‘China Barbie’ takes on Mattel


US toymaker Mattel is in the midst of a public relations nightmare over this month’s recall of made-in-China products that were deemed dangerous to children. So, what’s a responsible mega-corporation to do? Dole out mega-bucks for lawyers, of course – to sue a porn star for allegedly violating its intellectual property rights. Full story here.

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  1. Maybe Mattel should put their effort into not making toys that are hazardous, but whatever. And I never even heard of China Barbie until now. Maybe this free publicity will motivate her to update her website which hasn’t been updated since ’06.

  2. If Mattel was REALLY concerned about this woman’s impact on their image (and copyright) they would just do nothing, as nobody has any idea who the hell she is.

    Not only will this give her publicity, it probably won’t accomplish Matel’s (likely) main objective…taking the spotlight off their Chinese made toy fiasco.

    My guess, the toy incident is mentioned by nearly every story about this lawsuit. Some companies are really freakin stupid when it comes to PR.

  3. How lame. Barbie is such a common nickname, good luck trying to prove your case, Mattel, you tools. This is the corporate version of “Quick, look over there!” drawing attention away from their lethal toys probably made by people who make pennies a day.

  4. If you love your children, don’t give hazardous toys. From now on, we have to selective to what kind of toys we can give to our children.
    For us, don’t buy this one either, use the real one.

  5. Mattel is famous for aggressively pursuing infringement over its Barbie marks, and they generally have won. I have no doubt they will crush this innocent, boobie-showing porn star into submission (involving no penetration, though)–she clearly is leveraging the associations with the name to her advantage. But it is a stupid move for Mattel b/c they are looking like a corporate goon, but for most there is no love lost for porn stars, so it probably is a wash.

    Let’s not lose this opportunity, lads, to comment on her fantastic, big natural boobies and mini waist. You do have to see them.

  6. I retract my waist comment–I was going from memory, and Doc’s comment got me looking at her current pics: she’s pretty fat now…

  7. how old is that picture? because the movies i have seen of her ESPECIALLY the older ones her face is pock-marked like an adolescent males face! not that that is a bad thing perse, but either she got treatment or that pic has gotten the photoshop treatment.
    yeah, they are trying to issue a smoke screen to cover for all the recent flak about chinese made goods and sense they are suing someone whose moniker is “china” i guess that just adds to the psychological aspect of that they are doing

  8. I don’t think she compares very well at all. Her stats are totally bogus – her waist looks thicker than her chest! I think I’d rather do it with a love doll. 😉

    As I said in my first post in this thread though, she must be getting some priceless publicity out of this.

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