Filipina YouTube Star Quits Nursing

It was a sad day in Philippine history when our medical board exam topnotcher went abroad three years ago to become a nurse, due to lack of financial opportunities. Now, a Filipina nurse uses emerging technology to create her own opportunities. Speaking from Revver headquarters, fresh from a speaking engagement on the future of video, Filipina comedienne Christine “Happy Slip” Gambito declares she’s going into online video production full-time — after only six months in the business, without a production team.With one fell swoop, Christine has singlehandedly begun the viral transformation of the Filipina global image: from lowly-paid nurse to social media maven. The only reason more Filipinas aren’t making money through online video, is Revver pays through PayPal — and PayPal doesn’t send money to the Philippines. Google, however, does. Once Google’s YouTube starts sharing revenue, many talented Filipinas will wrestle their media destinies away from the dying grip of Philippine TV networks.

Oh, and vote for Christine in the YouTube 2006 Video Awards. Since you probably spend more time at your computer than in a hospital, I’m sure you’d rather pretty Filipinas post videos than nurse patients.

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  1. Pardon my ignorance, I have not been keeping up with this girl’s history. If she is from the Philippines, why does she not have an accent? She talks like she was raised in the USA?

  2. In her video she says that she grew up in Virginia (eastern United States) and that her filipino accent that she uses are imitations of her older family members.

  3. Mike, you really seem to have a thing for this girl. You’ve posted several times about her in the past month.
    Are you personally acquainted with her? If not, ever tried contacting her to let her know what a big supporter of hers you are and that you’ve featured her here?

  4. According to a recent interview, depite retiring from nursing, she still isn’t making enough money from HappySlip to call it a job. Here’s a quote:

    TAM: Ok, we’ve done much of the geeky stuff.. Let’s move on to the creative stuff. I know that Happyslip isn’t your day job. Are you hoping one day it will be? What’s your vision for Happyslip?

    HS: I work mostly for the business of HappySlip now…. just building it up. I haven’t had to do nursing for a while, just do that whenever I need to. My vision for HappySlip is that it can be a way for me to explore the full potential of my creativity and if it can be cultivated into bringing in some income that would be nice!

    I’m figuring that $$ will come in either through other offers whether it be through TV or other websites offering work, but I’d still like to maintain HappySlip as much as possible.

    TAM: I noticed that HappySlip uses Revver for your videos. They have revenue sharing for that right? Plus you have a Cafepress store as well.

    HS: Yeah those are the only things so far that bring in a little bit of $$ not enough to call it a paying job though. Ha Ha Ha. Maybe it’ll help when YouTube starts sharing the revenue.

    So it would seem she is till doing some other kind of day job apart from nursing. Indeed, if she were doing this full time, she would be producing a lot more videos – like she says in this clip, her aim is to do one per week.

  5. Northman, it is not exactly the Cinderella story. She is a filipina who has lived on the USA for long. I would have liked the story more if the was a native filipina, making success live from SE Asia. 🙂

  6. Christine’s quite the charming girl, even over email. Hope to see more Filipinas get into online video from the Philippines. We’ve got loads of phonecams and scenery over here.

  7. given the kind of woman happyslip is you’re wasting your time linking to her videos from a site like this

  8. It’s not like we are disrespecting her. Actually, the same guys that like tits & ass, also can have a smart conversation. Image that, heh! 🙂

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