Dr. Lee’s Talking Point: What Makes a Good Butt?

Sachiko's butt

Despite what this guy says, if there’s one thing I’ve never been able to figure out about men’s taste in women, it’s what makes a ‘good butt’. I’ve never really been a butt man myself – as long as it’s tight and proportional with the girl’s body, I’m happy. But when it comes to which models ‘butt men’ say have a good butt, I am totally perplexed.For example, take the two Asian models who are most famous for having a ‘great butt’: Linda Tran and KT So. For me, Linda’s butt is nothing special at all: I’ve seen many, many Asian girls who are built like this. Indeed, for my taste it isn’t even what I would consider to be a good butt, as I feel it is simply too big in proportion with her upper body. But this is a subjective judgement of course!

On the other hand, KT So’s butt could hardly be more different. Her’s is actually quite petite, and for me in proportion with the rest of her body. But even though I like her butt (in as much as like any butt), I still don’t think it’s anything special: once again, I’ve seen many trim and taut girls who are built like this. And given that Linda’s and KT’s butts have almost nothing in common (apart from being tight), how can they both be considered to be great butts?

As far as I can see, the only consistent factor between what butt men consider to be good butts (apart from being tight) is simply which models happen to show them off! Perhaps I should take more butt shots of Sachiko to cater to this market? Am I missing something? If so, please enlighten me in the comments, especially if you’re a butt man yourself!

NOTE: This is the first in what will be a series of “Dr. Lee’s Talking Point” articles, discussing the biological, sociological and psychological bases of our wildly varying sexual preferences. And before anyone asks, the model in the picture above is of course Sachiko McLean.

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  1. Well, as an “Ass man” myself, I can tell you there is no “standard” for a great one IMHO. I think Linda Tran’s butt is perfect…I’d say Carla Maria has a perfect rear as well. But then, a Carolyn Savage or Felicia Tang butt is pretty darn perfect as well, and they’re quite different.

  2. I’m with Curtis…..I can’t put it into words…..but I know a good butt when I see it. πŸ™‚

  3. “Understanding Poetry by Dr. J. Evans Pritchard, Ph.D. To fully understand poetry, we must first rhyme, and figures of speech, then ask two questions:
    1) how artfully has the objective of the poem been rendered; and
    2) how important is that objective?

    Question 1) rates the poem’s perfection; question 2) rates its importance; and once these questions have been answered, determining the poem’s greatness becomes a relatively simple matter. If the poem’s score for perfection is plotted on the horizontal of a graph and its importance is plotted on the vertical, then calculating the total area of the poem yields the measure of it’s greatness. A sonnet by Byron might score high on the horizontal. A Shakespearean sonnet, on the other hand, would score high both yielding a massive total area, thereby revealing the poem to be truly great.” DPS

    You can’t quantify an ass’s aesthetics.

  4. I always hate the “everybody has their own taste” cop out. There are always (as with everything) quantifiable reasons for people’s taste. The challenge is being objective enough to find out what they actually are.

  5. I dunno where the impression the KT So has the “best” butt. She’s a little too skinny for my tastes.

    To me anytime I think of perfect asses, I always think of Jessica Alba in the movie “Idle Hands”. The end of the movie has her in a short nightie where almost every shot you can see her ass hanging out there. Her butt is like a 2nd pair a breasts to me…shapely with some curves, but yet firm and perky.

    I think KT So lacks the curves, Linda’s is closer in that regards but could be perkier. I think I need more samples. πŸ™‚

  6. Once again, there’s only one reason I can see for people having this impression of KT’s butt – simply because she shows it off all the time. I’d love it if somebody could come here and demonstrate otherwise.

  7. The perfect ass is all in the mind. It really does come down to personal preference. If you take a Black guy, an Asian guy and a White guy into a room and have them RATE asses on a scale, you’r gonna get different answers.

    For me, the perfect ass is a round mound of fatty muscle that sits atop thick thighs.
    Something like this…

    or definately this….

    I’ve got big hands and when I see an ass like that I just wanna grab it like a basketball.

    No matter how thin or thick you like your women, A great ass is one that makes you wanna grab it.

  8. Although the sort of ass ChineseLoverMan likes isn’t to my taste, what he says makes some sense to me. After all, boob men (like me) like ’em big and full and ‘grabable’, so it makes sense to me that an ass man should feel the same way.

    Which still leaves me wondering why so many people think Linda and KT have such great butts. I still can only return to my original conclusion.

  9. This is my fist time posting here heh i fell like such a newbie… anyway for me itsd hard to say what a nice butt looks like but you def notice it. The movie selena comes to mind before jennifer lopez became over rated.
    I think the most important part of a good butt is shape. Rounded is the best (in my opinion. I think this site says it best http://journals.aol.com/rgamorous/AestheticsDiary/entries/466poster in this forum said it besthttp://www.loveshack.org/forums/t69341/

    keyra to me has a great ass
    link 1

    link 2

  10. I don’t consider that picture of Sachiko up there to be a great butt. Women who have backsides like that up there are for guys who want nothing but cunny.

    My girl doesn’t have a big behing cause she’s white. She kinda looks like Sachiko from behind, but she has a little more meat.

    I say the best way to test the “grabability” of your chicks ass is to lay on your back and have sex one night.
    If you come to a roaring orgasm and later have to pull the bedsheets out of your ass…she gets an A+

  11. I agree with chineseLoverMan, if the ass fits nice in the palms of your hands, they’re perfect

  12. Now we’re getting somewhere. That Keyra does have a very impressive butt – even for someone who isn’t a butt man – as it is very round and protuberant. I can see very clearly that this is what a butt man would like. And the rest of her body is pretty awesome too!

    However, especially after looking at the video, I am almost certain she has butt implants. I guess that – like boob men – we are attrcted to more than what mother nature usually provides!

    This still gets back to the question of why people think Linda and KT have such great butts though. Let’s face it, I don’t know of any Asian girl who has a butt that can even compare with something like Keyra’s. As much as I love Asain girls, I just don’t think they cut it when it comes to butts, especially compared to latinas and black women.

    So once again, I think people go crazy over Linda’s and KT’s butts simply because they show them off all the time. Like BlueSkies says, he just likes butts – big, small or whatever. So all a model has to do is show her’s off.

  13. I don’t know if I’m a butt man… I don’t like a boney butt. There is something very beautiful about a woman that has good shape from her waist to her hips. It shows sexual maturity. This is sort of the appeal of breasts. Though, I have to say I don’t like really like large breasts.

    What usually makes a good butt picture is the ability of the model to arch her back and add more curve to the definition of her figure. Shapely is attractive. This is one of the reason high heels look so hot… and women know this… to maintain balance it forces them to arch there backs and makes there ass and chest more prominent. They also make some nice changes to the shape of the legs too:)

  14. I like butts just as I like breasts, big and round, but not at the expense of being overweight. If a girl manages to have big breasts and/or a nice, round butt and has a small waist, then I’m all for it! Keyra is definitely one such woman. Another one that has an amazing ass and tiny frame is Mindy Vega.


    I agree with Dr. Lee that in general Asian women don’t have as nice a butt as other women. But I will say that Southeast Asian women, like Thais, tend to have much nicer butts than their Chinese, Japanese, or Korean counterparts.

  15. Thanks junkreservatory. Although most of them are non-Asian, there have been some really nice pics and models posted to this thread!

  16. Hola! .. hmmm I can’t believe you think she’s the same as a MILLION OTHER slim Asian girls… that’s just wierd to me .. then again, we all have different opinions .. =)

    Maybe it’s the way she poses? the softness of her overall look/body? can’t pin it down but i love jyuri!

  17. Nice try Lulu! Actually, I have to admit that your butt probably is a fair bit better than usual for an Asian girl, but (as I’ve said before) it’s that fabulously tight, trim and taut stomach of your’s that I really like. Yes, I am a stomach fetishist. πŸ˜‰

    To answer acephone’s question, I believe it is the poses, and more importantly the photography. It’s marvelous how much a wide angle close-up can accentuate a woman’s curves.

  18. OK Ok any new stories fellas? We’ve been on this subject for three days now. I love a great ass as much as the next guy but let’s move on?

  19. darklighter, you are soooo right! Very busy, but a few more hours and I will have time for a new posting! Maybe my fellow bloggers have time NOW? πŸ˜‰

  20. Just to add, my asian ex had the usual flat asian ass. But since I’m a weightlifting junkie I made her do heavy squats and deadlifts (do a search), the butt started to getting some shape after 4 weeks, after 6 months it was finger licking good πŸ˜€ Sorry, no pics guys.

  21. I want more asian ass in my life. Without a doubt the best I’ve ever experienced since moving to Okinawa. Lots to choose from over here in this part of the world. Lot’s of smiles!!

  22. Does anyone know the name of the girl posing in the “Finest Asian buns” photo?

  23. I have a question for you all. What is the proper name for the dark patches that appear on an asian lady’s butt (maybe all woman but I havent been looking)

    You see it from time to time on the buttocks. one dark area under each point of the pelvis I suppose. Is it from sitting too much, age or just a genetic predisposition.

    Whatever it is, I dont like it but I would like to know if there is a name for this.

  24. bubalabobo, this is my point exactly: http://www.kt-so.com/gallery/subarulove/KTSo_subarulove005

    i mean, you first showed me a photo of her in non-thong underwear where she still had some pitiful excuse for an ass thanks to angles, but in that photo you also linked us to, she really still has none. a girl who has ass is going to look like she has ass in spite of angles, so if your ass is doing some sort of funky disappearing act in photos, then …i mean, seriously, connect the dots: NO ASS. and, look at that photo that doc lee posted of sachiko in the broadcaster post. those are called ASSCHEEKS. girls with formidable asses have them, you know?

  25. My favorite girl has a nicer ass than your favorite girl..nanny..nanny..boo..boo. I do believe it’s a no win situation here. Or better yet, both of your girls have the nicest ass. It’s a tie.

  26. There’s an assumption that good ass = mass. I don’t agree with that (or I should say, that’s not my preference). Doc’s original question is what makes a good butt given that women with very different butts are held out as exemplars. Well, I think I explained that–for some–a small ass in context is a good butt. Christine I think KT’s butt looks great in the photo you link to; “no ass” misses the point of my explanation.

  27. How can you say something is great when there isn’t anything of it? You could say “I like the fact that KT has no ass”, but that’s about all. Besides, I’m absolutely certain her ass (or lack thereof) wouldn’t have gotten your’s or anyone else’s attention if she wasn’t sticking it in her photographer’s face (or rather, lens) all the time. And I’m just as certain that almost any other Asian girl with a decent body who did the same thing would be pereceived by you and others as having a “great ass”, whether she actually has one or not.

  28. She’s got a nice small butt on a great body. You don’t have to like it. Many do though.

  29. more of her butt

    that was to prove lee’s point about wide-angle photography. i don’t know if that link will work for you guys? anyway i just got this new painting framed and i was looking for a place to hang it, and i was thinking right there. oh wait, that’s not a wall, that’s a butt. i’m sorry. my bad. i guess i’ll look for more flat vertical spaces in the area.

  30. Let me start off by say that KT So has a nice butt which I always loved.

    One thing I know is ass. Typically, Asian women don’t have asses because they don’t have enough assmeat back there. And because of this, we’re going to have this continuing argument on who has a nice ass. And all this asstalk is like talking about politics. No matter what I say, if you think someone has a nice ass or that George W. is awesome and I present evidence that is contrary to that, you still won’t change your mind. And there will always be this argument because everyone has their own definition on what a good ass looks like or who has ass and who doesn’t, especially when talking about Asian women since they typically are lacking in the ass department.

    But you do need to look a several shots of a model to know if they have ass or not. You can’t go by one shot where the photographer is focused on the ass or where the model is sticking her butt out so an ass shows up in the photo. Here’s an example of Kina Kai’s butt.

    Women like Kina can go see a doc and get breasts, and eventhough you could get asscheek implants or have fat injected in there, ass is still something that you either have or don’t have which is a shame because I would like to see more Asian women with ass.

  31. I don’t get it Candyman – you manage to find one of the rare examples of an Asian girl who really does have a nice butt, yet you still think KT has a nice one? To use your analogy, that’s a bit like saying both GW and Clinton are great presidents – you can’t like both, it’s an either/or proposition. You’ve provided some of the best evidence I’ve seen to demonstrate that KT’s butt is nothing compared to someone like Kina, yet you still say KT has a nice butt! It just doesn’t add up – this isn’t about opinions or taste, it’s about logic and consistency.

  32. Oh yes Bubalabobo, by all accounts Christine actually does have a butt, so it would seem she isn’t in a glass house, so to speak. Would like to see photographic evidence to confirm though. πŸ˜‰

  33. The thread that will not die!…. To answer Christine in the other thread there’s nothing more I need to say that I didn’t explain in the other other thread (the ass thread crops up everywhere!). The butt/ass distinction pointed out by Candyman and others is a good enough summary. KT So has a great butt. That she doesn’t have a jiggling “ass” is fine with me.

  34. I thought my pic was a good example but I guess not. It’s hard to be logical and consistent on a subject such as this because everyone has their own idea on what makes a great ass and asses come in so many different shapes and sizes, so I’m not going to try.

    I used to think KT had a great ass, but after further review, she has a nice butt. Kina has an okay butt, but I would choose KT’s butt over Kina’s butt. And I would choose Akira’s butt [who is on the left] over both of their butts.

    Maybe things would have been easier if I could come up with a scientific definition, but I already spent too much time looking for examples of ass and I’m not in college anymore and it’s harder to define between Asians on who has a nice ass or not since they are lacking to begin with, so I will let the pics do the talking.

    Basically you have your three levels of ass. First you got the butt which is what most Asians have. Here are some examples.

  35. Next you got the ass. An ass has a little more to it. What KT doesn’t have is an ass, just a nice butt. Here’s some examples.

    And finally you got the booty. Other words for booty are donkey, fatty, big ol’ ass, culo, badonkadonk, badunkadunk, etc. I’m still trying to find an Asian chick with a booty but Asians don’t have booty. Here’s some examples.

  36. I used to think KT had a great ass, but after further review, she has a nice butt.

    I think this admission proves my point exactly – Candyman was deluded by the fact that KT was always sticking her butt in her camera man’s face, without looking at it objectively. And Bubalabobo, please give one reason why KT’s butt is anything special compared with any other Asian girl, such as all the other “butless” Asian girls Candyman points to above. If it’s great, it has to be special!

  37. Dr. Lee, I think in our point of view, butt does not represent a girl (one girl as a person). We still judge her through face, breast, and so many others. That’s why miss universe election have so many dimentions, not just and only butt.

  38. I absolutely agree Niners – as I say I’m not a butt man myself. I just want to try and understand why people think certain Asian models have great butts, when in reality they are nothing special.

  39. Like yummy_dumplings wrote, there’s the mass and there’s the structure. Sometimes the structure is all it takes to define a great butt.

    Doc, finding logic and consistency in butt tastes, is as impossible as to find it in beauty. Tastes, personal experiences, opinions…… no agreements. πŸ™‚
    But, still, I think there is some consistency and logic for every single individual, we usually have some hard to describe and ambiguous taste score-points.

  40. Once again, what is so special about the “structure” of KT So’s butt?. It looks just like any other slim Asian girl with a decent body, like the “buttless” Asian girls Candyman links to above.

  41. Doc, Candyman’s butt illustrations show nice butts (and I am talking about his first class of cans, not 2d and 3d) but not as nice as KT’s; she’s got better curves, nicer thighs, smaller waist–those together make her butt. Like dazn notes, and as I described and illustrated elsewhere–detailing that “structure,” that’s what KT’s got going.

    So if you prefer (and again I emphasize that this thread has proved nothing if not showing that this is ultimately preference) butts, KT’s is special, asses and bootys, she’ll leave you disappointed.

  42. Well, if that’s what so special about KT’s butt, then I should take more photos of Sachiko‘s, as I think she is at least as good as KT in all these departments. She even has some semblence of ass cheeks, as you can see in the photo I posted above.

    Once again though, I still think there would be many slim Asian girls who could match or exceed KT in the areas you mention.

  43. candyman…love the illustration…i would go for the 1st and 2nd group…the last group is a tad too ghetto for me….makes me scare :))

  44. not to stereotype but african american sisters have the biggest booty πŸ™‚ i prefer small, firm shapely asian booty…like yours christine :)) j/k

  45. That’s how it sounds in your comment before the last one…funny. Like he’s right there in your room hiding out as you’re talking on the phone or something.

  46. haha there was a pun intended – because lawboy is australian, mates would mean friends. but mates also could mean that we’re mating or living together

    but who’s to say he isn’t hiding out as i’m talking on the phone? teehee

  47. I wonder if everyone else is sleeping right now? It’s awfully quite right now except for the two of us. Oh yeah, and LawBoy, there with you.

  48. Dr Lee, you should try some ass shots of Sachiko, indeed. Mostly unexplored area of your work, it seems. Could be a good addition to her galleries. How about some post sometime. πŸ˜‰

  49. Maybe some of those examples were too ghetto, but there ain’t nothing wrong with a ghetto booty. And it’s difficult finding the perfect example for everyone when going through 400K+ pics and when most of these models don’t really show what they are working with back there.

    I met KT several times and seen thousands of her pics, and she has an alright butt for someone of her frame. It’s not amazing or spectacular, just alright. She doesn’t have enough junk in her trunk for me to say that she has a nice ass. But I still like hers though eventhough it’s not spectacular or anything like that.

    What I prefer is a nice, round ass. An ass that you would want to squeeze or just give a good slap to. But Asians don’t have asses. It took me forever to find those example that I have in that second set and they aren’t the best examples in the world because Asians don’t have asses, they have butts.

    And ass is one of the last things that I look at on Asians. If they have a nice one, then it’s a bonus, but I’m paying attention to their other characteristics. If I wanted to look at someone with a phat ass, I would look at someone Black or Latina. I just like to see Asian women with long dark hair, beautiful eyes, and a sexy ass frame.

  50. Guys, how about if we put conditions in AS.
    Girls we can put right here only who has measurement 36-24-36 or more but not less.
    Come on, it will make our imagination about beauty die soon.
    Butt less or not, it is only additional, or I should say accesories only.

  51. if you saw the lily koh post, it looks like a lot of guys like the less curvy girls too! imposing these conditions would be imposing some sort of absolute beauty standard – and, even judging by how this discussion about butts went, there really is none!

  52. I completely agree with Candyman’s last comment.

    I should make it clear that I don’t personally have a a problem with the fact that most Asian girls don’t have much of a butt, as I simply am not into butts. However, what I do have a problem with is people saying girls like KT So have a great butt, when they simply don’t have a butt that’s any better than other slim and trim Asian girl. I appreciate Asian girls for their many remarkable attractions, but having a great butt simply is not one of them.

  53. More Sachiko butt shots for sure Doc. I’ve previously admired the beach shot, it shows her hips and legs well. (But of course, like KT, I’m focusing on the context of the cheeks–that’s what I like.) On her little body her butt is well worth displaying.

    It’s been suggested a number of times in these various butt posts that the small-can-fans tend to be happy with the natural attributes of Asian women (I certainly am one of those). That’s really part of the appeal; petite, with proportionate features, little titties, etc. We’re not after butts with Asian women, which is why we are happy.

  54. “It’s awfully quite right now except for the two of us. Oh yeah, and LawBoy, there with you.” I keep VN time πŸ™‚

  55. ‘we’re mates :D’ ha ha christ. my wife would kill me if you and I were to Mate :)) plus doc would ban me for life :))

  56. The beauty in B&W is Tia Kai. And she has a nice lil’ butt which I like for someone of her petite frame. She has breast implants now and they look good so far, but I loved her without the fake tits. Here’s her site and a pic.


    I’ve always been someone who’s liked how Asians naturally look which is also part of their appeal to me, but natural is not a big seller in Import modeling unless the model has naturally big tits and a nice butt.

    And over the years, there have been alot of Import models who get implants because you can only go so far natural unless you are posing nude or have a fantastic body.

    And I hate it when models get new tits and tease people by showing everything but some nipples. Stop with the damn teasing and let them free.

  57. Christine, the right term is not “mate” but “mature”.
    How about that Lawboy? I am sure your wife will not kill you quickly but slowly.

  58. Comparison with die or if you use “mature” meaning you still can see girls.
    Since in my mind, “mate” or “mating” mean you getting older (in age and spirit). But “mature” you only get older in age not spirit.

  59. with regards to animals, mating usually means just having sex – that was part of the wordplay.

    mature in english usually means that you’re mentally mature – which would mean being old in spirit and not necessary age! for instance, being precocious — a 12 year old that acts like a 30 year old would be called mature, but there is no necessary correlation with age, i don’t think.

    and, if you go about it sneakily enough, there definitely is no age requirement for mating πŸ˜€

    so i think that you had the right idea, but got the words mixed up.

  60. i am so confused πŸ™ all i was trying to get across was that Chris and I should mate :))) we dont have to be mature to do that do we Chris? πŸ™‚

  61. lawboy, i have to say, you calling me chris kind of makes you sound gay…like you’re talking to a dude.

    in the past people have called me christy or tina, both of which sound …really 80’s.

  62. here is why you should not like guys’ names for girls:

    when you call me chris, it makes me want to throw on the most loose-fitting pair of denim jeans, a turned-backward LA dodgers cap, and an oversized clippers jersey and call myself “one of the boys.” then i’d probably plop down on the couch and drink 40’s with the guys while eating pizza and watching soccer, not hesitating to make fun of the spanish telecasters with lungs the size of a helium tank yelling ‘GOAAAAAAAAAAL.’

    you’d probably take out an FHM mag and remark at how great some girl’s tits are and i’d be like, ‘hell ya she is fiiiine.’ then i’d probably make some creepy comment about how ‘little chris’ feels tingly, offhandedly revealing i also have a penis— indeed being “one of the boys.”

    if you shorten a girl’s name to a guy’s name and she doesn’t object at all…beware, maybe there’s something she isn’t telling you (like that was her actual name before she decided she wanted to be a chick).

    (of course i’m only joking but… i think the real reason i don’t want you to call me chris is because i’m on a website that’s dominated by male commenters, and if you called me chris, i’d sound like a butch lesbian. nothing wrong with that, but i’m not a butch lesbian – i’m a straight girl. so. you know.)

  63. Chris is ia nickname for both male and female..Christofer and Christine… Thanks to Kris Kristoferson therer is a Generation of males with the first name Kris.. I don’t think Chris is used very often as a first name for a male.

    BTY i have known more female Chris’s then I have male ones…..

    I have a few female friends named Christine and they alos are Christine, not Chris..However people are always calling them Christina… Bu Hao…

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