of the female population here runs to add a more Western style shape to their nose at the first chance they get. Breast enhancments are for the more hearty souls who have access to funds and are really motivated either by a very supportive boyfriend or strong industry demands. Candy says she does not want to go through the hassle of major surgery and is happy with what she has.

  17. i think there is a big difference between commenting on a breast job and male penises. for a womanl, the breast is part of her figure, posture, and sometime her livelihood…modeling or whatever. it is a very noticable and prominent feature on a woman. most women i know have their breast enhanced because they want to do something for themselves that would make them happy….maybe due to childbirth or what God didnt give them. Most if not all are very happy with their decision..and so are we :))

    i dont think it is necessary pressure from sites like this or from singleminded male pigs like me that are forcing these women to get their boob jobs. ask any of them and it is mostly from their own decision…we all applaud :))

    a male organ is not as prominent as a part of what makes us male…you dont see clothes designs around the little fella do you, but clothes for women and women fashions are all designed around the Boobs…:) amen

  18. and by the way..i change in the locker all the time and I am pretty comfortable about it:) even with the brothers in the same room :))

  19. LawBoy, I havent laughed so well in a long while. Thank you.
    Back topic. Why is having less bridge in the nose so unpopular? Whats wrong with normal asian noses? I dont know, somebody help me! (caffeine)

  20. Hey JD,
    Who Nose! I am with you on this one but it is a real strong thing in S.E. Asia that the models want to look more Western in regards to the nose and eyes. I think the noses they are born with are great too and it beats me why they want to look more Caucasion. That post of Cindi, the half Asian Super Model is actually a very good example of what the S.E. Asians admire in beauty. She looks like a man to me as well but believe me, over here, she is the top Mango. I can tell you that Cindi is a very nice person. I had Thanksgiving Dinner with her and some other industry folks a couple of years ago. That girl works all over the planet and has some great modeling war stories.

  21. Thais and filipinas most of them have those flat noses. There is some prejudice about it, because the most rich and fashionable have light skin and pointed noses.
    So, everybody also wants to have lighter skin and pointed noses.

  22. Lawboy, I have to disagree with you on this one:
    ‘a male organ is not as prominent as a part of what makes us male’
    It can be!

    ‘you dont see clothes designs around the little fella do you’
    Actually look at CK and others. You earn some points by using some fashion clothes there too.

    It’s a world of images, even underwear. 🙂

  23. What do you mean dazn? It isn’t prominently visible when we have clothes on, whereas a woman’s breasts most certainly are.

    Beisdes, the vast majority of Asian women just don’t like really large penises – it is simply too physically uncomfortable for them. Forget about what you see in porn – this is designed for men, not women. Men like big dicks, but for the most part women – especially Asian women – don’t. So if you like Asian girls, there’s no need to worry about this!

  24. strike one for doc….two more and i will have to ban you 🙂

    dazn…there is no comparison in the fashion world when you talk about the designs around a woman’s breasts as supposed to a man’s penis…think about it…it is more acceptable in most society to have a woman’s fashion to display her beautiful breasts or the shape of it….but if you see guys wearing pants that emphazize his get a lot of giggles and weird looks…(only works well in gay clubs) it is a matter of secondary sex characteristics and our genetic codes…too scientific for me…just trust me on this. boobs are always better to see than penises and if you disagree with me, you are on the wrong site cake boy :))

  25. Hey Lawboy,

    What is a Cake boy? Very entertaining post ! You are funnier then I thought. I am gonna have to tell Candy she inspired a penis versus breasts thread. Nice going guys.

  26. I know, there’s no comparison, but some fashion around that area gives you some points too.

    I was joking about the prominent part. 😉
    No cake boy trust me on this, lol

    Doc, you’re right. Western women are much more into size, but asian women are even afraid of big sizes. I’m not worried anyway.

  27. hey adam if you ever watched Clueless..Cakeboy=gayguys….not that there is anything wrong with that :)…you are free to be who ever..just giving dazn a hard time:) dazn seems to be more interested with fashion for penises than boobies…:)

  28. She looks great, boobs and all. Adam, please tell me she’s gonna be in the PB calendar.

  29. Candy is a model showing off her naked body — so she should expect comments regarding her body. Any male model showing off his naked body (on another site, thank you) should expect comments regarding his parts.

    As for Candy’s breasteses, they look fine to me but I’d like a closer look:-)

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