Philippine MySpace Clone Holds Bikini Open

Philippine social network GrooveNet is holding an online bikini open. Judging will be Filipina FHM gamer babe Sofie Garrucho.

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  1. GrooveNet seems to be a curious experiment, where the digital social network heavily relies on non-digital social events. I bet it’s a good combo, and a fun one too.

    Not sure if all those 3D aren’t too advanced for most of the filipinos that prefer the simplicity of friendster. A lot there, I believe.

    Will be waiting for the bikini photos. 🙂

  2. @danzlover
    I agree to that. =) The non-digital social events (GrooveNet’s parties, contest etc etc) give the members the chance of meeting their network of friends for real. It adds more fun and excitement to the”plain” social networking and since it is Philippine based, Its very easy for Event Organizers to reach GrooveNet management and put up an offiicial GrooveNet EB parties for the members anywhere in the country..

    And thats what Im planning to do here in ILOILO.. =)

  3. I’ll be on the lookout on photos from your Iloilo party. Have fun! 🙂

    Good looking pages, keeps us interested, specially your refreshing ‘ditch the bra’ approach! 😉

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