Nikkatsu Queens

Flower and Snake (1974)

Some of the comments in this entry touched on certain types of Japanese softcore porn movies know as “pink films” (“pinku eiga” in Japanese), that were produced from the mid-1960s to the late-1980s. The ones made by Nikkatsu studios from 1971-1988 were known as the second wave of the pink film era. Also dubbed “roman porn” (which is short for “romantic pornography” and has absolutely nothing to do with anything coming from Italy’s capital city), a couple of of the more notable early Nikkatsu productions were Apartment Wife: Afternoon Affair, which starred Kazuko Shirakawa and Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market, with Junko Miyashita.

In 1974, Nikkatsu movies such as Flower and Snake (poster above), began centering on bondage and S&M themes and often starred Noami Tani, a young actresses who savored her roles and looked great in rope. Naomi, together with Kazuko and Junko, became known as the first three “Nikkatsu Queens,” who made their marks during the heyday of the Nikkatsu roman porn era.

Kazuko Shirakawa
Kazuko Shirakawa, who starred in the first of the “Apartment Wife” series in 1971, is considered to be the original Nikkatsu Queen. After her last roman porn film in 1976, she went on to a fairly successful career in mainstream movies.

Junko Miyashita
Junko Miyashita (here in a still from the 1975 gem, A Woman Called Sada Abe) also went on to do mainstream films and is still currently acting.

Naomi Tani
Credited with bringing Nikkatsu into the S&M genre, Naomi Tani began her brief tenure with the company in 1974 with Flower and Snake and made her final Nikkatsu feature in 1979 with Rope and Skin (above). After her retirement, she went through a few personal difficulties but did release an interesting vocal album entitled Modae No Heya in which she spoke (not sung) over a background of traditional Japanese instruments. Eventually, she became a restaurant owner and later, opened a video store that specializes in the type of classic bondage movies she used to star in.

Apartment Wife: Afternoon Affair (1971)
Apartment Wife: Afternoon Affair, which starred Kazuko Shirakawa, was the first of the Apartment Wife series. After starring in the first eight entries, Kazuko was succeeded in 1975 by Rumi Tama.

Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market (1974)
1974’s Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market which features Junko Miyashita, contains some unforgettable scenes and is a must-have for any serious collector of Nikkatsu roman porn.

Rope and Skin (1979)
Poster for 1979’s Rope and Skin, which was Naomi Tani’s swan song with Nikkatsu Studios.

Theatrical trailer for Rope and Skin featuring Naomi Tani

Listing of Nikkatsu Films from the Roman Porno Era
More Nikkatsu Movie Posters

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  1. Grateful for the history lesson amigo. There must be a cadre of the members who appreciate the Roman Porno Era?
    I just don’t happen to be one of those.

  2. I agree: well written follow up CEC.
    Certainly cleared up the ‘roman = romantic’ mystery for me also. It should have been obvious that ‘romantic’ was the right term after seeing the titles. Mmmm @the romantic porn of “Apartment Wife” – the stuff of my adolescent fantasies which are still latent. TMI? no matter, perhaps I speak for many.
    Loved the phrase “looked great in rope”, although I can’t quite get into the S&M/bondage thing, especially of the Japanese kind. A bit too brutal and ‘in your face for me’…and all that whimpering..ugh.

  3. They have sort of a sexy 60’s Bond girl like vibe to them. And that fourth shot down of Naomi Tani tied up in ropes, really makes me wanna suckle. Nice nips…she could be my swan song for sure.

  4. Not really a reply to this post…. but i had to gripe somewhere.

    I’m back in Australia now… landed yesterday… and…… oh god what the hell have our women been eating??? I gotta get back on the next plane to china asap.

    At least i have asian sirens to help me…..

    To keep this on track…ummm yeah. Asian women…. exposed nipples…. I’ll watch it.

  5. LOL kroos. I think the same whenever I get back to OZ, and like you, get homesick, and (not sure about you) horny, for Chinese women.
    Want a postcard mate? hehe
    Yep, sorry, for taking this further off the topic.
    But the point you make is valid, and an indictment on many, not all, Aussie women – and men too, just quietly.
    Let’s hope all the well-heeled young and pretty things lapping up the KFC here don’t end up the same.
    But hey. and it’s kinda related, look at Kazuko above from the 70’s. She is no starving starlet. How times change? Who would play that role nowadays? Sora Aoi?

  6. One of my favorite posters shows a split-scene… on the left is a sexy French girl eating her fresh fruit and cheese, sitting in a nice public park, the other shows an American woman sprawled across a picnic bench seat wolfing down a huge McDonald’s meal, with her butt crack showing. Kind of said it all without words.

    Really enjoyed the the film history lesson, thank you CEC!

  7. Sounds like you live in the wrong part of Australia kroos and longtack – you wouldn’t feel that way if you lived where I do. 🙂

  8. lol Doc, for the record, I live in China 11 out of 12 mths of the year. And yes, I guess I must be returning to stay in “the wrong part of Australia” for that month.
    Passing through Brisbane on my way a little further north, however, (and I believe that’s in your neck of the woods) I agree with you: lots of beautiful women, especially uni students in the Queen St Mall area. Mostly young Asian women too; many of them absolutely stunning – just like most places in China. But while there is obesity here, it’s not to the extent it is in Australia.
    I blame fat-laden fast food, and not enough exercise.
    I know where I would rather be 😉 and so does kroos!
    But it does sound like you have the best of both worlds where you live Doc.
    It’s all relative anyway, as you say.

  9. @kroos: no, you needn’t say any more. 🙂

    @longtack: yes, Queen Street Mall certainly is one place where you can see plenty of hot young Asian girls (especially Koreans). Interestingly, the part of Brisbane where I reside (around Sunnybank) is so full of hot Taiwanese girls (and other Asian girls too) that when I went to Taiwan itself, I was disappointed – the hottest ones are here!

  10. Doc, my Chinese ex wife (last time I heard from her) lives in Sunnybank. She is in her thirties, and has a great figure. Long black hair, quite sporty. Maybe you’ve seen her around.

    Kroos..(apart from the annual Summertime Queen entrants) I’d say Bundy rates pretty much alongside Gympie.
    Except, quite a few female Asian backpackers go through there, which make quite attractive scenery.
    Not unlike the women in this post..had to relate SOMETHING to the thread!

  11. Can anyone find current pics of Junko Miyashita? She doesn’t turn up in any of the googled sites devoted to her work.

    I’d be keen to see how she looks now; she’d be in her late 50’s at least now. I bet she hasn’t aged that much and probably looks most graceful and elegant these days.

  12. @longtack: I’ve seen a few women who fit that description, so perhaps I have – I like Chinese women with a little experience. 😉

    Anyway, I think it is a good idea to get this thread back on topic now. 🙂

  13. Here are photos of the ladies that were taken within the last few years:

    Kazuko Shirakawa

    Junko Miyashita

    Naomi Tani

  14. Thanks CEC.
    Was that a cry of pain Doc?
    While these 3 ladies are probably the oldest we’ve seen on AS for some time, (if ever?) they are still not too bad on the eye.

    Now, if only Junko’s pic had some photo-shopping, she’d look like the other two’s sister. And she does if you squint. Kazuko doesn’t look much older than 40-45. Naomi still looks kinda hot.

  15. So very entertaining Gentlemen,the post-photo (reality) comments! To soothe your lingering doubts: If these ladies were good bed-companions then…they are EVEN BETTER now!! “Getting Older” is a STATE OF MIND! We all thought (in earlier times) that we would ‘live forever’!
    The transition to mid and senior life attitute will define your enjoyment of sex with your partner…and the attraction you have to other women. I wish each of you well in this maturization.

  16. /…l find I have the opposite response when I get back to melbourne…because there, its not only Chinese girls, but Indonesian, Malay, Korean, japanese, honkies, etc…..AND most of them are pretty cute….

    Also they seem to be a bigger chested variety of asian woman which resides in Melbourne, because i am definitely noticing the curves more…or is it because I reside in the land of icy pole sticks for so long?

  17. Thanks for the post! What does it say about me that I’ve seen nearly all the films mentioned?!
    What about that nunsploitation gem School of the Holy Beast?

  18. @ luvjgirls – Yes, that was another Japanese pink film classic from the 70s that starred Yumi Takigawa but it was produced by Toei, not Nikkatsu.

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